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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 239

Chapter 239

“Long Qi, Long Qi.” She is softly calling Long Qi by pulling his sleeves: “What was Ao Tian’s promise to all of you before?”

“Haha, I have forgotten to tell you, all of us except Li Shang, before we met Ao Tian, all of us were little scoundrels in the street, it is Ao Tian who had changed our lives!”

Yu Ao Tian and Han Li Shang has known each other when they were young, it could be said as old acquaintance. Han Li Shang is young Master who born from wealthy family, he was staying at overseas, so that both of them were rare meeting, during that time, both of them were not counted as friend.

And almost 13 years ago, when Yu Ao Tian was 15 years old and Han Li Shang was 17 years old, because of certain reasons, Han Li Shang went bankrupt, straying at street in China and encountered Yu Ao Tian.

Since Yu Ao Tian was little boy he had already admired Han Li Shang, hence, he brought up his wishes to work together with him, this topic. But Han Li Shang this person is born naturally arrogant, he always bear cold attitudes, it was Yu Ao Tian who melting him slowly by slowly, then he agreed to develop together with Yu Ao Tian.

After one year passed, Yu Ao Tian is 16 years old, once he was hunted down, could not help he must hide inside one of fishing boat, that time the person who was responsible to taking care the fish boat was 16 Years old Long Ye. Don’t be underestimated his young age, during that time he could be considered as little scoundrel, so that people still gave him face.

As the name of brotherhood, Long Ye was bringing Yu Ao Tian to hide inside his own fishing boat, but without he realized he was offending the people who intended to kill Yu Ao Tian, for the coming days, Long Ye was suffering from many ways to get revenge.

Hence, Yu Ao Tian gave ideas, he wanted to go to Japan for developed, he also wanted Long Ye to go with him, after considering, Long Ye was bringing his younger brother Long Qi, also his fish boat, with Yu Ao Tian and Han Li Shang, they were going to Japan.

When they were arriving in Japan, relying on Yu Ao Tian genius brain, also his merciless characters, very quick he had made his own territory.

Two years later, Yu Ao Tian is 18 years old, one night he went to nightclub together with Long Ye by coincidence they encountered Icy princess, Mo Xue Tong.

Mo Xue Tong is born naturally beautiful, she has superior looks, there were lot clients who mouth watering with her appearance, there was one Big Boss (mafia) who wanted to dominate her. Although Mo Xue Tong was going deeper in underworld, but it not influence her character, between death and life, she really wanted to kill that Mafia boss, this angered the men of the mafia’s boss, all of them were intending to ** Mo Xue Tong.

At that time, Yu Ao Tian helped her, and brought her to Yu Long group, being taken care. While Mo Xue Tong naturally has good skill, her ability to learn is also very fast, she is highly looked by Yu Ao Tian.

As time passes, this few men are becoming the key figures in Yu Long group.

It took almost two years, Yu Ao Tian gave them three promises…

The first, he won’t let them to stray in the street anymore, also won’t let them to enter police station randomly, being bullied by other people.

The second, within four years he would make Yu Long Group as the most powerful mafia group in Japan. Within six years, will help them to ‘wash’, getting back to China proudly. Within 8 years, will let them to live days without worries for food or clothes (primary and secondary necessity).

The third, within ten years, will let them to be known in entire China, moreover they don’t need to live in stormy days (worries), only live with peace of mind.

Listened to Long Qi brief narrative, simply to say Yao Yao can’t imagine, what kind of life they had gone through before, what kind of complicated stories and bitter life they had before, no wonder the bonds among them are stronger than family member, perhaps because, all of them are depending each others more than ten years?

This is really such precious friendship, at same time it makes people become passionate due to the inspirational story.

The story about people who starting from empty-handed, Yao Yao had heard it often, but it happened right-beside her, witness it by herself, there is slightest hope to be impulsive to join them.

Ha, counting carefully, three promises of Yu Ao Tian had been fulfilled, all of them from hunted down to stand firm, this first promised had fulfilled.

Within four years, it also when Yu Ao Tian was 24 years old, Yu Long group has transformed to be first mafia group in Japan, during that time whenever she heard about Yu Long Group, these three words, her legs would weaken.

Hence within 6 years, which mean 2 years ago, didn’t it the time when Yu Ao Tian acquire Berson Group? He really succeed to brought all of them from underworld (black path) to business world (white path), proudly come back to China.

Haha, within 8 years, just in time, it is now…


11 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 239

  1. Thanking you very much for another translated chapter.

    When you do your translation make sure whether u r going to use present or past tense…When u talk about the past of course it will be past tense…such as, the word ‘is’ will be ‘was’…

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