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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 238

Chapter 238

The next day…

Early in the morning Yao Yao goes to ICAC’s office, after a simple rebuttal to the several top executives, not only Long Ye being released without charging with any crime, the ICAC prosecutors are not able to prosecute him.

“Xiao Meng Li, your speed really shocking at one’s self, yesterday afternoon I was brought, today before afternoon you have taken me out? To be honest, I never tasted coffee made in ICAC’s office.” Long Ye is walking out from the temporary detention room, his face is filled with excited expression.

Standing in front the entrance, welcoming Long Ye is Yao Yao who smiling with pouting mouth: “General Manager Long, if you really like this place, I can go back to inside, saying few words with Officer Chen there is some detail that I missed out, I will let them to prison you few days.”

“Uh…Forget it.” Long Ye is acting, pretending that he is afraid by shrugging his shoulder and slowly bend down little bit his body, whispering to her ear: “How could we having such reckless conversation and care for nobody? As if we see government divisions as nothing?”

“Well, both of us must go low-profile. Come on! Ao Tian and others are waiting you at outside.” Yao Yao stroke her head, quickly taking Long Ye rushing in front of ICAC’s building.

But when they are in front of main entrance door, Chen Hong Sheng has waited for them, slowly walking in front of them, stopping them: “Miss Luo you are really awesome, only by yours few words, you have made our hard work completely look a like trash!”

She lowers her head, takes a deep breathe, her innocent face an instant changed become so cold: “Superintendent Police Officer Chen, didn’t all of you are also awesome, a day ago realized something odd, yesterday morning you had already caught our manager from sales division, and then at the afternoon you even brought out our General Manager. There is something don’t do it too over, other people does not know what is going on, but can’t I don’t know anything too?” after said, there is a slightly cunning beam in her eyes.
At sudden Chen Hong Sheng keeps silent.

“Ah, Superintendent Office Chen, can both of us take our leave?”

“Please.” after said, Chen Hong Sheng moves a side give them way.

Yao Yao is bringing Long Ye out with puffed up her chest, walking with vain manner.

“Superintendent Officer Chen, doesn’t this Luo Yao Yao too arrogant?” seeing their back when leaving, those few ICAC employees talking with dissatisfaction.

“Nonsense! If all of you have her capability, all of you also can be this arrogant!” He is pissed off frowning, quickly he takes out his phone: “Tell the head, Berson commercial bribery case is settled without any problem.”

“Ah? What situation is going on?” the person who accepted the phone call surprised asked.

Chen Hong Sheng clenched his hand and make into fist: “At sudden the world class lawyer showing up to protect Berson, we are also cannot do anything!”

“Ah? World class lawyer? Do I hear wrong, after all this kind of high class lawyer is showing up in China? Really scary.” talking to this point, that person has continued his words: “Alright, understood, I will tell Lao Da (Big Brother / Big boss).”


Michelin Restaurant

“Hahaha, is it really?”

“It true, why must I lie to you.” inside the luxurious private room, there are happy and bundle of laugh sounds flowing.
When Yu Ao Tian received the news Long Ye is safe and soundly, he is especially book this place for treating him welcoming-back dinner.

“This time really thank to Xiao Meng Li, so that I can get out this quickly. Let’s, Xiao Meng Li, let me cheers you one glass.” Said Long Ye, raised his hand high which is holding wine.

She is looking at her wine glass: “Must I drink all of it?”

“I drink it all, you do as you please.” Long Ye is happily gulping his red wine in his hand at one shoot.

Yao Yao seems to take a sip of it, the most important she is clearly her alcohol tolerance.

“Well, I also want to cheers Flat Chest one glass, you took out my older brother so quickly, really thank you.” Long Qi is type of person who seldom said courtesy words, perhaps this time he is too worries about Long Ye being caught.

This group of people, other than Han Li Shang and Yu Ao Tian, basically all of them were related or being victim of criminal before, even Mo Xue Tong when she was in Japan she ever related to criminality, all of them were too tired (bored) with those days went in and out from police station, so that, this time when Long Ye facing this difficulties, all of them are recalled back those days when they were in Japan, this feeling.

“Haha, don’t be so courtesy, this is my work.” Yao Yao is laughing courtesy.

Sitting beside her who keeps silent this time is Yu Ao Tian, he lets out sighed, raises his wine glass and slowly stands up…

She glances: “Are you also wanted to cheers me?” she really cannot drink anymore.

Yu Ao Tian is replying her with his elegant smiles, his dark eyes are flashing to Long Ye: “I didn’t fulfill last time promise, I will punish myself 3 glasses!” after said, when he wanted to raise his wine glass…

Hurried Long Ye stopped in front him: “Ao Tian! This time matter is accidental, you do not need to blame yourself.”

“That’s right, Ao Tian, this is an avoidable matter. You have brought all of us from Japan back to China, moreover with today accomplishment, all of us, all of us are really thank you!” Han Li Shang said this words, his expression is showing how grateful he is.

Yao Yao who is sitting beside Yu Ao Tian, she is looking at everyone expression, at sudden inside her heart there are very complicated feeling.

Either Han Li Shang or Mo Xue Tong, included the Long’s brothers, for all these time all of them are so loyal and faithfully toward Yu Ao Tian, this bonds are stronger than family feeling.


8 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 238

  1. Thanks for the update. Glad YY managed to set LY free. LY is so funny. Complaining he hadn’t tasted the coffee there.

  2. After this time I hope YY will be accepted into this knitted bonded group of people. I know the Long brothers has accepted YY no doubt but the two cold fishes, Han Li Shang n Mo Xue Tong will too.

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