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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 232 C

Chapter 232

Part 3 (Three)

Everyone knows, this matter whether Berson Group is suspected because of commercial bribery or not, as long as they take Yu Ao Tian, furthermore the media in the entrance door, at last the Berson group shares might fall as rocket, though after that Yu Ao Tian is proved to be innocent it is useless.

“Whose command it is?” pair of Yu Ao Tian eyes gleaming, carrying his suit, his hand is inserted in his pocket.

“This…”  The Superintendent Police Officer Chen eyes are flashing, he and Yu Ao Tian speak few things, the atmosphere is obviously being dominating by Yu Ao Tian. “This is secret, Mr. Yu, please be cooperative with our work, or else I will take you by force!”

When superintendent Police Officer Chen said this, once again Han Li Shang and Long Ye looking at each other, their face cold, take big strides blocked in front of Yu Ao Tian.

An instantaneous, the atmosphere in the office room is turned be odd, few of the ICAC officers are stepped backward for few steps looking at those three persons. “Han… Vice CEO Han, General Manager Long, this is our work, we… we must take CEO Yu.”

“You cannot take CEO Yu go!” just when the atmosphere is especially tensed, a pair of heel with height 8cm stepped on the office room floor, with professional appearance, moreover with makeup face and also the outfit, it helps to cover her childish appearance.

At this moment, her appearance is looked alike professional white collar outlook.

“Who are you?” Superintendent Police Officer Chen curiously creased his forehead.

Yao Yao face is showing cold expression walking in front, wearing high heel which sounded ‘tktk’, within this huge office it is vaguely heard several sharp echoing.

“Sir, before you asking about me, don’t you think you must introduce yourself first?”
This is the first time for Long Ye to see Yao Yao makes thing difficult for someone, can’t help himself to secretly curved up his mouth.

“I am Senior Superintendent Police Officer, ICAC Division, Chen Hong Sheng!” Said Superintendent Officer Chen with anger face while takes up his credential card.

Yao Yao is pretending to sweep a glance.

“What are you looking at?”Superintendent Officer Chen not understood asked.

She is shrugging her shoulders: “Oh, nothing, I just want to ensure you are not the fake one, that’s all!”

“You!” Only by this two sentences conversations, Officer Chen is obviously can feel the little girl makes thing difficult for him: “Miss, have you done to confirm? Or else should I show you my ID card!”

“Ha, I am world class Senior (High Ranking) lawyer, Luo Yao Yao, I am also CEO Yu solicitor (Attorney / Lawyer). This is my License card!” After said, Yao Yao is taking out her lawyer license from her pocket.

Officer Chen does not see her license card, but his eyes is flashed with shocked looking at her and measuring her: “You are… Luo Yao Yao?”

Seeing from Superintendent Officer Chen reaction, Long Ye is not really understand, Xiao Meng Li is lawyer, why must he looked that surprise? Does he know Xiao Meng Li?

“Superintendent Officer Chen, I also afraid you are doubt about my identity, so that especially I bring my ID card too!” Yao Yao takes out her ID card, coldly laughed: “This, you can confirm, right?”

22 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 232 C

  1. Thank you….oh my….this much fun.
    YY is now a lawyer with a licence to boot….
    Pls update soonest dear….

  2. Thanks. At last YY shows up. She’s so intimidating when she sets her mind to it. Bet YAT’s supporters are impressed and surprised. YY ‘s turn to save YAT.

  3. YAT taught YY so be tougher than anyone else. Isn’t YY only 19 or 20 years old n when did she become a lawyer??

    Way to go YY n Im impress..:D

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