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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 235

Chapter 235

But, Yu Ao Tian isn’t a person who likes to bring up old matter, this isn’t his character, but will he revenges for himself from others matters to herself? Ah complicated!

Yao Yao worries still stood at her place.

Yu Ao Tian smiles devilish, with his fingers he pointed at her: “Come here.”

“Huh…” she is nervous walking in front of the office desk.

He is hinting her to come in front his chair.

Yao Yao’s heart is shivering when walking.

“Is it really Xue Tong’s dress?”


Yu Ao Tian is staring at her with measuring eyes, that good looking face for once again is hinting slightly laughing expression: “You really have such huge ‘difference’ with Xue Tong, how can you wear her dress?”

Mo Xue Tong has height about 170 cm something, her body is perfect with appropriate balance,while Yao Yao only has height about 150 cm something, her body not too mention, it belongs to the ‘wash board’ type.

But this is really something unchangeable, since she is a type of baby face, if she does not wear mature clothes, how could she acts domineering.

“What do you mean?” at moment Yao Yao understood the meaning behind Yu Ao Tian’s words, unhappily she is pulling her chest: “Though I have pinned brooch, but it also looks suitable ah.”

“Really?” He is purposely showing unbelievable expression: “I don’t believe you. You take off the brooch I want to see it.”

“Take off then take off!” when she is going to insert her hand inside, she gained herself, turned at sudden: “You think I am foolish, if I take it off, you can see everything.” really this person, Yu Ao Tian is rotten bastard! “I need to prepare all the data regarding the case, I take my leave first.”

She is talking while walking, turning her body to leave, but Yu Ao Tian is grabbing her wrist at sudden, using strength to pull…

She is falling into his embraces.

She is so close with that good looking face, restlessly she pouting her small mouth: “Yu… You…hu…”

His domineering lips are pressing to her lips, his skillful tongue is forcing pry to open her teeth and intertwined her tongue.

The warm big hand at same time caressing and moving to her inner clothes.

Yao Yao can sense that, this time Yu Ao Tian is little bit odd, as if he is going to be crazy, and also losing his logic.

“Hu!” she is nervous moving her body, she wants to push and free from this hug.

But the man is hugging onto her tighter, his big hand has already probed, reaching until her white shoulder, using strength rub circling.

“En hu…” chest is feeling numb and weaken, also pain, this kind of fire meeting water feeling, turned her body become more sensitive, quickly get into the state.

Gradually open pair of the blurry eyes, combined with his rapid breathing and also his enchanting face, hot breathe is brushing her face, as if being hypnotize slowly she feels as if going into another world. It is strange feeling.

Inch by inch, that big hand is stroking down from her white skin to directly her skirt.

Yao Yao who has drown into another world still hasn’t realized the warning alarm is calling out.

And then, when Yu Ao Tian has slipped into her pants, her blurry eyes flashed: “Hu!” she as if someone who being awake from dream world, using her strength to stop his hand.

“Bao Bei, today you are too amazed.” Yu Ao Tian unwillingly to separate from her lips.

She could see the strong sparks in his pair of eyes, the man masculine**, this is her first time to see this kind of Yu Ao Tian, it has something unspeakable strange feeling, little bit insecure and also fear feeling.

His rough breathing, get closer to her ear, his tongue is licking her sensitive spot in earlobe.

“Hu.” her body is shivering, her half body is weaken, slump to his embraces.

“Bao Bei, I want you.”

His deep voice flowing into her ears as if a magic charm, without waiting for Yao Yao response, at sudden he has already forced into her…

“Don’t!” she unconsciously clamping her body, but still it is too late.

One of Yu Ao Tian’s hand already moved her into his pair of leg, while one of his hand in his pant.

‘Bao Bei, I want you.’

The words floating in her mind, this is her first time to hear his begging, more she could sense the today Yu Ao Tian is little bit uncontrolled, if not quickly to stop him, perhaps… “No, don’t. Let me go.”

“Give me!” the order which is not easy to refuse.

He quickly wants to release his fiery dragon, at this moment, his dragon has stood straight, this is enough to show his** strong.

Yao Yao is scared wanted to escape from him, but this man has strongly gripped onto her waist, while his other hand take off her skirt, tossing aside.

Lifting up her body to aligned with his dragon, downward press…


8 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 235

  1. thanking you for another translated chapter….phew!!…it is a bit too hot here….indeed, YAT is begging YY…normally, is the other way round…

  2. Is this it? The long-awaited, long-teased, loss of the maidenhead? Can we stop worrying about Yao Yao’s virginity? Can she stop having a ‘done everything but-” sexuality and get on with her life? And if this really happens will Yu Ao Tian remain interested or find himself suddenly bored? Of course, I doubt the last one, but his feelings are bound to be complicated as are hers. If they do this now, will it be a letdown or will they both be satisfied? It ups the ante.

    Although the scenario is far from romantic, I am very tired of the virginity issue after 235 chapters so I don’t care anymore where she loses it. I guess it is too much to ask that it happens during a rare tenderly romantic exchange, so I will take what I can get. Even though Yao Yao is taken by surprise, I take it as a little bit positive that this is happening on the tail of a show of her strength and worth, and having something important to offer YAT, rather than after a supreme victim moment.

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