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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 244

Chapter 244

A Look so Fiercely as if Tiger’s

Part 1 (One)

Berson, Legal Division.

“Xiao Meng Li, this is all the detail record of company accounts (the archive), please take  look of it.” Regarding to Yao Yao’s asking, Long Ye is bringing all the document related to company accounts.

In order to let Yu Ao Tian can smoothly follow the politician election, Long Ye is self-volunteered, becoming Yao Yao’s assistant.

“Hey, did all of you see just now? General Manager Long is self-volunteered to send all the documents into the new lawyer’s room.”

“Had seen. That little brat actually what kind of great person ah? General Manager Long even becomes her subordinate?” the legal division lounge room simply raged, everyone is more curious of Yao Yao’s background.

At this time, a figure who spreads cold aura suddenly walking inside to legal division lounge, all the people are looking to there, another moment all are said: “Han, Vice CEO Han.”

Han Li Shang pair of eyes cast dim, said at low tone: “Which room is Yao Yao’s?”

“In, in that room.” everyone is nervous pointing at one room near a corner……..

“Ss…” inside the office room, Yao Yao is flipping Berson’s account documents within two years, her face is cast gloomy.
Sitting on her opposite is Long Ye who can sense something odd, curiously frowned: “Xiao Meng Li, what’s matter?”

“General Manager Long, these accounts…”

“Bang.” sound, the office room door is kicked opened.

Yao Yao is nervously looking at the door, as seen Han Li Shang is getting inside with angry expression.

“Vice CEO Han, you…”

Without waiting for Yao Yao to finish her words, Han Li Shang has already grabbed her collar shirt: “Who give you permission to check on company accounts?”

Beside Long Ye can sense something bad, afraid would been seen by the employees who are in lounge room, hurried he closed the office room door: “Li Shang, these document accounts were sent by me, letting Xiao Meng Li to take look at it! You let her off!”

Han Li Shang didn’t care with Long Ye persuasion, still with cold stare looking at Yao Yao who is in his in front: “I tell you, you just need to do your works, others than that none of your business, don’t get interfere!”

What did he mean by do my works? What did he mean with none of my business? “Vice CEO Han, do you think checking company accounting isn’t my business?” Yao Yao who is always feared whenever meeting Han Li Shang, this moment her attitude is out from expected.

“Your job is, only to help Yu Ao Tian smoothly joining the politician election, that’s all!”

“Are you sure? Well, I am sorry, I can’t do it!!” Her face is dimmer, coldly she glaring at Han Li Shang who in front of her.

An instantaneously Han Li Shang flared up by her who goes tough: “Are you threaten me?” after said, he lifts Yao Yao’s collar shirt, pushing her on the cold wall.

One of his hand with force strangling her throat, while other hands quickly takes out a gun, stick it onto her forehead.

The atmosphere inside the office room is suffocating, filled with thick killing aura.

Yao Yao is opened wide her eyes, she not even dares to take a breathe at the moment that gun sticks on her forehead.


11 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 244

  1. What’s up with HLS? HLS n MXT this two people have the biggest needles up their butts…their attitudes sucks when come in contact with YY. All YY trying to do is helping YAT to have smooth sailing to achieve his goal of becoming a politician but y r all the agro coming from those two freezers?

  2. Even if they’re hiding something he should not treated her like that. The more YY will be suspicious, the more she will be curious and get the bottom of it. Thanks for your great work have a nice evening.

    1. He did it for stop Yao Yao but when she tries to play tough, kill her will be an option. Since HLS doesn’t think YY as part of them.
      She only their best friend’s lover….

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