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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 237

Chapter 237

Legal Division.

The appearance of Yao Yao in Legal Division has aroused curiosity among the employees, her coming is too hasty, she even does not give proper basic introduction such as self-introduction, the Supervision of legal division is in charge to arrange an office room for her.

“Do you know the little girl who is coming just now?”

“Don’t know, didn’t Supervisor Xu arrange office room for her? All of you asking supervisor Xu will know it.”

The lower management in Berson group, normally it is started from Team Leader, and then Supervisor and then Vice Manager from any division and then Manager from any division, this hasn’t including the Manager Assistants, Secretaries and others special positions. Usually only above of General Manager position who will have own office room.

And then, Legal Division is an exception division. The division has ten lawyers, every lawyer responsible with one secret case, having one assistant, the person who manage them is one supervisor, every lawyer has their own office room.

Until Yao Yao coming, those lawyers who are usually staying inside their office room, they are gathering in meeting room, taking their secretary, assistants all of them are discussing about her.

“Old Xu (Lao Xu), Lao Xu, who is that little girl?” those gossipers who are gossiping, called out supervisor Xu.

This supervisor Xu, his age hasn’t reached forty, he has good looking appearance and also valiant, especially his deep pair of black eyes, there is no slightest shown him in forties. As additional his energetic temperament and good looking aura. “Haha, the main reason I don’t know what is going on, I just know she is a lawyer who is especially invited by CEO Yu, moreover she is the person who responsible for CEO Yu.”

“Hah, isn’t it mean she replacing Lao Sun position?” this Lao Sun is the lawyer who run away to South Africa, his position is responsible for Yu Ao Tian.

“En, it seems it is true.”

“Faint, that little girl at least only at her twenty, will she be able to?” the colleagues are show their disdain eyesight.

Supervisor Xu smiles: “Though she cannot, all of you must have faith in CEO Yu’s eyesight, right?”

“This indeed true, due to CEO Yu ability to find talented person, I believe something important alike this position won’t be simply look for others.” having Yu Ao Tian affirmed, these few colleagues has little bit certainty toward Yao Yao.

After all, those talented persons in company are found by Yu Ao Tian, the example is Regional Director Wang.

“Long Qi, are all of these the data between our company with 3X group?” inside the office room, Yao Yao is reading one of the document with curiosity asked.

“Yes, I have taken all of these from the filing room (data storage room).”

“Woah, it really recorded very carefully and in detail, it is absolutely clear. Your Berson Group Management System are too awesome, it even archived this kind of things?”

“Of course, all of these are especially created by Ao Tian, he asked whether working with or partnership with any company must be recorded in detail, including the process of conversation, the contains, even the other parties character, expenses, earning, and so on and so on.”

Reading the contained of well-organized archives, Yao Yao really admires Yu Ao Tian to the highest level: “Yu Ao Tian really awesome, no wonder Berson Group can develop this big and strong, with all these things, although the important employee resigned at sudden, the new employee can immediately take over the job.

“Huh? So is this the purpose of Yu Ao Tian to prepare all of these things?” Actually until now, Long Qi not really understands the reason why there is an achieve room (storage).

“Isn’t it? The most important for one company is the management system and also the human resources (employees), there is no doubt of Yu Ao Tian capability, but not all the subordinates can have an equal ability alike him. Moreover the business within the country is so competitive, perhaps the talent who are not easily being ‘grow/teach’ by him, might been taken by others company, so that preparing all these things must be quite useful. So that, Berson won’t be in chaos because of the leaving of someone.”

Yao Yao really admires Yu Ao Tian who has this vision, foresight for further, it is so rare for the leader of one company to think about this matter, under the normal circumstances, one talented person might led the nose of the entire company when leaving, while Yu Ao Tian used this method in order not to be led by any talent but also not afraid his talented people being dug by others company, if this is not foresight what should it be called?

“Cold sweat, these kinds of thing I don’t understand and also don’t have any interesting on it. You take look these things,

I want to go to ICAC office to see my big brother.”

When looking Long Qi is going to leave, Yao Yao gives a weary smiles: “You don’t need to see General Manager Long.”


“Hehe, Tomorrow I will take your older brother out!”

“Ah?” Long Qi is excitedly dashing to in front the desk, his face is filled with curiosity: “Didn’t you say three days?”

She is smiling devilish, swaying the document which is in her hand: “Having boss a like Yu Ao Tian, it making my work more efficiency, you say?”


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