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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 236

Chapter 236

“Don’t ah!!! Yu Ao Tian, are you still mad because yesterday matter?”

When he is lifting up her body that moment, at sudden Yu Ao Tian stopped, that pair of eyes burn with** immediately dimming: “What happened yesterday?”

“Isn’t it because yesterday matter. But you are not acting like this before, at least you never forced me…” her body is in alarmed state and also shivering, Yu Ao Tian must because yesterday matter so that he wanted to punish her? Just as expected he is still angry, isn’t he?

His face dim and silent, he takes her skirt, let her down from his leg and faster he zipped his pants.

His cold eyes are sweeping her nervous face, the wound in her forehead caught by his eyes…

He is creasing his forehead, he quickly withdrew his eyesight from her forehead, coldly said: “This morning Feng Chen Yi came to look for me, whatever he told me he had completely done it! No need to give any explanation.”

Just a moment, Yu Ao Tian has gained himself back, between the glowing eyes is impenetrable gloss, his expression is only cold.

“Feng Chen Yi, why did he come to find you?” this morning? Didn’t this morning…

‘you don’t forget, Luo Yao Yao, I had said before, later I will let you live in miserable, but…both of you feeling really cannot stand with a little test!’

‘Feng Chen Yi, you are really rotten bastard!’

‘Anyway my image in your heart has turned to be like this. You remember, Luo Yao Yao, later this kind of thing will often happen, you better to prepare wet your face with yours tears!’

Why Feng Chen Yi likes to act something like this? Every time when he meets her he will hurt her as if the wounds never healed, and then after he turned he would change to be someone who has warm heart.

She almost going to be crazy and torment because of Feng Chen Yi’s attitude, this is also one of the reason why Yao Yao hates and also loves him!

Once time like this, second times like this, what does he want? Since he had said wanted to be rotten bastard, just keep on being one why must he do something like this?

Her eyes are showing complicated, looking at Yu Ao Tian’s pair of eyes, but quickly she suppress that kind of eyesight which shouldn’t show up.

Perhaps Feng Chen Yi has completely explained to Yu Ao Tian, so this matter must be settled, she does not want anything happen between her and Yu Ao Tian because of Feng Chen Yi.

“You go busy with your things.”

“En?” is this mean done? If Yu Ao Tian not because yesterday matter punish her, so what did he do just now? “Oh…”

Yao Yao is hurried going out from office room with questioned expression.

After she left, Yu Ao Tian let out his tensed feeling at sudden: “Damn!” he clenched his hand into fist, hit on his table.

He really does not want to believe just now he was losing control of himself!

It has been so long, there is no woman could make him this crazy, losing control of himself and also his rational, just now that moment, he was simply wanted that little thing.

He still remembers, when he signed the lover contract with her, he thought this little thing would not give any** to him, at least time could give a prove, he could control himself very well before.

Until, just now, Yao Yao has exposed her sexiness as woman, that side of her feminism, the vibration in her words, her confident look, it was not only astonishing Long Ye but also Yu Ao Tian.

That moment, he really could not wait wanting this little thing.

Speak honestly, the woman who able to thump and flattering Yu Ao Tian’s heart is woman with charm.

“Ah.” He lets out self-mocking laughed, deep inside his pair of eyes flashed lusting gleam: “Just wish this little thing won’t too often to show this side of hers.” or else sooner or later, there will a day he won’t be able to suppress his desire for this beautiful growing fruit.

No matter what is going on, today he has done something meaningful, and that is…

The debt that owed by Feng Chen Yi today, he had paid it.

He has especially told Yao Yao, today matter when Feng Chen Yi looking for him, it because he does not want make himself owed anything toward his rival.

No matter Yu Ao Tian or Feng Chen Yi, though both of them are having different character but actually both of them are type of domineering men and like to feel the adrenaline stimulus, so that both of them like to ‘several hundred’ steps before attacks, this because they wanted to stimulate themselves to be more interested in…


8 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 236

  1. Both of YAT and FCY are crazy in love with one girl ❤ so there will be more and more trouble for YY from now on lol can't wait to see they fight for their girl lol

    1. Yes.
      There is no doubt both of them are love her so much. They are willing to sacrifice anything for her but at same time both of them are type of ‘male alpha’ which really give some headache for Yao Yao.

      1. Thanks for the work.
        What do YAT mean by saying “the debt he owned to FCY” already paid? I don’t understand. Does he mean he believes FCY & is not punishing YY? What he means is not clear to me.

      2. YAT telling YY the reason why he didn’t go further for the matter because FCY had cleared up the things and YY must know that the forgiveness she got because FCY help.

  2. False alarm. YY remains pure as jade for a while longer. Now she must solve his legal problem. Well, surprisingly it was her capable adultness that caused him to have such a hard time turning off his desire. Good for her.

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