Blog guest :Thunder self-Introduction



Speak frankly I quite hesitated when Thunder told me, she wanted to do translation project. The reason is so simple, Thunder is super moody person, her decisions can change in seconds…
She types of impulsive person, never hesitated when deciding something, someone who dares to love, to hate and to let go.  Freedom is alike her daily chant…

Before Our collaboration project officially starts, I will let Thunder to introduce herself.

Hello Everyone,
This is my first time to introduce myself properly in Azurro’s blog. My Chinese name is Yu Lei but I love to be called as Thunder due to my ‘impulsive’ and ‘haste’ nature, well that’s how people said about me included Azurro. I love to talk more than write, I like drink sweet beverages, and I really am the opposite of Azurro’s. Born as IBC, my Chinese isn’t any better than 5 years old kids. 

There is no slightly surprised from me when Azurro kept asked my determination to do the translation project because I am indeed super moody person. 

She questioned my reason why, since I may act out of my nature LOLS.

I always wonder what is so fascinating with blog posts and Azurro’s translation projects. I don’t understand the passion Azurro shares in her blog and why must she so works out to do everything. I know she such stubborn and persistent person, focus…
All of these are indeed her good quality also her bad. 

Since this really is my first time to do ‘complete’ translation, just go ease at me. I don’t have fix schedule for the translation project, I will do the translation whenever I’m in mood. Anyway, if I stopped in the middle, don’t we still have Azurro as back up (*evil laughed*). Now I can feel her deathly glare…

Well, I think I have done with my self-introduction.

Prologue will have presented soon…


13 thoughts on “Blog guest :Thunder self-Introduction

      1. that’s why we must keep cheering up her… she’ll feel more energize to translate *finger crossed*

  1. Lol I feel you Thunder! A much as I love reading translations I couldn’t have done them if it were me all the more reason to appreciate Azurro nd now you.. 😎 good luck and hope that you will like the translations you have to do 😊😘😘😘💘

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