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Chit Chat : My Goal for Translation Project


What’s up Everyone!

Do you realize that my translation pace is getting bit slower? Well, I did it on purpose. I had long conversation with Thunder not long ago. Thunder said, recently my translation quality keep decreasing, so that I did a self-reflection and yep, she was right. More I read more I felt embarrassing with my works. Some readers also pointed out my error and thanks to let me know it so I will do correction.

I do also thank to fellow readers who helped me to edit and also checking my grammatical errors. Lately, I seem mix up the tenses, ah~ I am so sorry. The factors, I confused which tenses to put / use because there is no tense in Chinese, others perhaps lacking in my English and etc. If you feel I am rushing my translation project, yes you are right. Honestly, I have planned to finish all my projects within this year due to few reasons. I afraid, I will be out of time.

I have marathon for Husband is Great Black Belly. I am going to finish it within May while Substitute Bride stills on going. I work together with Obsidian. For the rest… I will take my time 🙂

Cheers ^-^


30 thoughts on “Chit Chat : My Goal for Translation Project

  1. Sounds like a plan. I’ve been amazed at how frequently you’ve been updating. Do whatever you need to do to keep these projects fun and something you’re proud of. Thanks for all your hard work!

    1. Since I am so exciting to do all the projects, I forget to check everything, from vocab, spelling and grammar…. =.=”
      I just want to share the novel translation faster so the readers can feel my exhilarated mood.
      Now I sound alike selfish and childish brat….

  2. Your errors aren’t huge mistakes. They are just mistakes that makes sentences awkward. So don’t beat your self over it, you do a pretty good job

  3. I agreed that your mistakes were not that big that make the story not understandable. Appreciated all your hard work. I really enjoy all the translations! Keep up the good work!

  4. Honestly I don’t mind some errors here and there since I didn’t even notice it…lol…
    Thank you so much for your translation, you made my day.
    Xie xie….

      1. Exactly, I was so in the story too.
        I’m not English native speaker but I live in US and I used to teach English too before. As long as I understand the story so it doesn’t matter for me. But sure other people might think different.

  5. I feel like i have to say a few words..first of all a HUGE thanks for your hard work! your doing an amazing job hier and i doubt that someone has a right to point on some stupid mistakes.I mean..if they do,then better they should try to do that by themselves 😛 !!Keep going girl,you rock :)))!!

    1. I am okay with positive-critics, since it may help me to improve my ability especially for my translation project and linguistic aspects.
      I hope my post will not give you negative impression 🙂
      I will keep my spirit up, moving forward and be better ^-^

      1. Growing is good,when you decide that its the right time for you by your own. Sadly, its getting pretty common these days to bully other ppl on internet. Hope its not the case,thats all ;)Thanks once more for your work and im waiting forward for your translations 🙂

      2. Yeah, I don’t know why there are some people like to bully others either in real life or virtual.
        what kind of satisfaction they got by do so?
        Really not understand….

      3. Well,probably they are trying to compensate their own insecureties.Besides, internet makes it way easier to do – be kind of ” impersonal” personal.So the worst in a person can come out.But lets hope they will understand it some day 😉

  6. Thank you ….
    Truly appreciate all your efforts and hard works updating very regularly. You are insanely fast….you are just amazing….love you and God bless

  7. I can understand you want to improve as you go but I have to say I really appreciate how often you post. I can give up a little quality myself in order to read the story. So many posts I read I have to wait so long I forget the story. I have to keep notes. So, I really love to check here and find a new post so often. I do miss certain stories that have slowed a bit and I appreciate that you will finish Black Belly Husband and I hope to see more of the Substitute Bride. I am really getting into that story. And the Naive Girl is so familiar now I will miss her if you take a break but that book is so long that a break won’t hurt. really love all the reads here on your site. Thanks for your hard work.

    1. I didn’t say about break. I will post my translation project according to my schedule. my pace go slower because I might spend more time to do checking and also minimized the error, ah~ at least don’t make the story sound ‘awkward’.

      Perhaps some reader may think I am too focused on ANSTG but actually, I am not. The novel itself is more than 500 chapters while I have set goal to finish it within one year. while other novel is quite short. As for substitute bride, I get slight difficulties so it dragged until now. but don’t worry, I will try to finish it too.
      I trying to balance my project ^-^

  8. I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy your translations and the speed they come out at. I read a naive short tempered girl every morning before I go to class. It’s become a part of my routine and I love getting the new updates every day.

  9. No words can fully express my gratitude for translating all the novels and I really fully enjoyed reading them and also looking forward for the update everyday . No pressure. You’re doing a great job and appreciate all your hard work. Thanks a million and have a great day.

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