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C-novel : The Wolf Husband and Green Plum Wife (狼竹马与青梅妻) 5.2


Chapter 5

Part 2 (Two)

Brother Mo Mo has THAT THING

Courtyard house does not have place to take a bath, so that every time wants to take a bath must go to public bathroom to have a bath.

The public bath isn’t big, one bathroom is divided 5 doors, the most middle is the entrance, divided man and woman section, each sides has two connected room, the locker room and the shower. The bathroom is layered with thick glass wallpaper door, from outside won’t be able to see inside, inside the room has thick clothes covered it, guarantee the warm air won’t be able out fast.

The person who open the public bathroom is big aunty with Wang surname, her age is about fifty something, she is someone for outside the town. Since Big uncle Wang passed away, it left Big Aunty Wang and her beloved daughter who taking care of this public bathroom.

“Aiya, is this little girl from An’s family? How’s kindergarten?” Big Aunty Wang narrows her smiling eyes, pinching An Jia Qi chubby cheek.

“Grandma Wang, How are you.” An Jia Qi is politely called, pulling Su Zhan Mo to follow her to enter woman’s bathroom. At this time, Su Zhan Mo suddenly remembers something, immediately lower his head standing at the thick ground, not moving.

“Mo Mo Ge Ge, why are you not getting in?” Asked An Jia Qi curiously, it draw both mothers attentions.
Su Zhan Mo with red beet face, after a moment he said to mother Su: “Mom, I go to man’s bathroom…”

Mother Su understand her own son awkwardness in his face, she laughed and said: “Does Mo Mo feel embarrassed? Didn’t you used to follow mom to woman’s bathroom before?”

“Mom, I am growing up…” his eyes are glancing at An Jia Qi ignorant eyesight.

“The regulation in public bath isn’t allowed children under ten years old to take bath alone.” Mother Su seems little bit difficulty looking at her son. Because long time ago there was little child taking bath alone, the result was getting burn. So that the public bathroom put the age restriction under ten years old must be accompanied by parent, so can take bath.

An Jia Qi stares at Su Zhan Mo who is standing in front of entrance not moving, loudly called: “Mo Mo Ge Ge, hurries taking bath, I still want to listen to story!” Said An Jia Qi who grabbed Su Zhan Mo enters woman’s bathroom.

Su Zhan Mo is absent-minded when walking, he just walking follow An Jia Qi who grabbed him entering woman’s bathroom.

Mother Su laughing with Mother An following to enter the woman’s bathroom. An Jia Qi does not have sensed the differences between man and woman, when she enters, she undressing herself. While Su Zhan Mo is looking for blind spot where An Jia Qi can’t see him while Mother Su is laughing happily, slowly he undresses himself, leaves him with his underwear.

When Su Zhan Mo has done undress himself he shyly enter to the bathroom, While An Jia Qi has already sat down in large basin which being prepared by Mother An.

“Mo Mo Ge Ge, you taking bath why don’t take off your underwear?” An Jia Qi is curiously pointing at Su Zhan Mo who is not far away.”

That toddler voice, lets everyone who is inside the bathroom pay attention to Su Zhan Mo. Although inside the bathroom only few people, but Su Zhan Mo subconsciously shrink to Mother Su’s back, not letting An Jia Qi to see.
Mother Su and Mother An are laughing shaking their head, pulling Su Zhan Mo who is left by ‘fig leaf’.

This time naked…

Su Zhan Mo is staring dumbstruck, dumbfounded stay still in his place, at loss, while An Jia Qi eyes are open wide staring at something in Su Zhan Mo part which is bulging, with her toddler voice asked: “Mo Mo Ge Ge has that one?

Why I don’t have?”

This time not only the naked Su Zhan Mo who is dumbstruck, even Mother Su and Mother An also dumbstruck with An Jia Qi’s blunted question.

