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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 232 D

Chapter 232

Part 4 (Four)

“You…you are the first Chinese who was able to pass the High Rank Lawyer examination for the world class Attorney at 17 year old, get the right to be lawyer, that little girl?”

 Regarding to what so-called law, politics, all the law forms, for Superintendent Officer Chen who has this position, he must be familiar with lawyer name, especially he is so familiar with Luo Yao Yao this kind of sanctuary high class name.

But for those who is not really understand about law alike Long Ye, somewhat might at loss to know, he is secretly takes up his mobile phone from his pocket, checking about world class / international lawyer meaning, after checked…

Long Ye hurries give his mobile phone to Yu Ao Tian to look at it.

The Attorney licenses are divided into the country license and the world license, while the world license is divided into the primary (standard level), intermediate and advanced (high rank). In order to obtain the license it has high standard of requirement, according to the statistics currently there are only 5 persons who are able to obtain the Senior (advance license) of world class Attorney license in the world.

In order to avoid these five people to be used or bought or exploit by the criminals, the world lawyer community, together with the governments are working together to keep their identity in secret. So that, who are those five people, until today it still a riddle.

So that Xiao Meng Li… so awesome? Inside his heart Long Ye is secretly thinking, he ever investigated Yao Yao background but he didn’t investigate she has Attorney license this fact, he even thought she only simply an innocent student, never thought because her, the data regarding herself as Advance world class Attorney, it is hidden?

“Ao Tian, you are really ‘raise’ awesome person beside you.” Long Ye is twisted his lips into smile, softly blabbering.
Yu Ao Tian curved upward his mouth, this thing actually has already being predicted by him before.

“Superintendent Officer Chen, thank you so much for praising me.” Yao Yao is politely smiling at Superintendent Officer Chen.

“Miss Luo, today being able to cooperate with you is my honour.” Now Chen Hong Sheng is understood, why this little is very good and smooth talker when talking with him and even dared to scare him. “But, although you are CEO Yu representative Lawyer, we still need to work according to the process.”

“HaHa, Superintendent Officer Chen, regarding to the law process, I understand it very well. I am the person who is study law, naturally my work is based on the law process. But, you don’t have any reason to take my client.”

“Miss Luo, this is my warrant to arrest!” Superintendent Officer Chen from his subordinate’s hand is quickly showing the paper of warrant arrest.

Yao Yao glancing at speed of light, slowly walking to Yu Ao Tian’s in front. “Though you have paper of warrant arrest, you still cannot take my client with you. First, my client is public figure, due to the public law article 138, facing with the public figure, should be going low profile when approach the public figure or must be voluntary to surrender due to the case relevant.”


“Superintendent Officer Chen, I haven’t done yet!”  Yao Yao cut off Officer Chen words: “Second, when there is evidence, the public figure can be directly taken. Superintendent Officer Chen, now I am asking you, are you sure that my client is someone who responsible to the matter? Do you have 100% evidence to point at my client?”

 Facing with her attack, Superintendent Officer Chen seems has prepared his men to take out a folder: “Miss Luo, this is the written statement of confession which made by Berson Group manager from sales division. You say, Do I have 100% evidence?”


12 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 232 D

  1. WOW!!!…Awesome YY. She is clever but that clever to become an advance world lawyer at the age of 17. She is indeed a powwrhouse.

    Thanking you again. 😀

  2. Thanks for this chapter. Didn’t know YY is so smart to be one of 5 in the world. Wow. See how YY will use the evidence they have.

  3. If YY is a high caliber lawyer, why did she work as a elevator operator then at Berson and she could just practice law and not going to uni too. Thanks for th update.

    1. she went to Berson work as elevator lady because she does not have any work experience before and the job as elevator lady no need so much requirement plus the payment quite high for similar job in others place.

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