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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 234 B

Chapter 234

Part 2 (Two)

“Ugh, that’s right, how about the business bribery case?” at sudden Long Qi brings back the main topic.

Yao Yao frowned: “Oh yeah, I almost forget about it.” she uses little bit strength to hit her head: “This case indeed has very simple solution, but I had investigated Berson in US listed market, The US government is very sensitive with Commercial (Business) bribery case, so that once some media have made disadvantage reports, the US government is likely to suspend the activity, it can take one month at least or could be to one year, so this…”

“It will be affecting Berson stocks in China?” Said Yu Ao Tian.
Yao Yao is certain about it and nodding her head: “That it! So that, Ao Tian, you have few things to do now.”


“First, you must seek for dependable media to make the surface report about this case; the second, since I had told Officer Chen to strictly keep this matter, so the news General Manager Long being taken won’t be exposed. But in order to prevent unwanted thing, this few days you must go high profile, higher it be better it will be. Including Vice CEO Han, you also must do it, going to the banquet or any invitation, in order to rout media suspicion. Until I solve everything.”

“En.” Yu Ao Tian smiles nodding his head: “So this few days, Long Qi, you need to accompany Yao Yao. Whatever she needs you must help her.”


‘Knock’ (Knocking sound)

Just at this time, Mo Xue Tong is slowly walking inside: “Ao Tian, the media which waiting in front of the entrance door had left. Others…” her pair of eyes gleaming cold, her eyes glancing at Yao Yao.

“It is okay, Xue Tong, just say it.”

Yao Yao can sense, they are still on guard toward herself, but this is so normal, after all they have followed Yu Ao Tian many years, while she is only new lawyer who joined them.

“Others, I have investigated, the person who is in charged for 3X Group indeed has relationship with Zeng Kai Rui.”

Zeng Kai Rui this name is brought up again, isn’t he prime minister? Yao Yao can’t help herself not to wonder and frowned, she can feel that Yu Ao Tian and the current Prime Minister Zeng have deep grudged for each other?

“Okay, I understood, Xue Tong, is there anything else?”

“No.” When Mo Xue Tong wanted to leave, but her footsteps suddenly stopped, her cold eyes are sweeping at Yao Yao with measuring eyesight.

“Ugh?” seeing at Mo Xue Tong eyes look toward herself, she pursed her lips, but at other second… “Ah! I am so sorry, Miss Mo, this dress which I wore… It is yours…”

No wonder Mo Xue Tong especially feels this dress such familiar! She is creasing her forehead, glaring deathly to Long Qi.

“Sister Xue Tong, you don’t blame me, it is Yao Yao who was asking me to help her to find mature outfit, so that I went to your home to take your dresses and also your makeup kit.”

Mo Xue Tong does not say anything, but turned her body and left.

At this time, at sudden Yu Ao Tian good looking face is smiling devilish.

“En?” everyone is curious looked at him.

He hinting nothing wavering his hand: “All of you can leave.”

“Oh.” when Yao Yao is following Han Li Shang and also Long Qi going out, Yu Ao Tian opened his mouth and said:

“Little Thing, you stay.”

“Heh?” she stopped her footstep, sending off Han Li Shang and Long Qi to leave.

Inside the office room is quiet, thinking carefully, the matter of yesterday hasn’t settled, does Yu Ao Tian? He wants to bring up that topic? This time she must explain clearly to him?


9 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 234 B

    1. they r lover meh…heeheehe…I hope YAT will be a bit easy on YY…

      YY indeed fit better in YAT’s group more so than FCY. In this small group of YAT, they not just protect n work together with YAT at the same time, they also protect n work together with YY. In their own ways they have accepted YY into their small group. If they do act against YY without any maliciously thoughts or what they can gain from acting upon it. Most of the time when they do act upon it usually with reluctant.

      Thank you Azurro for another wonderful read. 😀

  1. Thanks for the update, Now that YY is exposed as a world class lawyer, hope YAT will treat her professionally with respect not just a lover. Looking forward for the next part. Have a blessed day.

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