Mother An is panicking brought back An Jia Qi to the large basin. While Mother Su is hurried to put on Su Zhan Mo’s underwear, and hurried bathing him.

At sudden two mothers feel awkward, they are taking bath their own children, put on new clothes. Let both of them waiting in locker room.

Since the beginning An Jia Qi taking bath her eyes are staring attentively at Su Zhan Mo ‘that thing’. At sudden speechless, move forward, pulling Su Zhan Mo who is embarrassed said: “Mo Mo Ge Ge, are you sick? I won’t laugh at you…”

Su Zhan Mo at the moment stunned feeling as if crow flies over him…

Later after listened to Mother An vague explanation, An Jia Qi finally knew Mo Mo Ge Ge is boy, different with her.

The episode turned over……..

After experienced this bathing storm, An Jia Qi and Su Zhan Mo are never taking bath together anymore, until they growing up.

This traumatic experienced make Su Zhan Mo didn’t show up in front of An Jia Qi for six days. An Jia Qi and her same age children are playing over excited. If mother An doesn’t go to search her, perhaps An Jia Qi can play until night.
Weekend father An and Mother An want to go out, not convenient bringing An Jia Qi, with no choice they took An Jia Qi to Mother Su’s house when she is sleeping.

When An Jia Qi is hugged by Mother Su enters house, Su Zhan Mo is opening his sleepy eyes.

“Mom, who is coming?”

“It is An Jia Qi who brought by Mother An.” Said Mother Su locked the door, put down An Jia Qi who is alike curl ball in front of Su Zhan Mo’s bed.

“Mo Mo taking good care of sleeping An Jia Qi, today mom must go to work, if hungry just go to Uncle Li’s food stall.” Said Mother Su takes out one piece of 5 dollar paper money, gives it to Su Zhan Mo.

Waiting after Mother Su left, inside the house only left two children. Su Zhan Mo is sitting on the bed looking at An Jia Qi who is sleeping soundly at his side, his little face is innocently blushing.

He uses his hands to poke An Jia Qi’s skin which not covered by quilt her chubby flesh, and then heave a sigh.
When the clock has pointed at ten o’clock, An Jia Qi just wake up from her sleep, while Su Zhan Mo has finished his homework.

“Where is it?” An Jia Qi opened wide her eyes, realized it isn’t the bed that she familiar with, not only scared, her tears are filled her eyes.

Initially Su Zhan Mo who is tidying his bag outside the house, suddenly he heard An Jia Qi crying voice, hurries he thrown his books and dash inside.

“Qi Qi, what happened? Have nightmare?” Su Zhan Mo is hugging An Jia Qi small body, worried asked.

“Huhu…Mo Mo Ge Ge… do we being kidnapped by bad people?” Once An Jia Qi sees the familiar Su Zhan Mo, she stops crying, her voice is turned to be soft murmured. She is tightly grabbed Su Zhan Mo’s sleeves, carefully asked.

“Dummy Qi Qi, you take look carefully in here?” Su Zhan Mo is using his hand gently wipes An Jia Qi’s tears, smiles comforting her.

An Jia Qi is open wide her eyes turned her head and take a look carefully to the nearest scenery, wipe her tears and smiles foolishly.

Hehe… this is Mo Mo Ge Ge’s house…but how can she be in Mo Mo Ge Ge’s house? Does she able to be teleport (transport crossing the space) passing the wall? An Jia Qi takes a glance at the wall behind her, stupidly let out hahaha laughing voice.

Not long ago, An Jia Qi had watched an animation called as (Lao Shan Dao Shi), in that animation the poor student able to pass the wall. During that time An Jia Qi every day she is expecting to meet old God who will teach her to teleport.

Never thought very fast her wish come true…

Su Zhan Mo sees An Jia Qi who glancing at wall for while and also smiles foolishly, immediately understood what she has thought. Smiles while stroking her head for moment, break her beautiful dream: “Qi Qi, you were brought by Mother An to here. Not because teleport through wall.”


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