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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 231 B

Chapter 231
Part 2 (Two)

Still that words, the small apartment where Yao Yao stays, that apartment, Yao Yao is the first ‘outsider’ who stepped her feet inside there, believes Long Qi, or Yu Ao Tian, all of them won’t expect there will be the ‘second outsider’ to step in again. “You don’t need to know, just rest assured to leave her with me, when she is awake, I will ask her to call you.”

“That good too.”

Long Qi worries, and hurries to take Yao Yao to the apartment where he stays, so clumsy he is putting cold towel to her forehead.

Sitting at the bedside, without expression he heave a sighed, his warm damp hand is stretching extend toward her pale small face.

But when he is almost to touch her cheek, Long Qi withdrew his hand back, “Hey, Flast chest faster you awake, this is not what kind of huge matter, don’t let me worry about you.” His pair of eyes is showing deep sorrow, slowly he is lying beside Yao Yao and close his eyes…

‘Yao Yao, later when you are growing up, don’t be such easy to date any man, once you realized falling in love with a man, feeling he can be the other half who will accompany you for your rest of life, you must dating well, until get married, because reputation and integrity are the most important for woman.’

‘Mom, what is called as reputation and integrity?’

‘Reputation is something so important for woman, when you grow up you will know it.’

‘Luo Yao Yao is a cheap slut, being supported by businessman; at age 15 abortion; forcing and harm the initial girlfriend of the businessman, simply to say shameless.’

‘That’s right, how can in this world there is such despicable person? After sleeping with one man, again sleep with other man.’

‘Yao Yao, sorry, let’s we divorced, because I had known your past.’

‘Mom, all my classmate are laughing at me, they said mom is being supported, is it true?’

“No! that is not! It is not!” ad sudden her eyes are open, Yao Yao wakes up and sit down, her eyes are sweeping at unfamiliar surrounding environment.

So that… just now only a dream…


8 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 231 B

  1. Judging on LQ’s action, I still feel that deep down in his heart, he cares and love YY. Because of their ‘brotherhood’ and YY being YAT’s woman, he is just keeping his distance and protect her from the side as her bodyguard.

    Thank you for the chapter. Looking forward to the next one….

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