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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 241

Chapter 241

The food is eaten and the dinner is ended.

“Ao Tian, where are you going?” when all the people are going to leaving the main hall of the restaurant, they are heading to same one luxurious car, the person who is responsible to drive is Han Li Shang asking with curiosity.

“Go home.”

“I know, which home?”

“Our apartment.”

“How…”Han Li Shang cold eyes are glancing at Yao Yao: “How about her?”

“Li Shang Ge (brother Li Shang), don’t you know that, Yao Yao has already lived in ours home for such long time.”

After Long Qi said, at sudden Han Li Shang expression darken: “Ao Tian, is it true what Long Qi said?”

Listened the way of Han Li Shang speaking, Yao Yao could feel the tense by take deep breathe.

Yu Ao Tian is giving her a reassuring smiles, warm big hand is pulling and held her small hand tightly: “Haha, recently there are lots of work in the company, I forgot to tell all of you guys that, I have prepared Yao Yao to stay with me in…”

“I understood.” Han Li Shang said these words, ‘bang’ sound, he used his strength to shut the car door when he gets out from car, takes big strides he left.

But this hasn’t ended, Mo Xue Tong who sits at back seat not even say anything, open the car door followed Han Li Shang, together both of them are leaving.

An instantaneous, the atmosphere inside the car turned to be awkward, Yao Yao feels little bit in trouble, pouting her mouth: “I, I will try to move out faster.”

“Rest assured, Xiao Meng Li, you don’t need to take Han Li Shang and Xue Tong attitude into heart, when first time we met them, that time, both of them also showing same attitude, dealing with people like them (cold character), we must have thick skin.”

“That’s right, Flat Chest, Li Shang Ge and Xue Tong Jie are sharp-mouth but tofu heart people, on outside they are cold but inside there are so passionate, when you are getting closer to them, knowing them better, you will find out, no need to think too much about what they said.”

“Cut your nonsense, Long Qi, go, drive the car.”


The car engine is starting and moves slowly, Yao Yao is looking outside the window…
Perhaps just a like what General Manager Long said, Vice CEO Han, Secretary Mo are people who cold from outside and warm inside, but she also can feel the strong rejection from them.

She feels alike an intruders who caught getting into their home, this kind of feeling she has aware of it since long time ago, this kind of feeling isn’t something can be erased as time flies, it seems their world, is it a place that she should not step into?

Kind of strange and empty feeling hanging in Yao Yao’s heart, only by this time, at sudden one pair of big hand is embracing her shoulders, giving her a warm also security feeling in his hug.

Raises her eyes, she only sees Yu Ao Tian’s chin, ha, since the first day she met this man, she really could not hear any comforting words let out from his mouth, but he always in most appropriate time to give her warm hug that able to comfort her heart.

It stills one mystical changing, since the first time she refused to hold his hand, being hugged by him, and slowly she becoming more familiar and accustomed with this kind of feeling, she is starting to depend on him.

What kind of feeling is this? Older brother? Senior? Friend? It cannot be describe, anyway it isn’t love feeling, because she could not feel that fast heart beat or blushing face because of embarrassed, that gestures…

“Ao Tian, arrived…”when the car is stopped in front of the apartment, Long Ye who is sitting in the front seat just wanted to speak.

Yu Ao Tian stopped him with ‘sst’ gestures, while his finger is pointing at little brat in his embraces.

“Fall asleep?” Long Ye spoke softly asked.

He smiles, nodding, gently picks her up, get down from car.

“Haha, this Xiao Meng Li is really darn sweet and cute.” all of them are together getting into elevator, Long Ye is carefully take a look at her sleeping face, more he sees her more he can feel this small face really similar with little girl.

“Ao Tian, you are really dears her, after all you even take her to stay in here.”

“Is it?” Yu Ao Tian is curiously creased his forehead, using the most foolish eyesight to look at small person in his held, looking at her, without he realized he showing one charming smiles.

Long Ye who besides looking at him, helplessly he shaking his head: “You see your current expression, simply to say more similar to parent who looks at own child. Ao Tian, what do you see she as?”

“En? What do you think I see she as?” Ao Tian is creasing his forehead looking at Long Ye.

“You don’t tell me you see her as your lover. As what I see, she doesn’t do any lover task at all, you even doesn’t look alike having / supporting a lover. From my point of view as outsider, you are raising her as little sister or daughter, or perhaps as pet.”

“To be honest, Brother Ao Tian, listened to my older brother said, I recalled, that time when you were asking me to keep an eye of her, the way you told me, it very similar alike father nervous when found out his daughter has puppy love. Just recalled the day when Ao Yun dating for the first time, you are also looked so nervous. Ao Tian, don’t you also want to make flat chest as your daughter or little sister, seeing from the way you treat her?”

“En?” if not because the Long’s brother said, or else Yu Ao Tian won’t realize, since when this little thing has already been ‘little fellow’ who turned to be inseparable part in him?

Perhaps Yu Ao Tian not even clearly understands himself with what kind of attitude he deal with this little girl, but yesterday when she was confronting with Officer Chen, he was so clear with himself that he really saw her as woman, completely sees her as woman!

“Ha, perhaps, I thought having one younger brother is not enough, and wanted to have another younger sister?” said Yu Ao Tian faster walking inside the elevator.

When he back at his own room, he gently puts Yao Yao down in the bed, his pair of dark eyes are focusing at her tender small face, he is extending his finger poking her chubby little face. “Ha.” there is hint of faint smile that hang in his mouth.

Really one cute little thing! His finger is lightly unbutton her clothes, take off her outer clothes.

At this time, Yao Yao who is sleeping soundly suddenly her eyelashes moving: Uh.” hazily opened her eyes.


7 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 241

    1. I don’t think YAT is attacking YY in her sleep. I believe YAT only want to make YY comfortable by helping YY changing out of her work cothes.

      The attachment that YY has for YAT’s group is getting deeper.

      Thanking you very much.

  1. Lol loved this chapter nd really hope YY is able to fit in wid all of them 💘… Thanks for ur hard work once again 😘😘😘

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