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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 231 D

Chapter 231

Part 4 (Four)

“This is my room, you come.” Long Qi is bringing Yao Yao out from his room, pointed at the an opposite room: “This room belongs to my older brother. We are living at the second floor.

Ah, she always knows that Long Qi and others also Yu Ao Tian are living at same apartment building, but never know which floor Long Qi and others live in.

No wonder she feels this house type is so similar with Yu Ao Tian’s house, only Long Qi stays with two rooms and one living room.

Turned her head to glance at Long Qi’s room, haha, inside is extremely messed which really suitable with Long Qi’s unruly character. “En, I understand, Long Qi, You go have meal first. I also back to home.”

“You stay here first. Anyway, I am alone and boring.”


“You don’t ‘but’ anymore, I am almost hunger to death, I leave first.” After said, Long Qi faster his footsteps, walking out.
When he arrived at the front door, he lets out heave sigh, just now he almost told Yao Yao, Yu Ao Tian keeps her in his side the reason because of the scar in her left shoulder.

Although, he does not know the meaning of her scar for Yu Ao Tian. But, Yu Ao Tian has warned few of them not to mention even slightest about this matter to Yao Yao. “So close! Luckily I am smart enough, taking an excuse to run away. Hehe.”

Yao Yao is alone at the living room, her hand just follows to turn on the television, but she is not paying attention to the television.

Her big moist eyes are looking at other side, perhaps the entire school has already found out the matter she is being supported?

But after all this is the surface matter, actually the real obstacle is the mysterious person who posted the photo, there is nothing more convincingly than tangible evidence which able to make one’s believe in, isn’t it?

“Ckckck, but what to do! Once that person posted the photo, not only won’t get any scholarship, perhaps her three years future won’t be at peaceful!

Creased her forehead and let out heave sighed, Yao Yao little hands are clenched into fist.

‘The newest news, Berson Group this morning at 10 o’clock is being exposed to suspicion of business allegation (doing commercial bribery), at the present the independent commission against corruption (ICAC) is pursuing the matter, if there is no accident, in the three days, Berson Group shares will fall to 10%.  Due to the experts, the Berson Group chairman and also CEO Yu Ao Tian, perhaps because of it might lose at least about 40 million dollar.’

“What is going on?” Yao Yao attention is being take up by the television, her big eyes are watching at the news reported in television.

“Berson is get suspicion into bribery case? This is such serious matter, Yu Ao Tian loses 40 million dollar, things perhaps not as simple as it, once it filing the legal suit, Berson Group is likely to be suspended about one year by the United States (headquarter company), when that time arrived it won’t be about monetary loss calculation.”

She is nervous licking her dry mouth corner, when she wanted to pick up phone to call Yu Ao Tian…


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