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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 234 A

Chapter 234

Part 1 (One)

“That’s right, Ao Tian Ge (Brother Ao Tian), just give the case to Yao Yao.” at beside Long Qi is encouraging.

He is silent for moment, his good looking face is slowly curved upward: “Little Thing, if you are really still wanted to help me, perhaps you may use your license many times? When the time arrived, though I don’t invite your teacher come here, don’t your teacher will still find it out, right?”

“Aiya, this is not the problem! Actually, teacher indeed told me that I can use my Attorney license when I at 24 years, but he also ever said if I have real client, I can use my Attorney License earlier. I asked you not to invite my teacher to come here because my teacher, him…tck!” such frustrating, if Yu Ao Tian really inviting teacher to appear here, she really does not need to show up today!

“Okay, I won’t tease you anymore, Little Thing.” Yu Ao Tian showed her a wry smile, he clearly knows the reason why Yao Yao dislikes her teacher coming over, the main point because Mr. Sanders is someone odd, simply to say he is very similar with crazy person, even when he gets in touch with Mr. Sanders most of time silent. “Later I will make a phone call to your teacher, asking him no need to come here anymore.”

“Thank you!”

“Hence as you said about client and solicitor, later will find one.”

“Why?” Yao Yao not understand creased her forehead.

“That’s right, Ao Tian, why, we have Flat Chest, isn’t it better?”

“Ah, the reason is so easy, I am must be the client that you don’t want to have!” there is slightest meaning inside Yu Ao Tian’s words, he is exchanging sights with Han Li Shang.

They are standing in muddy water, this is something not suitable to let Yao Yao to joining them! At least, the current her is ‘clean’, there is no way for her to join into their group as one of them.

“Are you pointed at the commercial bribery case? According to my bottom line, this is not something unfair practice, as long as there is not death people, or fraud, all aren’t included my bottom line.”

After hearing Yao Yao begging tone, helplessly Yu Ao Tian gives a wry smile, he knows very well and obviously his dark world, that world isn’t something that Yao Yao can bear. “Little Thing, are you really want to be my solicitor?”

If, she isn’t Yu Ao Tian’s lover, or doesn’t have ‘insulting poster’ blow out, this matter, she really wanted to wait until her age reached 24 and starting her Attorney career.

But now…

She really wanted to prove herself to everyone, she isn’t a lover who is being supported by Yu Ao Tian, she is someone who has career, someone has dream, though she indeed accepted Yu Ao Tian’s money! “Yes, let me to become your representative lawyer, even to help you to survive until the election for politician,it’s okay.”


“Ao Tian!” Han Li Shang unsatisfied frowning.

Yu Ao Tian is signaling it’s okay to Han Li Shang by waving his hand: “Wait after the election then we have further talk.”

“Thank you.” she is smiling sweetly, when afternoon her dim eyes are casting gloomy but at this moment her eyes are beaming, finally the time comes for she to prove herself ‘value’!


6 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 234 A

  1. oh dear, Yao Yao has also stepped into a deeper level of the pit. guess she wants YAT’s acknowledgement rather than concerning about others’ viewpoints of her

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