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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 232 B

Chapter 232

Part 2 (Two)

Berson Group.
“Ao Tian, this matter is too strange, it just happened, media have surrounded the entrance door, don’t they react too fast?” inside the CEO office room, the atmosphere is so heavy, Long Ye who is sitting in the sofa be appeared to have calm expression, but his face is stern said.

“Ha, it is so obvious there is someone done it secretly.” Yu Ao Tian is smiling devilishly, he played with his pen.

“Done in secret? The purpose?”

‘Bang’ (sound)

He tosses the pen in his hand to the table side, slowly he looking at Long Ye who sitting in the sofa: “If not mistaken, this is to stop me to join the election to be politician!”

“You mean?” Long Ye is glared wide, and exchanging glance with Han Li Shang who is sitting beside him: “Is Zeng Kai Rui again?”

“Ha.” Yu Ao Tian smiles, standing up his pair of hand is inserted to his pocket, half of his body is leaning to the in front of table: “Li Shang, regarding to this time 3X Group commercial bribery case, who is responsible for it?”

“The sales manager division. This morning he has taken by ICAC for investigating.”

“This…” he narrowed his eyes, turned his body, taking his suit and walking heading out to the entrance.

“Ao Tian, where are you going?”

“If not mistaken, later the ICAC will come to take me away for investigation, if I am being taken by them, that…” when he said to this point, Yu Ao Tian is leisurely touch his face still masking with smile.

There is time, Long Ye and others really admire Yu Ao Tian’s attitude and confident as winner side, because of his ability to control everything, he sets the atmosphere in which everyone won’t be nervous. “En, I understand, you leave first, I will keep off here for you.”


When Yu Ao Tian just want to open the big door. Who knows, the big door is being pushed open from outside.

“CEO Yu! They are…” Mo Xue Tong is coldly glanced at few men who stand behind her.

At one glance Yu Ao Tian has understood: “Secretary Mo, you leave first.”

“Yes, CEO Yu.”

This few men who followed at Mo Xue Tong back, they take out their License (identity) card from their pocket: “Mr. Yu, how are you, we are from ICAC. I am senior superintendent of police, Chen Hong Sheng.”

“Ha, now the government people are working so efficiency? What happened in the morning, the afternoon has already made the movement?” Yu Ao Tian is not in hurry to speak, his corner of mouth is curved upward , talking provoking and smiles devilish.

“Mr. Yu, we are also do according to the procedures, since you have already known very well in your heart, please follow us.” Said the senior superintendent of police, Chen Hong Sheng without any expression.

At the moment both of Han Li Shang and Long Ye who are sitting in the sofa, looking each other, almost at the same pace, both of them are rushing to the door. “Senior superintendent of police, Chen right? Have you clear with the matter? Do you really want to take our CEO Yu out?”

“Haha, are you General Manager Long? Regarding to our investigation process we do not need to explain to you, so far we are only obey the command given, must bring CEO Yu to police station.”

Very obvious, the ICAC has purposed to take Yu Ao Tian; But Yu Ao Tian is definitely must not go along with them.


8 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 232 B

  1. Thanking you for another translated part. Yeah!..YY hurry up, YAT needs you desperately this time round…

    You know no matter what between YAT n YY’s relationships are, both of them do work very well with one another. Their brains work so fast with one another.

  2. Dear Azurro4cielo,
    Could you please reload the chapter 232 part D. Unfortunately, the link redirect me on the chapter 232 part B.
    Really story to bother you.
    Tanks a lot.
    Have a good day

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