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C-novel : The Wolf Husband and Green Plum Wife (狼竹马与青梅妻) 6

Chapter 6

Don’t kiss people randomly

After An Jia Qi listened, at sudden her brighten eyes cast gloomy, and then sighed, pouting and said: “When will I be able encountered old God…”

“Qi Qi, do you hungry? Do you want Mo Mo Ge Ge to bring you out to have meal?” Su Zhan Mo is helping An Jia Qi wearing clothes, on other side is changing the topic.

Just as expected, once An Jia Qi heard ‘having meal’, her eyes are beaming brightly again, stroking her stomach, happily asked: “Mo Mo Ge Ge where are we going to have meal?”

“Later we are going to uncle Li’s food stall to have meal.”

“Uncle Li? Does he who looks alike Maitreya Buddha that uncle Li?”

Su Zhan Mo creased his forehead thinking for moment, helplessly he nodding his head.

Uncle Li is opened small food stall in street side, he is little bit fat, but the person likes to smile and laugh, as additional his cooking skill is not bad, he also likes to let people to test his new menu freely, so that people in this neighborhood especially like him. An Jia Qi has tested few menus made by uncle Li, so that she is especially liking him. Every times meet him she likes to call him as Maitreya Uncle Buddha.

An Jia Qi sees Su Zhan Mo nodding, jumping happily for moment, but this time Su Zhan Mo is helping her to fix her pant, never thought once she jumps, simply pulling down her long pant, showing her small printed panties.

Su Zhan Mo is dumbstruck for moment, an instantly his face blushed bit red, awkwardly turned his head, little bit pissed of said: “An Jia Qi, faster wear your pant!”

Not even little bit An Jia Qi feels Su Zhan Mo acts strangely, very audacious she wearing her long pant. And then she is patting Su Zhan Mo back, laughing said: “Mo Mo Ge Ge, I have done wearing the pant, let’s we going out to have meal!”

Su Zhan Mo almost cannot sit steady because patting An Jia Qi, he even balance himself by supported at bed edge, little bit frustrated glaring at someone heartless who stills able to laugh. Helplessly shaking his head, piggy back An Jia Qi, get down from bed and help her to wear her shoes.

When An Jia Qi is already properly at his back, Su Zhan Mo pulled her and locked the door, and then walking out.

Today the weather is not bad, the sun shines brightly, on other side Su Zhan Mo is pulling An Jia Qi, he also protecting her who likes to jump and run, afraid she might fall down. While the heartless An Jia Qi even singing while walking: the sun is shining, flowers smile to me, early in the morning the little  bird said, why do you carry a small bag….

Little An Jia Qi is singing so nice, is it taught in kindergarten? Granny Liu who is sitting in the street-side with small stool, while watching over her grandson, she is smiling happily said to An Jia Qi.

“Hello Granny Liu, is this Little Dong Dong?” An Jia Qi is looking at little boy who in Granny Liu embraces, immediately she pulling Su Zhan Mo ahead to take a look too.

“Come, Dong Dong, greet Qi Qi, said Qi Qi Jie Jie (sister Qi Qi)” Said granny Liu when seeing An Jia Qi coming near, hurries raise Dong Dong who is in her embraces, pointed her finger to An Jia Qi who is in front.

An Jia Qi is curious so she extended her hand wanted to poke Dong Dong’s small face, but she is stopped by Su Zhan Mo, he remembered when he was at 3, secretly pinched An Jia Qi, the result he had made her cried that scenery.

“It is okay Mo Mo, Dong Dong is not easy get crying.” Suddenly Granny Liu said, smiling happily until her eyes are looked make one line.

An Jia Qi boldly jabber her finger at Dong Dong tender face, learn exactly similar alike adult, teasing Dong Dong.

Dong Dong really not afraid stranger, he laughed directly to An Jia Qi, , while his saliva is drooling from his mouth, his small hands nonstop extending to An Jia Qi, wanting to hug her. Granny Liu of course won’t let An Jia Qi really to hold her grandson but only to let Dong Dong closer to An Jia Qi so he could touch An Jia Qi.

As heard ‘pa pa’ sound, An Jia Qi is smiling while Su Zhan Mo’s face is darken.

“Dong Dong likes Qi Qi Jie Jie, how about to kiss Sister’s face.” Granny Liu not even pay attention to the changes of Su Zhan Mo’s face from darkening to seriously stern, smiling when putting Dong Dong in front of An Jia Qi, at the same time An Jia Qi moves closer her cheek to him, let Dong Dong to kiss her.

“Haha…good Dong Dong, let big sister also kiss you…” An Jia Qi is so happy, she feels more popular compare to her Mo

Mo Ge Ge, because Dong Dong kissed her.

But without waiting for An Jia Qi continues to kiss, at sudden Su Zhan Mo pulled her, smiling gently looking at Dong

Dong, and Granny Liu said: “Does Dong Dong dislike Mo Mo Ge Ge?”

