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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 242

Chapter 242

“Am I waking you up?” the good looking face is showing gentle faint smile.

She is dumbfounded, her eyes are looking lower, seeing herself only left with bra, naked half upper body, she hides herself with her hands: “Why you undress me?” her white smooth face is showing her unhappy expression.

Yu Ao Tian twitched, said: “Sleep, of course undress.” flipping his body, lying down beside her, his big hands are caged her petite body, his fiery lips press onto her lips.

“Uh.” sleeping must undress, now kissing, is it counted as good night kiss? This time, Yao Yao does not flounce, she only hoping this man quickly ended the kiss.

But this man having tasted the marrow, the longing for its savour grows (crappy) so there is no slightest thought to stop, his burn hot palm is touching her lower abdomen and slowly slides down to her white underwear……

“Uh Uh.” Sense of dangers, she catches and grabs tight that man big hand. “I am sleepy!” petite body is moving to the opposite direction of man.

“Well, you go sleep.” Said Yu Ao Tian lightly, put aside her busy-doing hands away, up lift her underwear…

Her naked body is exposed to the air, the quivering rabbit is slightly tempting, makes her face blushing: “I, I said, I am sleepy.” she want to cover her spring (lower part means) but the man has took one step a head to occupy ‘the territory’.

“I know. You sleep yours.” Yu Ao Tian raises his eyes, smiles devilish. This expression is showing, you sleep yours, I play mine, this meaning.

But the problem is, can she sleep comfortingly? “Don’t be like this, okay… Stop.” without waiting for her to finish her words, suddenly the numb feeling is hit her.

Yu Ao Tian’s fingers are playing in her sensitive parts, while his other fingers are playing with her mouth.

“Uh, don’t! Stop…” double teased, she is restless, moving her body, her small hands are using all the strength to push him away from the head on his chest.

Yu Ao Tian raises, glancing at her panic expression, his lips are curved upwards, smiles: “Alright, go sleep.”
At sudden all the teasing stopped, Yao Yao is dumbfounded looking at Yu Ao Tian who sleeps soundly lying beside her, this… Is it really ended?

Cold sweat, doesn’t it good if it ended?

But, this is really not Yu Ao Tian’s style, will he plan to do more exaggerating counter attack?

Yao Yao is trying to steady her breath, nervous cover her body with quilt, from time to time, taking glance at Yu Ao Tian, until she confirms that he won’t do bad thing, then she dares to close her eyes.

While at this moment, Yu Ao Tian who is pretending to close his eyes, open his eyes…

Just now he teased Yao Yao to that far, actually he wanted to confirm whether he would lose control of himself due to impulsiveness or not. It seems that, just now the feeling was no different with before, it was simply only to tease her, longing her body scent that’s all. It seems he could turn on only when he facing with ‘her other side’, he simply losing his rationality?

“Let me go, let me go now! Do you hear or not?”

“Xue Tong you listen to me!”

“I ask you to let me go!”

Halfway between sleeping and awake, Yao Yao heard man and woman quarrel sound, at sudden she opens her eyes, this two voices seems to be?

“Yu Ao Tian! Yu Ao Tian!”

“En?” Heartlessly Yu Ao Tian looked at her.


“I heard it.”

“You heard it? Why don’t you go to mediate? It seems Miss Mo and General Manager Long are quarreling, they are your friend right, how if it distress the harmony, it will be bad.”

Looking at Yao Yao worried face, Yu Ao Tian really not understand, is this little thing resident committee or what? Why she likes to middle other business? “You rest assured, Long Ye likes Xue Tong, he won’t hurt her. Sleep.”

“Ah? You said… General Manager Long likes Miss Mo?” this time how can Yao Yao go to sleep? Her eyes are wide awake as if the light bulb, how can she does not know General Manager Long likes Miss Mo this… “Are they dating? Or only General Manager Long sided love? You tell me.”

Seeing the gossiper her, Yu Ao Tian expression changed cold, suddenly he raised.

“Why are you going?”

“Go to be peacemaker!” if not because he is in good mood today, he really wants to strangle this gossiper little thing.

Yu Ao Tian is being disturb by her until wide awake, dressed and left the room, enter the elevator and heading to Mo Xue Tong’s house where she lives.

When the elevator door opened, Yu Ao Tian’s eyes spotted Long Ye is pressing Mo Xue Tong in wall, is forcing to kiss her. It can be seen that Mo Xue Tong face is showing fear and also anger.

An instant, Yu Ao Tian face is changed to be stern: “Long Ye! You MF what are you doing?” dashing alike an arrow, Yu Ao Tian pulls Long Ye’s hair and swaying him away.

“Ao Tian?” Long Ye is obviously at loss what to do, his eyes are filled with confusion, perhaps he didn’t know what he had done.

“You go back first!”

Followed Yu Ao Tian order, Long Ye creased his forehead, stood up and walked toward the elevator, when his big steps entered elevator, he glanced at Mo Xue Tong who is bowing and leaning in the wall by lowering her head: “Damn it!

Just know what did I do?”

“Xue Tong, perhaps Long Ye has drank too much, you…”

“Hu….” Mo Xue Tong crying voice has stopped Yu Ao Tian.

He takes deep breathe: “Xue Tong…” the words hanging in the mouth, but cannot say anything. Because he clearly knows that Long Ye attitude just now had already revived Mo Xue Tong’s minefield, or else due to her strong character impossible she cried.

Luckily Yao Yao asked him to mediate, he really not believe Long Ye able to do something like this!

“Geez.” Yu Ao Tian takes deep breathe, one of his hand inserted in his pant, the other is patting Mo Xue Tong’s shoulder: “I, leaving first.”

Mo Xue Tong is quiet woman, her character is introvert, moreover Yu Ao Tian is type of man who does not know how to comfort woman, so this moment he is decided to leave, asking Mo Xue Tong to adjust her mood by herself.

But when he is going to leave, that moment…

At sudden Mo Xue Tong grabbed his wrist: “Stay! Accompany me!”


The next day…

“Strange, didn’t Yu Ao Tian go to be peacemaker yesterday? Did he go to mediate for one night?” After Yao Yao washing her face, she is talking by herself and heading inside the elevator.

Yesterday when Yu Ao Tian left she had slept, even when she up from bed, she didn’t see him, so he wasn’t back all night.

‘Ding Dong’ (bell sound)

Yu Ao Tian lives in fourth floor, the elevator is stopped at third floor.

As she could remember, the first floor no ones live, the second is Long’s brother, well, the third floor if it isn’t Miss Mo then will be Vice CEO Han?

Cold sweat, no matter which one of them, Yao Yao has a feeling as if being pressed by big mountain.

‘Pound’ sound

The elevator door opens slowly, Yao Yao subconsciously head down her head and stand in the corner.

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