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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 232 A

Chapter 232

Part 1 (One)


Yesterday both of them were fighting, will Yu Ao Tian accept her phone call during this time?

‘Just this, Ao Tian, the lawyer who is responsible for your political election suddenly resigned, moreover he with his family are immigrating to South Africa, I tried to bring them back from South Africa but the Government of South Africa has issued out protection order for them.’

‘What to do now? We only have half of month before the election, although we can invite the replacement lawyer but still we must find someone we can trust. If Zeng Kai Rui really keeps eye and has been watching you, if keeps on delaying, he will find out more. If we give up this year election, waiting until next year, everything will be too late.’

‘There is no other ways, though the lawyer can’t be trust, still need to find the replacement lawyer to do all the things. After all, none of us who has an authority and knowledge in this field.’

In her mind vaguely recalled the reason Vice CEO Han looking for Yu Ao Tian not long time ago, his lawyer as if has been running away to South Africa? Does this mean there is no other trusted lawyer beside Yu Ao Tian? In this time if there is no lawyer to come forward, this must be so troublesome.

Thinking to this point, once again Yao Yao wants to pick her phone…


Berson Group must have independent Legal division, although one lawyer is running away, Yu Ao Tian must have any other lawyer, right?

But, Yu Ao Tian ever said, the trusted lawyer hasn’t founded, that means… all the lawyer in legal division can’t be trusted?

‘gritting teeth’

When she in doubt, the big door is opened, Long Qi is bringing lunch. “Flat chest, though you are not hungry, must eat a little.”

Ck, should make a phone call to Yu Ao Tian or not? What if he thought she is so busy doing? If this matter does not settle in good way, it is possible to make Berson Group loses more, what to do?

“Hey, flat chest, I am talking with you!”

“Ah?” Yao Yao finally realized Long Qi has come back. She is absent-minded looking at Long Qi who is in front of her, frowned: “Long Qi!”


Her beautiful small face is radiating cold aura, stands up, quickly she throws away the cold towel in her forehead, coldly said: “Take me to Berson!”


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