Granny Liu dumbfounded, but later still smiles, she holds her grandson in front of Su Zhan Mo, also let Dong Dong to kiss Su Zhan Mo.

This interruption, it makes An Jia Qi forgets to kiss Dong Dong this matter, and after bid good bye to granny Liu, she keeps being dragged by Su Zhan Mo heading toward Uncle Li food stall.

Along the way, An Jia Qi does not realize someone because of little baby, jealous and vent cold atmosphere.

“Qi Qi, later don’t randomly kiss anyone.” Seeing the situation Su Zhan Mo cannot endure not to stop An Jia Qi, with his stern face said.

“Why?” An Jia Qi not understood asked.

“Not hygienic.”

“Oh, well later I won’t kiss Mo Mo Ge Ge…”

“…………” when Su Zhan Mo heard this he felt as if a big stone had fallen to his feet.

Along the way he brings An Jia Qi to Uncle Li’s food stall with heart-breaking state, this time has almost 11, the food stall has already filled with many people. When Su Zhan Mo and An Jia Qi entered, seeing the food stall is full of people.

“Qi Qi, are you also coming to have a meal?” one familiar voice suddenly flowing. An Jia Qi and Su Zhan Mo look at the source of the sound come from, seeing rounded figure, come down from the chair, and run over.

“Xiao Hu? How can you be here?” Once An Jia Qi sees her good friend from kindergarten, an instantaneously swaying away Su Zhan Mo’s hand, rush over there.

Behind Xiao Hu followed a granny with compassion appearance, while protecting Xiao Hu and said: “Walk slower—–”

“Grandma, this is my kindergarten friend, Qi Qi, Qi Qi this is my grandma.”

Xiao Hu’s grandma is looked as kind person, smile when greet An Jia Qi.

“Xiao Hu’s Grandma, how are you, I am An Jia Qi.” An Jia Qi isn’t afraid of stranger at all, she takes an initiatives to introduce herself to Xiao Hu’s grandma.

“Later this place will pack with people, Qi Qi come here to have a seat!” Xiao Hu’s grandma sees her grandson talking with Qi Qi, she is one polite little girl, so that she likes her.

“Okay—- Mo Mo Ge Ge faster come here!” An Jia Qi smiles when giving a replied, while turned her head, looking at Su Zhan Mo who keeps looking at her from not far.

At the beginning Xiao Hu’s grandma has noticed this little boy, but he is not coming closer, so that she does not call him.
Su Zhan Mo is coming closer, politely called Xiao Hu’s grandmother, followed An Jia Qi to sit with Xiao Hu and his grandma.

Xiao Hu’s grandma smiles when calling the food stall’s boss for ordering the food. Seeing Uncle Li topless, sweating coming out from kitchen. Once he sees the familiar people, smiles asked: “Aunty Jin, how can you sit together with Qi Qi and Mo Mo?”

“Hello Uncle Li, Qi Qi and I are best friend.” Xiao Hu likes Uncle Li so much, he rushed to give an answer.
Uncle Li also likes Xiao Hu who is good nature and strong, using his hand to stroke his head, smiles looking at Xiao Hu said: “So coincidences… How about if Uncle Li cook dishes that you guys loves, okay?”

“Yeah—-” An Jia Qi and Xiao Hu shouted and almost lift the table.

“What do Qi Qi and Xiao Hu like to eat?”

pai gu
Tang Cu Pai Gu

“ Sweet sour pork ribs.”1]

Red Braised Pork

“Red Braised Pork.”2]

“ Sweet Sour Chicken fillet.”


Xiao Hu and An Jia Qi are giving answer one person one sentence, they make two adults happy when listened, but Su Zhan Mo’s face is darkening, his pocket only has five dollars, even to order food with little meat is considered as forcing, but this An Jia Qi and Xiao Hu are ordering all meat dishes. It is so obvious that he forgets other than him who will pay the bill, there still Xiao Hu’s grandma who could settle the bill too.
Su Zhan Mo dragged An Jia Qi, seriously said: “Qi Qi, are you forgot what mother An said before? Cannot eat too much meat.”

Initially An Jia Qi is happily waiting for but an instantaneously her face dropped, not happy at all.

Xiao Hu’s grandma sees the situation, immediately coaxing An Jia Qi, smiles said: “Qi Qi Ge Ge (Qi Qi’s big brother), today these two little children are happy, just let them to eat! Grandma Jin is treating——”

Listened to Xiao Hu’s grandma, at moment it lit up An Jia Qi dim hopes, while Su Zhan Mo is showing his helplessly expression looking at An Jia Qi’s small face with her pity expression, his heart is soften, nodding his head, signaling he is agreed. Both of An Jia Qi and Xiao Hu happily shouting.

There is a time An Jia Qi even mother An she is not afraid of, but she is simply afraid of Su Zhan Mo, as long as Su Zhan Mo said something, she will absolutely listen to him.

