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C-novel : The Wolf Husband and Green Plum Wife (狼竹马与青梅妻) 5


This novel has been pending too long. Not because it has forgotten but I have too much projects in my hands while Lazy Thunder had gone for long vacation, leaving me alone with all of the projects. Ah~

Well, For ‘The Wolf Husband and Green Plum Wife’ fans, here I presented…

Chapter 5

Part 1 (One)

Brother Mo Mo has THAT THING

Su Zhan Mo is accompanying An Jia Qi to play all the toys in the kindergarten, while mother An is rushing coming toward kindergarten.

She thought that her daughter might be crying in kindergarten, never thought that she is playing happily with Su Zhan Mo.

“Ma Ma.” An Jia Qi screamed excitedly when seeing mother An coming with her bicycle, entering the kindergarten. She happily to look at the big watch, just as expected the small pointer has pointed at five.

When Su Zhan Mo heard a sound, he lifts his head up, seeing mother An bicycle stopped, speaking with courtesy to the kindergarten teacher. He helps An Jia Qi to wear jacket, using his hand to wipe her sweat in her forehead, he even gives his yellow little cap and wears it to An Jia Qi, one of hand is holding his handbag and another hand is holding An Jia Qi fatty-chubby hand and walking heading to Mother An. The kindergarten teacher Xiao Li is bit surprised to see him.

“Qi Qi, bid good bye to teacher Xiao Li.”

“Teacher Xiao Li, good bye.”

Mother An puts An Jia Qi to the in front seat of the bicycle, balance the bicycle and let Su Zhan Mo to sit at back seat, smiles and nodding to teacher Li.

Along the way, mother An is carefully cycling the bicycle, she puts her beloved daughter at in front seat while at her back seat is Su Zhan Mo, the scenery is attracting people’s eyes.

Especially when they are heading to the residential entrance, a pair of old granny and grandpa smile happily, said: “An’s family daughter in law, are you picking up your beloved daughter and son?”

“Yes, today Qi Qi is coming back from kindergarten.” Mother An is laughing while replying, deep inside her heart she is so happy.

Mother An is stopped her bicycle in front of her house. She puts Qi Qi and Su Zhan Mo down to the ground carefully from the bicycle, and then takes her bicycle back to inside court yard house.

At this time, Mother Su is going out from her house, looking at his son who is going home late with meaningful eyesight, smiling and rushing toward An Jia Qi who she hasn’t seen for few days, said: “Qi Qi, you are back? Are you missing mother Su?”

An Jia Qi with her little foot are quickly running heading to Mother Su’s sides, she hugs her legs while swaying her body, acting so spoiled: “Miss, I missed mother Su so much, Mother Su did yesterday biscuit still left some more?”

Mother Su is laughing while stroking An Jia Qi’s hair, glancing at her son who is entering the house, not long after that, he is coming back from house with small package in his hand.

“Little foodie, you see what is your Mo Mo Ge Ge holding?” Mother An who has already parked her bicycle, don’t know whether should cry or smile and scolding her.

Seeing her beloved chubby daughter’s big eyes are stared immediately leaves Mother Su, alike a little dog which spotted a bone, she staring at the small package in Su Zhan Mo’s hand.

As An Jia Qi expectation, one of her hand holding the biscuit, another hand is eating the biscuit ‘nyam’ ‘nyam’ (eating biscuit sound).

“Mo Mo, don’t let her eat anymore, later she can’t eat for dinner.” Mother An is stopped Su Zhan Mo who keeps on feeding, he uses his sleeve to wipe clean An Jia Qi’s mouth, bringing her into house.

On the evening Father An in order to celebrate his beloved daughter come home, he cooked many dishes filled the table full; all is the food An Jia Qi loves. After eat An Jia Qi’s mouth glossy and her stomach is rounded.

Mother An is afraid An Jia Qi eats too much and have difficulty to digest, hurried to take away her bowl, coaxing her to go out finding and playing with Su Zhan Mo.

An Jia Qi is pouting her mouth, chewing meat in her mouth for the moment, clamped her hand to her stomach. With unwillingly facial expression heading to Su Zhan Mo’s house while called out: “Mother Su, Mo Mo Ge Ge.”

By coincidences Su Zhan Mo is still eating, Mother Su is opened the door and let An Jia Qi comes inside the house. When An Jia Qi is seeing a table full with food, her eyes are beaming. She hurries running to Su Zhan Mo’s side, her big eyes are staring at him, said: “Mo Mo Ge Ge, what are you eating?”

When Su Zhan Mo sees An Jia Qi filled with expectation eyesight, he is creased his forehead for moment, seriously said: “Qi Qi, you can’t eat anymore, you see your stomach is rounded, later you will feel uncomfortable.”

After An Jia Qi listened, at the moment her expression break down, unhappily she pouting her little mouth, said: “Mo Mo Ge Ge, you such a petty…”

Helplessly, Su Zhan Mo bowl which stills has half rice; all is feed to An Jia Qi’s stomach.

After dinner, Mother Su cleans the bowls and chopsticks, after that go inside to fold the clothes. When she is folding clothes at same time she also watches over Su Zhan Mo and An Jia Qi who are doing their homework outside house, asking An Jia Qi.

“Qi Qi, you ask your mom will she come together to take bath?”

“Okay.” After said, An Jia Qi rushed out from Mother Su’s house and heading to her own house which is next door, she is running while calling.

Not long after that, Mother An has already prepared the equipment for bathing and clothing, bringing An Jia Qi goes out from house. At this time, Mother Su also bringing Su Zhan Mo out and locked the house.


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  1. Thank you so much for your hard work ^-^ These two are so cute~! >.> wonder how Mo Mo gege will be like when they hit high school lol

    1. I have made schedule for all my translation projects.
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