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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 233 B

Chapter 233

Part 2 (Two)

As the entire process, The experienced Superintendent officer Chen could not say anything but had been led his nose by her, at last as if not arrested anyone, so they disgraceful left secretly from the back door.


After sending off the ICAC officers, Yao Yao finally lets out heave sighed, this is her first time to exposed herself as world class lawyer (advance level)!

“Flat Chest! My older brother he…” Long Qi who is standing in front of the door quickly walking inside, his face is showing down expression.

She is confidently smiles: “Rest assured, the commercial (business) bribery case right, well even you are really bribed, it is only small problem. Within three days, I will bring out General Manager Long.”

“Are you sure?” Long Qi is half belief and half disbelief creased his forehead, but after he recalled Yao Yao performance before, he believes she must be able to bring out his older brother: “Say something Flat Chest, what that called as World Class Lawyer license, after all it so awesome, why are you still going to study in school? Why don’t you go directly to be lawyer?”

“Ugh…because I had joined the examination to get the world class lawyer license during my Senior High School, my study experience not so many. Moreover…” she is excitedly laughed, she showing up her little girl hesitation expression:

“Going to school can get many, many of scholarship.”
Perhaps other people going to school because to find better job in the future, but Yao Yao is going to school… simply because… to get scholarship! [*hit head to the wall].

“You… are you actually an idiot, or genius?”

“So what? Why are you scolding me?” Yao Yao unhappy frowned.

Seeing her dummy expression, Long Qi finally believes the differences between idiot and genius only separate by one lines, more he sees Yao Yao now she more look alike an idiot.

But not to mention, perhaps he does not understand the world of Genius, and remembered, when Yu Ao Tian was rushed out from comfort zone, it was so obvious he could easily to get lot of things, but because in order pursuit the feeling of stimulation, he purposely lose that things from his hand, after that he will go to fight for it, when he almost get that thing, he lost it again, and then fight for it again, this action repeatedly, the people who witness him really wanted to curse him…

The genius is naturally born to be strange!

“MF, you go out working is earning more than your scholarship?” First time Long Qi has witnessed her ability to control the computers, later the ability to control the stock market, and many more, she is casually mentioning the other ability to ensure that she will get scholarship. Idiot, Yao Yao simply is an idiot!

“Ugh, I cannot use my Attorney license at my own will, I have my own difficulties.” Yao Yao is showing her bitter face creased her forehead.

“What kind of difficult?”

“Because her teacher does not allow her to randomly uses her lawyer license before she at the age of 24!” suddenly, Yu Ao Tian voices flowing from her back.

Yao Yao expression tightened, quickly she turned her head: “You, how can you know it?”

He is smiling devilish, slowly sitting at his chair: “Three years ago, when I was in Japan I had encounters Sang De Si Xian Sheng (Mr. Sanders) he was so proud telling me he had accepted sixteen years old little girl in the Japan as his student, he was so certain that within one year his student would able to get world class Attorney license, but he was afraid his student was too young and fear to be used by bad people, hence… I gave him an idea. I told him to tell his student, when she at age 24 she could use her attorney license and exposed her identity.”

This Mr. Sanders is the head of world class lawyer community, and also Yao Yao’s teacher (master).

Among few coincidences of fate Yu Ao Tian and Mr. Sanders are becoming a good friend, that time three years ago when Mr. Sanders talked about his little student, Yu Ao Tian never had thought about it before. After 3 years of substance, he encountered Yao Yao again, moreover he even investigated that Yao Yao is law student, if he count back, the time of counting back, he suspects that 16 years old little student perhaps Yao Yao.

So that, when Yao Yao exposed her identity, he didn’t feel any surprised.

“Woah, so that when my teacher told me that I able to use my lawyer license at age of 24 it was your idea!” Yao Yao little mouth is shaped in O, feeling all of this really so coincidence.

 “Little Thing, can you not listen to your teacher’s words?”

“Ugh, seriously if my teacher found out he might pissed off, but…” her pair of eyes are flashed, smiles devilish: “My teacher is one hundred years won’t show up once, he won’t be found out, hihi.”

“Are you sure? Ah…” Yu Ao Tian is helplessly smiles: “Perhaps this time you might meet your teacher.”

Her devilish smile in her small face at sudden changed to be stiffen: “You… impossible you… you are asking my teacher, asking my teacher to be your solicitor?”

“That’s right.” When Yu Ao Tian representative Lawyer had run away to South Africa, he has ordered Han Li Shang to look for lawyer, but Han Li Shang hasn’t found any suitable candidate, helplessly, yesterday night, Yu Ao Tian had made a phone call to Mr. Sanders, inviting him for his help.

So that, when the commercial bribery case broke out, his first choice is to leave, because he is waiting for Mr. Sanders appearance.

“I begging you… you, you tell my teacher to go back.” Yao Yao with her small begging face walking to the in front of chair, with pity eyes looked at him.

“I knew your lawyer had run away to South Africa, I can completely to replace his position, help you to settle everything, all just give me to do, okay?”


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  1. Thanks for the update . So funny. After the impressive show by YY, LQ concludes YY is an idiot. Going to school because of scholarship.

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