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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 28.3

Chapter 28


Part 3 (Three)

November first the average temperature of Egypt is 23 degrees, not hot but so comfortable, but the differences between day and night are extremely different, when night the temperature can be only 12 degrees, but in the morning the sun shines strongly, I am so out of sun, after get sun burn 1 to 2 hours my skin will red and little bit itchy, when night arrive at hotel, the skin even peeling after bath.

I am so shocked to pale, “Disfigured, disfigured!”

The result Kang Yu tricked me, “Don’t be afraid, just licked it will be alright!”


Kang Yu nodding, seriously said, “The old saying indeed right, saliva is disinfect.”


Who will lick, my tongue isn’t that long.

Positive thinking, he is so excited to put me on the bed, “Naturally it’s me who will do it!”

At the moment he behaves good, licking and licking at my peeling skin, and then starting to exhilarate,  “Miao Miao, lick all the body, okay, it better to do prevention!”

After said, he has already pressed me down, bring me with guilt rolling in the bed.

Licking and rolling = making love.

The second and the third day, I could not get off from bed…


Since we are in Egypt, of course we must buy the local product or else the fellow good sisters will gang up to fight, the Egyptian Cyperus Papyrus painting and also oil essential are the most famous, so I took Kang Yu to Papyrus shop and also perfume shop.

The Cyperus Papyrus painting, the important isn’t the painting itself but painting paper. Because in an ordinary paper pulp the paint color will not reach the best result, only in the paper of Cyperus Papyrus the painting of the ancient Egyptian civilization will looked vividly, simply to say I was so intoxicating with the Papyrus painting, and put Kang Yu aside.

When indulge looking at the painting, heavy as oil, precious as gold, a subtle color is like a delicate fragrance, with a variety of pure natural plant deployment of fragrant, I have been intoxicating, and finally added the difference attitude, using the gold color for the bottleneck, the base, the bottle neck or the bottle waist, is perfectly beautiful with Arabic flower fragrance glass bottle, even who is Kang Yu I have not remembered him anymore.

“Yu, tell the Boss (seller), I want all of them, let him to count it cheaper!” my pair of hand is holding big and small bottles, put all down in front of the cashier, pulling Kang Yu who is in my beside, let him using English to bargain with the boss.

Kang Yu with his dark face, “Who are you?”

“Huh?” I am confused.


Kang Yu and I are stayed 10 days in Cairo, 5.5 days are making love and the result 4.5 days both of us are playing in many places, The Egyptian Museum is one of longest time we stopped, and then we are taking night train to Luxor, heading to Nile river and west area.

Standing in the fields between the west bank of Nile and the valley of the King Colossi of Memnon, it said that in ancient time there would be humming sound from dawn to dusk, being called as “the most cry” statue, very spectacular and beautiful, but after ‘who are you’ experienced, I don’t dare to go crazy (over excited), on the entire process only focus on Kang Yu, but when in valley of kings, Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut, Luxor Temple, the Karnak Temple Complex, the degree of my focus toward Kang Yu gradually  lessen.

As the result, I am lost.

This is not the most terrifying thing, when I was alone I realized being followed by the Egyptian little brat, I walked to where he also followed me to where, I could not avoid him, my mind thought, whether he wanted to rob or to rape.

Rape, I have already married.

Rob, I am too muddle head, so all the money is with Kang Yu.

What should I do in case he does not have anything to do?

Hence, I used my poor English asked him, “What do you want by following me?”

He used very Egyptian English to ask me, “I want to propose you!”

I was shocked, before I went to travel I have done little ‘homework’, the Egyptians have reported that there are imbalanced genre population, there are lots of man who not able to get wife, so that they have interested to the female tourist who are traveling alone to Egypt, especially the

Asian women which be very common to pursuit.

Wooing! But the one which I encountered was not suitor but simply purposing marriage.

“I have married!” I said.

“It is okay, can divorce, I willing to use 50 chickens, 50 ducks and 10 camels as betrothal present (gift: Bride price),

Please marry me!”

Never met this kind of marry proposal, even forcing other to divorce?

Seeing me not reacting, he said again, “If you feel not enough, I can add other 50 chickens. 50 ducks and 10 camels as the betrothal present, only can be this much!”

Dare to ask, am I worth 100 chickens, 100 ducks and 20 camels.