The dishes are served in the table, both of the little children are competing each other, to eat the food, it lets Xiao Hu’s grandma smiles, while Su Zhan Mo only can furrow his brows, worries looking at An Jia Qi rounded little stomach.

“Qi Qi, eat slowly, be careful get chocked—-” said Su Zhan Mo while adding green vegetable for An Jia Qi, while Xiao Hu’s grandma who is sitting facing Su Zhan Mo can’t help herself to glance at Su Zhan Mo. This boy is really so mature—–

After having lunch, passionately Xiao Hu is inviting An Jia Qi and Su Zhan Mo to play at his grandma’s house. Never thought as if being bolt in sunny day, Su Zhan Mo is agreed. The reason why Su Zhan Mo agreed the most important because An Jia Qi has eaten too much, afraid she difficult to digest, so he lets her to play with Xiao Hu for while, to digest.

Xiao Hu’s grandma is living at same street, but her house has own little yard, inside her house those few rooms are belonging to hers, once entering the yard, An Jia Qi sees inside the yard there are lots of toys which usually as many as her kindergarten. Excitedly she and Xiao Hu are starting to play with wooden horse.

Su Zhan Mo is little bit surprised in his mind, this Xiao Hu must come from not simple family. Because in this neighborhood most of the yard-house type are living by few people one house together, but this house even has it’s own yard (private yard) and all the rooms inside are belongs to them. This kind of treatment should be given by the government to someone special.

“Mo Mo Ge Ge, hurry push us—-”

Su Zhan Mo who is secretly measuring quickly recovering back to his normal eyesight, looking at An Jia Qi and Xiao Hu who are sitting down at small swings.

Su Zhan Mo never allowed An Jia Qi to play swinging, the reason because she is too small, afraid she not able to grab the robe tightly and fall down. But the swing in Xiao Hu’s house seems to have seat wooden beam, it really similar with protection, it could blocked these two little children front.

Su Zhan Mo sees this wooden swing seems to be safe, so he agrees with An Jia Qi begging, gently pushing the swing from behind.

“Woah—–it is so interesting, Mo Mo Ge Ge pushes higher little bit—–”

After Su Zhan Mo heard it, he is creasing his forehead, the courageous An Jia Qi really does not know similar to whom? It has been this high, still not fear…

At this time, from outside the yard there is motorcycle sound, as seen someone familiar coming inside the yard with the motorcycle.

“Little Uncle (Xiao Shu)” When Xiao Hu sees the person, happily he called out.
Su Zhan Mo sees the person, his eyes raises, can’t help not to think: “Doesn’t this person is Uncle Shen, mom’s coworker?

Shen Wei Guo lifts his head, seeing his nephew is playing swinging and come to greet him, wait… The little boy who is standing behind him, isn’t he Su Yue’s son? How can he be here? Shen Wei Guo can’t help himself not to feel complicated, just now he had said to Su Yue (confessed), but because Su Yue said that her rejection toward him the reason because she wants to take care her son.

Never expected so soon he has already seen her son playing in his house. Inside his heart he can’t help himself to think many ways, can this be called as turned over.

“Xiao Hu, how can Mo Mo and others playing at here?” Shen Wei Guo surprised asked.

“Hello Uncle Shen.” Politely Su Zhan Mo called him first, greeting Uncle Shen, though he also quite surprised.

“Good—this is the toy that Uncle Shen bought, for you guys to play!” Shen Wei Guo hurried to hand over the toy that he bought to Xiao Hu the train toy, help to give it to Su Zhan Mo.
Su Zhan Mo is politely to accept it, giving it to Xiao Hu. This moment Xiao Hu is extremely happy, loudly shouted:

“Xiao Shu, how can you know that I want this train toy?”
Shen Wei Guo with his smiling face come closer, holding Xiao Hu, raised his head and cheerfully said, “Xiao Hu and Xiao Shu’s heart are linked…”

Su Zhan Mo sees his in front scenery, his eyes are dim, that is kind of envy feeling that suddenly arouse.


1] 糖 Tang 醋 Cu 排 Pai 骨Gu :Fried spareribs with sweet and sour sauce pork chops with sweet and sour sauce.

2] 红 Hong烧 Shao 肉 Rou : Red braised pork


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  1. “Qi Qi, later don’t randomly kiss anyone.” Seeing the situation Su Zhan Mo cannot endure not to stop An Jia Qi, with his stern face said.

    “Why?” An Jia Qi not understood asked.

    “Not hygienic.”

    “Oh, well later I won’t kiss Mo Mo Ge Ge…”

    “…………” when Su Zhan Mo heard this he felt as if a big stone had fallen to his feet.

    LOL AJQ 😂😂😂 Poor SZM 😂😂 woah, if uncle Shen become SZM stepfather that means SZM and Xiao Hu are cousin. Triangle love 😬😬

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