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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 243 B

Chapter 243

Between Yu Ao Tian and Mo Xue Tong

Part 2 (Two)

Honestly, driving this kind exclusive and luxurious sport car, Yao Yao not even little bit fear, the main point is all thank to Feng Chen Yi, he had taught Yao Yao how to drive this type of exclusive and luxurious sport car before.

The car is steadily moving in the street, from time to time she is taking glance to Yu Ao Tian : “Last night…..? Had you… Slept?” does not know the reason, when she is asking this question suddenly her heart is pondering, nervous.

“En, I had slept.” Yu Ao Tian’s head lowers still reading the document in his hands, while replying her.

“Had slept? Did you sleep at Miss Mo’s place?”

“En.” Yu Ao Tian is nodding his head, but he can sense something odd: “En?” when he lifts his head up, he just realisedYao Yao is using shocking expression to look at him. “You….? Drive properly!”

If not because Yu Ao Tian has good reaction, perhaps they have already being crashed truck in front of them.

Yao Yao is trembling while parked the car on the roadside, her face is white pale.

“Bao Bei, you are not focusing driving, why are you keep on looking at me?” Yu Ao Tian is using his calm speaking tone asking her.

But her mind brain isn’t there.

He had slept, he had slept at Miss Mo’s place, logically due to the apartment model, isn’t it one room one living room or two rooms with one living room, Miss Mo is alone, her room must be one bedroom and one living room, right? So where did…Yu Ao Tian sleep?

“Little Thing, I am talking with you?” seeing Yao Yao glared at him, but not answering him, Yu Ao Tian is clearly impatience.

“Did you sleep in living room?”

“En?” listened to Yao Yao question, Yu Ao Tian deep eyes are gleaming, he can sense Little Thing is so strange, after all,

Yao Yao never shown any interest wherever he slept before! Furthermore, she even asked such detail! “Of Course I slept in the bed.” His mouth curved upwards.

Nervously Yao Yao gulped her saliva: “So, where Miss Mo slept?”

“What do you think?”

‘What do You think?’

‘What do you think…’

What does she think? One mature man is sleeping in bed, impossible to ask woman to sleep in sofa? Then definitely both of them are sleeping together!!!!

At sudden Yao Yao is creasing her forehead, curled her hand into fist, asking with anger: “How can you like that? How could you sleep with Miss Mo? Didn’t you think you are too much? Yu Ao Tian!!!”

Seeing her worried expression, Yu Ao Tian is smiling: “Bao Bei, with what kind of point of view you questioning me?”


That’s right, with whoever Yu Ao Tian spending night, there is none of her business? Didn’t he often doing so before?

With what stand of view she asking him about this matter?

What is happened? Why when she heard that Yu Ao Tian was spending night with Miss Mo, suddenly she is flaring up????? “I… I am helping General, General Manager Long to ask you!!!”

“En? Since when you are so close with Long Ye? You even help him to question me, hold a justice?”

“This is because, this is because…. Fair… Fair and justice in heart! You are clearly knowing that General Manager Long likes Miss Mo, how can you interfere others????”

seeing Yao Yao’s face who has shown righteous indignation expression, at sudden the smile at Yu Ao Tian’s face disappeared: “Little Thing, you are bit too over, drive!” after said, heartlessly he lowers his head and keep on reading his document which in his hands.

Yao Yao is angry, glaring at him, suddenly she stepped on the accelerator to start the car.

Did she really because of General Manager Long ask for the justice? Or because she is oddly angry so looking for excuse?

Not clearly, not sure, but one thing that she can sure, when she knew that Yu Ao Tian was spending night with Miss Mo, this matter, she really unhappy….


10 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 243 B

  1. Awww don’t tell me YAT was fooled by her 😩she waso so obvious nd isn’t YAT super smart? Figure it out man!! 😑…thanks for the update tho😍😘😘😘😘😊😊😊

  2. YY starting to get jealous and YAT as usual doesn’t explain himself😪😪 these two still a long way to go…

  3. YAT is testing her and he got his answere. We all know that MXT has feelings for him, but I don’t think YAT will cross the line. YY never get jealous before with other girls whom he slept with, but she is jealous it means that she has feelings for him. Love, love love.

  4. LOL! YY got jealous but she doesn’t know that. Sometimes I feel that YAT is dumb when you can clearly see that YY is jealous n her answer is just away to make excuses for self.

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