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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 233 A

Chapter 233

Part 1 (One)

When that statement of confession showed to in front of all the people, Yu Ao Tian pair of dark eyes flashed, he has guessed that this matter must be 100% filling case! Zeng Kai Rui ability hasn’t changed even after few ten years!

“Ah, so this is the case.” Yao Yao helplessly pouting her mouth: “There is no way.”

“Haha, Miss Luo, can we take CEO Yu now?”

“En? Why you guys still want to take CEO Yu?” Yao Yao is intentionally asking pretending not understand.
Superintendent Officer Chen is obviously impatience: “Didn’t you say that you want to see the evidence? Now I have shown it to you.”

“That’s right, nothing is wrong, you have shown the evidence, so that you must arrest the person who is needed to be arrested, but why do you still want to arrest my client?”

“Miss Luo, what do you mean?”

“What I mean? It is so simple!” Yao Yao face is darken, coldly said: “Berson Group legal representative is my client this is right, but the person who responsible for 3X group isn’t him. The manager from sales division had written the state of confession very clear who is in charge of the matter!”

“That’s right, if the person who in charge isn’t CEO Yu then who will be the person?”

“Ha, every group has own each group process, as comparison the public security division alike you, all of you are directly work and take responsible under our Prime Minister, am I right? Should I arrest the prime minister when you guys commit wrong! Superintendent Officer Chen, you are causing disturbance without obvious reason!” This time Yao Yao is roaring, the atmosphere is sided Yu Ao Tian. At this moment her sweet side as if a powerful queen who control everything, while those of them are look like ministers who being shut by her, speechless cannot say anything.

“Luo…Miss Luo, according to you it means?”
She is coldly rolled her eyes toward Officer Chen, turned her back to Yu Ao Tian: “CEO Yu, the sales division manager is work under whom?”

At this moment Yu Ao Tian is silent, when he wanted to open his mouth, Long Ye has already move one step ahead:

“The sales division manager is work under my supervision.”

“General Manager Long?” Yao Yao is opened wide her eyes, difficult she creased her forehead. Not long after, she moves one step ahead, whispered: “General Manager Long, you have faith on me, no matter this case they have evidence, I will still be able easily to bring you out.”

“Ha, Xiao Meng Li, oh, no, I must call you as Great Lawyer Luo, today you let me to open wide my eyes, I have been surprised by you, how dare I not put faith in you?”

Seeing Long Ye charming smiles, she is shyly smiles, this kind of smile is showing how innocent, pure and sweet she is, at the moment, she changed from the domineering queen to sweet lovely little princess.

“Okay, Miss Luo, since this is the case, I will take General Manager Long go.”

“Wait!” when she is turning her head that moment, her expression is change cold: “I have right to apply for General Manager Long to be taken away from the back door. Moreover this must strictly confidentiality.”

“This is impossible!”

“Superintendent Officer Chen, if you are not agree with me, I will use my right as world class lawyer to sue the Chinese government with accusation by violating human rights! Once this matter getting bigger until disturb the cooperation among countries, Superintendent Officer Chen, are you sure the consequence is something you can bear by yourself?” Yao Yao question as if a piercing sword, simply pierce into Chen Hong Sheng’s heart.

This is one of the power which world class lawyer have, they have so many convenience, one of the convenience they have, is directly to apply a direct filling sue to the one country through united nations. So that, the world class Lawyer identity is being admired but also being feared by country.

“I understood, Miss Luo, I will do as you want.” Unhappily Superintendent Officer Chen is clenched his hand into fist, turned his head and talked to his subordinate: “Bring General Manager Long through the back door.”

“Yes, Superintendent Officer Chen.”

Long Ye is brought by the ICAC officer leaving the office room, but not only this one, Yao Yao other identity is completely being exposed in front of many people.


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