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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 231 C

Chapter 231

Part 3 (Three)

In her dream, she dreamt the conversation between her mother and the younger her; she also dreamt being laughed by her classmates; she even dreamt about her future husband who found out her past and intending divorced her, her child knew about her past and crying when going to home.

Too scary, all of these are just too scary, today, when she think about her future, it only left one dark future, there is no slightest brightness.

“Hey, flat chest, flat chest!” seeing Yao Yao’s forehead is filled with big cold bead of sweats, Long Qi who is beside her grabbed her wrist.

“Ah!” Yao Yao screams because surprised, at then she swaying away Long Qi’s hand, She moves her body to the bed corner. “Long…Long… Long Qi?”

“You?” Long Qi is seeing his hand being swayed away by Yao Yao’s little hand and also sees she frowned. “Are you afraid of me?” very obvious, it can be seen the fear in Yao Yao’s eyes.

“Not… not. I just, just…” does not know how to explain, if she always gets along with Long Qi, really does not know what kind of rumour would be made by her classmate later.

“Do you really care of the poster?”

  Care, extremely care of it. She lowers her head, her tears are falling down.

“Flat chest, as you know someone like me won’t be able to say what kind of great things, but at least I know what is called as right, standing upright this principle, if you because of that rumour, tormenting yourself, you are really stupid.”

“But…” gripping the guilt, her small hands are trembling, she impatiently looking at Long Qi, slowly said: “The contain above, that also slightest true. I am indeed…Yu Ao Tian…”

“Yao Yao!” Long Qi with his loud voice stopped her: “I don’t know how people view you and Ao Tian, but I, also my big brother, we never thought you as Ao Tian’s lover. Moreover, Ao Tian never has habit to have lover, in his world, women are only his tool, that’s all. I think, both of you and Ao Tian aren’t happened anything yet, right?”

Staring at Long Qi serious expression, carefully to ‘taste’ his words, vaguely remember Nan Lu also ever said Yu Ao Tian never has habit to have lover. “Since it is the case, why that time Yu Ao Tian wanted to help me? Moreover asking me to be his lover?”

If this is simply only for getting her body, he could simply make the transaction with money, why must he make a deal with her for such long?

“Uh?” Long Qi is dumbfounded, before Long Ye done with Yao Yao’s background investigation, he had warned Long Qi to be careful when talking, because this girl has high IQ, she might has potential to dig more thing from words, it seems this time he oversight this.

“Ha, Hahaha… as you know, that time Ao Tian thought your father might involve with the flaming in Hua Mei Villa, perhaps that is the reason to let you stay at his side. Moreover Ao Tian this person is someone likes, his ‘prey’ to surrender themselves, while you are not giving in, probably this is the reason to put you at his side. Ahahahaaha.”

Is it?

Yao Yao is carefully staring at Long Qi, his face is showing one forceful smiles, but he reasons indeed fit with Yu Ao Tian’s character.

Remembered that time when she was signing the lover contract agreement with Yu Ao Tian, Yu Ao Tian ever said, wait until her ‘surrender’ that time, perhaps due to his domineering character, she keeps ‘safe and sound’ staying beside him?


“Flat Chest, do you feel hungry?”

“No…” Yao Yao shakes her head.

“I feel hungry, I go down stair to eat something, how about you, go to living room watching television.”

 “Oh, okay.” Yao Yao nodding as stiff as wood, at sudden she thought… “Where it is?” her eyes are sweeping at the messy room, this room types is look so similar with Yu Ao Tian’s apartment, but the environment is different.

After she staying with Yu Ao Tian, she realized he is someone who extremely likes to be clean, his house is arranged in very good order, spotless. But in here…

Really sorry. (this word mean so sorry to say such mess)


4 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 231 C

  1. Hope LQ won’t get into any trouble, I love his character. Ya, women as a tool… Only as a means to an end. Ain’t it hard to be a real strong woman? Not easily swayed by pretentious impetuousity.

    Thanks much 😘

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