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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 28.2

Chapter 28

Part 2 (Two)


At evening, chatting with Po Po, Po Po is used to sleep early, so not long after that she falls asleep, Kang Yu and I back to our room, he is knowing the taste is good so wanted to try again*, just very similar with last time when he kissed me first time, he is very excited alike tireless horse.

I am frustrating to think about it, before the wedding night, I urged him, he didn’t want but after the wedding night he even hurried to ‘rough’.

This man is really can be live so boringly, but also can be so coquettish, when the words are combined it really ‘Man show’.

While me will be overwhelmed with sorrow and joy, suffer unspeakably.
After feeling tormenting for few days, I really couldn’t bear it anymore, I kick him down from bed, “Even though machine, at least you must let it having rest for one or two days, can’t let it keep on working!”

After Kang Yu listened, his head down, pinching the pillow, with pitiful expression heading to living room.

Surprisingly I asked him: “Where are you going?”

He is complaining said: “Sleep on sofa!”

“Why?” couldn’t he endure only for two days, can’t he endure it?

He is talking as is resented wife, said to me, “Miao Miao, the sexual activity in marriage, at least at three years.”


I am speechless to heaven………..


After few days, Po Po could not stay anymore, one because of the culture differences, second because of the meal, especially for the meal, she could not digest, the Shanghainese no matter what types of dishes they cook must add sugar, even when stir frying the vegetable still added sugar, it is about main course. Northeast people like noodle as main course, what dumpling, Wo Tou (Corn Bread), Bao Zi (Buns),  Mian Ge Da (Dough ball). The Shanghainese main course is rice, although I have tried my best to cook according to her taste but Po Po still feeling uncomfortable, anxious wanted to back to Fu Shun.

Wo Tou
Wo Tou


Steam Bun
Steam Bun


Type of pastry
Type of pastry


Mian Ge Da
Mian Da Ge soup


Kang Yu and I could not do anything, best thing we bought her train ticket because the elders don’t like airplane, rather than using airplane better to ride train, anyway, those aunties are accompanying her back, in train they could chit chat so not boring, playing cards, ‘chirping’, 20 hours could be easily passing.

Before Po Po leaving, she wanted to meet her younger brother, he is Kang Yu’s uncle who does business in Shanghai, when Kang Yu heard it, his face darken, how could not dark, when he was studying,  he had suffered from his uncle family, not to mention, even when we were getting married, he not even told them, how could I don’t know his character, he is someone bearing grudge.

Po Po knew that she would not win over him, so that she gave up her idea, bought the specialty food with Aunty Zhang, happily went home.

There is time I really admires my mother in law speaking skill, she was talking about mummy, Kang Yu and I are planning to go honeymoon to Egypt.

Kang Yu asked her to rest assured, so that she feel assured, and then she ‘chirping’ few words, doesn’t know whether she intentional or not, and then she spoke to Kang Yu, “If daughter in law has movement, you must hurry tell me, I will immediately buy train ticket come here!”

Movement! I distressed, what means by movement?

At sudden Kang Yu nodding his head, making fun of me who is muddle headed.

After sent Po Po off, I asked him, “Yu, what did Po Po mean by movement when she talked to you?”

Kang Yu hands are in steering wheel, at sudden one of his hand out and stroking my lower abdomen, “Miao Miao, there is always a harvest of hard work, you can’t let me to work for free labor.”

I am dumbfounded for moment, but quickly I understood, my face is red burn hot.

I am this type of person, once I feel shy, I will panicking, once I am panicking, all my speech are not passing my brain.

“Well… let us… must we… work harder!”
Kang Yu’s eyes are gleaming brightly very similar with bulb, praising, “Miao Miao, this idea really good, you seat steady, I will speed up!”

“Why are you driving so fast?” there is nothing to do at home.

“You said, work harder when at home.” The way he spoke as if knew the business was but deliberately asked, that kind of speaking tone, while his expression is extremely happy.


Finally he got an excuse to torment me.


My honeymoon and Kang Yu are planned on 19 November, the destination is Egypt, not go with group, we are freely to have our travel, according to Kang Yu explanation if we followed tour we don’t have freedom, the time could not being planned by us, if during the night we are having burning intimate night, couldn’t wake up early in the morning, even to have one ‘warm’ we could not have, it really so boring, better we go by ourselves, we free to do whatever we want.

I think he is obviously for an intimate travel.

But honeymoon must be like this.

Fortunately for the entire trip——from the plane ticket we have saved, because due to the German LTU Airline pilot’s welfare, the pilot himself and also the pilot’s family can have free flight twice a year, the benefit from the airlines not limited to here, although it has passed two times, still able to buy the ticket at the lowest price.

It really one happy thing which able to make one’s laughing while sleeping.

An earlier I do also want to be pilot, have high salary, the benefit is good, still able to travel around the world without need to spend much money, really good, but I have thought too, I do only have ability to sit in airplane.
I have yearned for Egypt since I was in Junior High school, all because of (Ni Luo Ke Nu Er / Crest of Royal Family) this comic, but it little bit irritated me because until now it hasn’t ended, actually there is a rumor among the fans saying the author might have seen God, just hear it, anyway now I have (Detective Conan) for my craving, still bearable!

But regarding to Ramses II from (Red River*) comic, I do really wanted to fly as soon as possible, to stand in front of his big statue.

Of course this matter I can’t let Kang Yu know, or else beating him to death he would not bring me comes to Egypt for honeymoon.

Kang Yu and I are arrived at Doha, Qatar and then we transit to Cairo, because the airplane to Cairo is delayed, so we are having sightseeing in Doha city for bit, arrived at overseas, Kang Yu is speaking English as fluent as mother tongue so beneficial, I don’t need to worry something alike chicken and duck languages (talking in different languages as barrier) this thing.

After we are in Cairo, Kang Yu and I are book good hotel——-Sonseta Cairo Hotel and Casino, the hotel is located in Cairo, Heliopolis district which is ten minutes from airport and also the main central of Cairo, including the Pyramids, Khan El Khalili, and big city Citadelc. This five stars hotel is so suitable for the leisure travelers, the facilities are completed, I am also can surf the internet shamelessly to Yan Yan, show off to my younger sister.

Ten mill south west of Cairo, the Giza district, there are three Great Pyramids, the Khufu’s Pyramid complex, Khafre’s Pyramid complex and Menkaure’s Pyramid complex are refer as three great pyramids (The Great Pyramids). Among those most famous pyramids, there is also Sphinx, naturally it is our first stop.



*] 食Shi 髓 Sui 知 Zhi 味 Wei: The bone is taste good so want to try again.
this words are commendation word. It is used to describe thieves or men/women who had affair and so on. The core meaning is after did one time and not being caught so that wanted to continue to do it again for the second time; this word also can interpret someone to satisfy the moment greed or freshness about something which done it in stimulus and would like to continue it in the future and it may turn to be habit. (source: baidu)

**]闷 Men 骚 Sao: Man Show
the free translation for Men Sao is Man Show due to the paraphrase. Men 闷 means bored / boring and frowsty, while 骚 sao means coquettish. When the words are combined it becomes ‘Man show’ but not derogatory term which used in Macao,Hongkong and Taiwan as slang word.


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