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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 29.2


Chapter 29

The Day of Pregnancy

Part 2 (Two)


When Kang Yu picked me and Yan Yan back to home, I have told him about Ling Li’s matter.

Kang Yu said, “En, after seeing her hard work for many years, regardless of the efforts, well listen to me, when I have time I will help her to search! Oh yeah, Miao Miao, when we were married, didn’t she have any fancies toward the best man!”

I shook my head, “You don’t look her such unruly, there is time she can be more stubborn than me!”

“Well, when I back to company I will look for, if there is someone good, I will help to introduce to her!”

Yan Yan panicking, she turned her head at back, “Brother in law, you better to help me solve my problem first, I am yours sister in law, we are family!”

Kang Yu glared at her, using his nose humph, it has counted as giving her an answer.

This humph sound, it makes Yan Yan’s head feel numb and turned back to her original place.

Other people are working hard, she does so, but others are paid at all cost, but she does not, she has received too many.

So that, Kang Yu won’t let anyone to take any advantage from him.

Perhaps Yan Yan now is having heart to give up.

It seems that Kang Yu not ‘earn’ much, he said again, “Person like you who similar to Xiao Long Nu (condor of heroes),it is not important who will be Yang Guo, the most important is who will be Jun Zhi Ping…”

I have cold sweat…

This words are really too poisonous!

Yan Yan sitting at back seat has already shock to the point unconscious.

Geez…when you was young said that you were black, blacken, how could you suppress Kang Yu who has already at God level.

After sending off Yan Yan, Kang Yu is carefully help me on the way go home, since I was pregnant, he acts like this, as if, if there was wind, it might be able to blow me away.

During the pregnancy, his desires was convergence, simply to say he was back at the state before get married, there was a time I really admire him, he could acting such comfortable.

Just expected he was really an alien.

After taking bath, I was lying at bed cannot fall asleep, not be able to endure, I teased him.

At the beginning Kang Yu was so calm, not long after suddenly he got up from bed, his breathing unsteady, “Miao Miao, you go sleep first!”

“How’s about you?”

His face was dim, masking his face with fervent expression, “Let me go to study room to practice my Wu Long Bao Zhu (simply to say Kang Yu is doing ‘Men’s need’)!!!”

After said, he turned and left.


I have cold sweat alike heavy rain…

This man is enough Show Man!!!


Three months pregnancy, after the period of tocolysis, I went to work, if I took a leave again, I must prepare to go back to my house to have forever leave.

The current job is the job that found after Uncle Shen passed away, it is automotive customer service for Germany brand car, commonly known as service center.

Ling Li and I are work at same company, although both of us are graduated from Fu Dan university majority in journalism, but both of us don’t have any ambition, so never thought to search job that suitable to our major, such as become MC (host), reporters (the people who work in media), in big city alike Shanghai, it is so difficult to find a job that match with study major, unless you have strong back up or have good connection, or else should look for other for developing.

Both Ling Li and I are people who mingle in society only to spend days.

This job, I feel quite happy, also I have known many new friends, it is so similar with the time during I was still in school, all are women, I always have good luck with women, while with men not really.

According to Ling Li said, why must I need to have good relationship with men, I have Kang Yu which similar to have all the trees in forest, why do I need to fight with others?

Well, I just think it as right.

My current position is Team Leader, it is the legendary Junior Management, the total subordinate is 16 persons, all are youngsters, easy to communicate, normally fooling around, it quite happy.

Sun Ke Zhen nickname Ake, Shanghainese, is one of my fellow sisters in company, she has skin as white as snow white skin tone, slim waist, tall and beautiful woman, everything is good, but she has poisonous tongue.

Ling Li almost jumped from building because of her poisonous tongue.

Ling Li comes from quite good family, although in Shanghai she rent house, her Dong Bei father has bought her a car to ride instead walking, hence most of the working class employees who work in company, car is regarding as luxurious items.

Ling Li isn’t top management, coming to work place with car, using car which priced 300,000, of course it makes people hatred and envious, we as fellows sister do not mind, but this brat loves to show off, after she had been  showing off, let Ake had to give her lesson.

“So what having a car? Do you have a man?”

This is one of a normal teasing among fellow good sisters, it isn’t real, but every time Ling Li heard it, it gives her big strike, because among all the fellow sisters only she who still single, doesn’t have man, does not have husband.

Every time Ake provoke her, she would hug me and cried.

Second is Wei Hong Yu, nickname Nancy, come from Gui Lin, she has petite posture, when entered the company she was so petite, after few years she get fatter, but still small, she is the legendary Sister Yu, her aura no one can compare with.

Her husband is our supervisor, since she entered the company, he had been pursuing her, he is types of man who wait and looking for opportunity before make movement, after few years followed alike follower finally able to win over her.

The third is Wang Yan, nickname Angel, she is also come from Gui Lin, she and Wei Hong Yu were classmate when they were in Senior High and also university, fellow student which turned to be co-workers, they are as close as sibling, she has a husband who looked similar with Kang Yu in term of feeling and romance, both of them ever broke up before, two year later they had encountered again, very quick they got the spark back, and then they had flashed marriage.

The fourth is Xu Jing, nickname Yuki, she is the one who latest joining the company, a type of woman who has character as an understanding wife and also loving mother. Her husband is also our Senior staff for the production team, that good looking man is little bit playboy, not long ago her husband ever had ambiguous relationship with one of female employee, but Xiao Xu really patient, not making commotion, acted as if seen nothing, using this gentle method to kill you, let her husband come back to pay attention toward her.

My these fellow sister colleagues are awesome, everyone has their own uniqueness, only me who is not have any bit of uniqueness, the most proud of me only I have especially unique husband.
Geez, I am reflecting on myself.


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