C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 240

Chapter 240

Yao Yao looking at them, she does not need to ask, all of them are having no worries about primary and secondary needs of days. Yu Ao Tian is really having awesome leadership, too bold, each commitment he had made one by one is fulfilled and happened.

Believing within this two years, he can fulfill all his promises? Or else, why must he want to be politician?

“Hey, Yu Ao Tian.” When Yao Yao opened her mouth, several people broke into stiffness.

Yu Ao Tian is putting down his wine glass, curiously asked her: “What?”

“If both of us meet earlier, will you let me to join the group?”

“Ha, do you feel that both of us aren’t meeting earlier?” Said Yu Ao tian, who is sitting back to beside her.

Long Ye is waiting everyone to sit back at their seat. “That’s right, Xiao Meng Li, didn’t you have meet Ao Tian two years ago? You even thought him… Thought him as… Host.”

After everyone heard it, without lowering their head, they laughing.

No wonder two years ago Yu Ao Tian could be so furious, during that time he has already become Big Boss, how could he turned be Host? Simply to say it was too embarrassing.

“Cold sweat, I said not that time, earlier, earlier.” awkwardly Yao Yao trying to explain, she really wanted to forget whatever had happened two years ago, perhaps it not because herself who put herself into trouble, perhaps she won’t have any relation with Yu Ao Tian today? That time she was so regret with what she did two years ago.

But this moment, seeing Han Li Shang, Mo Xue Tong and others, together with Yu Ao Tian wrapped by this atmosphere, she really can feel, encountered Yu Ao Tian two years ago actually not really something bad from start until now.

“Ha, didn’t I have tell you that, don’t you feel that we have meet not enough early?” Yu Ao Tian lowers his eyes suddenly looked at her.

“Uh…” Yao Yao at the moment could not react what does he mean, once more she explained: “I mean, earlier than two years ago.”

“Earlier than two years ao…” suddenly Yu Ao Tian stopped, he really wants to know whether today he is little bit drunk or nor, after all he almost say it out, didn’t he only drink one glass of wine? His good looking face is turned to other side, then his lips curved upwards and smiles a like sinister: “Though it earlier, I won’t to let you join in group.”


“Because… You are not belong to ours world!”

That’s right! Either Han Li Shang or Mo Xue Tong or the Long’s brothers, few of them perhaps have large family background, come to final analysis, they and Yu Ao Tian might one world people.

But Yao Yao is different, her thought, she has naive and pure shiny glowing eyes, she has destined not to belong as one world with them.

“Huh.” to speak frankly, when Yao Yao listened to Yu Ao Tian’s words, deep inside her heart she strangely feels lost, she has known that herself and they are not come from same world.

“Oh yeah, Xiao Meng Li, when we were at ICAC office, you had said few words to superintended officer Chen ‘here is something don’t do it too over, other people does not know what is going on, but can’t I don’t know anything too’? What does it means?” Long Ye sees her expression kinda odd so he tried to change the topic.

“Oh, that. Actually normally the commercial (business) bribery case, as long as not taking too much sum of money, the ICAC will close one eyes. Moreover Berson group this big company, all of them most of time will ignore it. I had investigated you and 3X company transaction, it only involving few of millions, the ICAC isn’t necessary to go and investigated it by themselves, but still took so much effort by calling superintended officer to personally investigated it, this is such not normal.”

Regarding to this point, Yu Ao Tian who has mingled in business world within two years has very clear about it, after all when they did this everything is going well, before.

“Well, Xiao Meng Li, you say why did they want to investigate the commercial bribery case?”

“This is so simple, you guys must be offended someone who has high position in government so that they did it. Or perhaps, there politician who held high post who does not want Yu Ao Tian to join this time politician election, especially, to give negative news about him before the election.” This speculation of Yao Yao is similar with Yu Ao Tian, there is no doubt.

Now Long Ye is more convincing that both of these persons are genius equally. “Well, perhaps we are really offended the entire government?”

“Cut it off, if you guys really offended the entire government, though I have three heads and six arms I won’t be able to help you, except I really make report to the united countries, using the international court, investigated the country.”

“HaHa. Say, your world class lawyer license is quite awesome, I could see that Superintendent Officer Chen quite afraid of you.”

“Absolutely!” Yao Yao doesn’t go low-profile, after she heard what Long Ye said, she patted her chest, confidently said:

“Not long ago Ao Tian ever said, society is describe as food chain, the mafias can be controlled by the business world, while the business world must give face to the government. But no matter what country it is, they only fear with World class attorney, after all the one who able to control us only the united nations, so that, I particularly go for the world class lawyer license.”

“Awesome, awesome.” Long Ye replied her with clapping his hands, his cunning eyes gleaming glances at Yu Ao Tian:

“According to your statement, you are not afraid of heaven and earth, are you?”

“I…” She still wants to say that she isn’t afraid of anyone, but once she sees Yu Ao Tian who besides her, hurried she lowers her head, shaking her head: “I do also have my fear.”

“Oh? Even the government fears of you, who are you afraid of?”

“Older brother, can’t you see? Of course Flat Chest afraid of Ao Tian!”

That’s right, she really really afraid… Afraid of Yu Ao Tian, from all the food chain, the last part is, she as the world class lawyer also afraid of the mafias, okay? If she really makes Yu Ao Tian angry, perhaps she could disappear from this world quietly without trace.

“Oh, so that’s all, it seems if later your wings go firm, we will ask Yu Ao Tian to deal with you!”

After listened to Long Ye teasing, Yu Ao Tian lets out cold humph, his cold pair of eyes are sweeping over his shoulder to look at Yao Yao who lowering her head, sneered: “This little thing if her wings spread firmly, do you think looking for me still useful? The best way is… Never let her to have chance making her wings go firm!”

“…………” Geez. Yao Yao unhappily rolled her eyes, Yu Ao Tian this man really not a good thing, he only can use this kind of word to put her into ‘ice house’. Humph, eat the food! She takes her chopstick, nonstop eating all the food in the table…


  1. Coolkat · April 28

    Loving the atmosphere though the end did have a does of reality….thank u so much for all ur hard work!! 😘😘❤️

  2. yadane · April 28

    uh oh…YAT is locking Yao Yao down to him

  3. Lynn · April 28

    Perhaps YAT is afraid that when YY goes firm she will slip away from him lol. He just wants to keep YY by his side even she is a lawyer or not lol

  4. Mel · April 28


  5. amy3108 · April 28

    Thanks Azurro for the great job. YAT will keep her by his side. Have a blessed evening.

  6. Julie · April 28

    Thanking you very much Azurro. YY prefer to be with YAT more so that FCY otherwise, she would not asked about joining the group if they meet earlier than two years ago..She felt really comfortable with this group even though they are mafia but they are mafia with integrity.😀

  7. tueysaloewa · April 28

    the conflict is getting tense with yao yao’s father old boss trying to set the trap. i wonder when will we get the sweetness between the main lead (including HLSxGXM, LYxMXT)

  8. juli · April 29

    Thank you…

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