My head has three dark lines.

Leaving, quickly leaving.

He sees me wanted to leave, he stopped me at my in front, he even grabbed my arm.

I tried to let go myself while screaming, “Yu! Yu!”

I am wrong, I must not ignore you, I not dare, I not dare again.

“Miao Miao!” When the hero showing up, you will never know when and how he is showing up.

“Yu!” I run to him, crying out loud while hugging onto him.

The Egyptian comrade said, “Is he your husband?”

I was hiding at Kang Yu embraces, nodding hard and then I said to Kang Yu, “He wanted me to divorce you, marrying him, he even said that wanted to give me 100 chickens, 100 ducks and 20 camels as betrothal present.”

Kang Yu lowers his head while wipe my tears, “Miao Miao, it seems you are worth money!”

The dark lines in my head are adding more.

The Egyptian comrades do not know what he sees on me, facing Kang Yu said, “I like her!”

Kang Yu used English, “Private good, not transferable!”

“Base on what?”

Wo Kao, this Egyptian fellow perseverance.

Kang Yu with trickery face said, “Based on I am higher than you, more handsome than you, more than…” he is looked at the fellow Egyptian rolled his eyes, “White than you!”

The black fellow Egyptian stiffed, looking at Kang Yu with measuring, at last he went away with grievance.

After that, I was got strict lesson from Kang Yu, I knew I was wronged at the first so not dare to talk back to him.

Waiting until he was not angry anymore, finally I could relief.

 But I still puzzled, actually what that Egyptian fellow looked from me?

At this time, the hotel’s Tv is replay old movie about Cleopatra starring Elizabeth Taylor, there was a scene which Cleopatra volunteered herself to be Julius Caesar’s woman.

Cleopatra said: “I have full hips which able to bear your child, I have full breast which able to breast feeding your children, I am the most beautiful woman in Egypt…” that several lines.

I have cold sweat…

And then I glanced at Kang Yu who was sleeping soundly while lying on my chest.

Finally I understood.

All men just same!


On the next trip, I just alike an octopus who tightly wrapped around Kang Yu, when I was in Ramses II statue, I not dare to glance twice, the Egyptian people recognition in beauty term is too practical, I didn’t want to experience it anymore, but Kang Yu was extremely happy, he even let me to stay more few days in Egypt.

After stayed 5 weeks in Egypt, we set off to fly back to Shanghai.

When we are arrived at Shanghai, fortunately we are able to catch up with Christmas, by coincidences there was also heavy rain, the weather is cold like an ice, I shivered, although I have wore long Jacket but my hand and foot are cold.
Kang Yu and I weren’t going home to ours house but we were going to my parent’s house, my father my mother knew both of us were coming home, afraid we hadn’t good meal during in Egypt, prepared lot of food filled the table.

I just washed my hand, sitting in dining room, my mom was especially cooked Fish soup, still adding White Angelica (Dang Gui Bai) fish head soup, it said to let me and Kang Yu to get more nutrient, I craving it so much, but once I smell it, immediately I stood up and dashing to toilet to throwing out.

Kang Yu panic, my mom even more panic.

“Miao Miao, what happened?” Kang Yu is patting my back.

I have vomited the yellow gas liquid.

My mom is panic hurried screaming, “Miao Miao, are you pregnant?”

I was dumbstruck, Kang Yu also dumbstruck.

Hurried, a group of people sent me to get into car and directly go to hospital.

Urine test and also B ultrasound test.

Finally the chubby female doctor smile to me and said, “Congratulation, Miss, you will be mother soon!” and then she continued with the calculation of pregnancy week, and comparing the result with the B ultrasound test.

I dumbstruck, Kang Yu are more dumbstruck than me!

How to say, at our first time, we…had already!

Oh My God! He is too rushing!!


5 thoughts on “C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 28.3

  1. Thanks. Guess KY wasted no time to make up for their loss years of separation. Funny about the guy willing to give livestock for MM to marry him.

    1. Busybee, I am not sure about the rest of the world but it did indeed happen before in some countries still practices using livestock as dowry before getting married. It also base on how many livestock that a man’s family own in order to win a bride. It is pretty primitive and yet it serve the purpose I guess.

      Thanking you Azurro for another fun chapter of husband in great black belly. Both KY n MM are really cute.

      I hope you have a wonderful weekend. 😀

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