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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 112


Chapter 112


Translated by : Obsidian
Could it really be he was that heavy handed?  Getting up he walked over to her. He used his hand to rub the place that he knocked on a moment ago.

Thinking aloud, “Was it really that serious?  I was joking with you, that’s all.”  Bai Yin Chen carefully studied the spot saying, “Strange, it’s good that there’s no mark!”

Feeling the slightly trembling body under his hand becoming more and more terrible, trying hard to patiently bear something, Bai Yin Chen realized he was duped, deceived. The hand that originally rubbed her head, again heavily knocked on it.  “Little girl, you actually deceived me!”

“Wa, big brother Bai. Does it mean because I fooled you that you should bully me like this?  Really hurts!”  Again Long Mo Er pursed her eyebrows.

Hearing Bai Yin Chen’s happy laughter while making fun of her, Long Mo Er was both surprised and happy.  Naturally she wanted him to continue to make fun of her as it let his heart be happy, therefore she used a little strategy to deceive him.

This was his first time laughing this loud, able to laugh aloud without restraint!  Was she laughing like this a moment ago?   But it let him be this happy.  She had a little doubt!  If it’s really very funny, she actually doesn’t mind.  She just wants him to be able to laugh.  Under his white mask a small pleasant smile was raising.

Each time she was only being able to judge his mood and expression from the outside of his mask, assessing his spirits by his exposed skin.  The first time seeing him, she also had a very hard time determining his frame of mind by seeing the corners of his mouth and him picking up his head. Under the mask, what is his face actually like?  Is he this mysterious toward everyone?  Is his face cover hard to bear? Uncomfortable?

“Big brother Bai, your knocking makes me sore. I want revenge!”  Long Mo Er’s two eyes tightly glared at him.

“Want revenge? What sort of revenge?”  The corner of Bai Yin Chen’s mouth lifted into a smile as he opened his mouth to ask Long Mo Er.

“I will not talk with you anymore.  I will ignore you. After bullying me like this, will not speak to you.”  Long Mo Er’s mouth continued to pout, nevertheless her heart was happy while waiting for Bai Yin Chen to walk into the trap.

“Ignore me?  This severe? If you ignore me then there will be no one to pay attention to me!  OK.  I apologize. I apologize. OK?”  The corners of Bai Yin Chen’s mouth were still raised in a smile.

“OK, you say you want to apologize!”  Long Mo Er’s expression was calm and collected.  She was happy, inwardly smiling.


“If you’re going to apologize then it has to be in good faith!”

“Eh.”  Continuing to nod his head, Bai Yin Chen discovered Long Mo Er’s laden meaning and wanted to see what she was thinking.

“Big brother Bai, will you let me see your face under the mask?  Can I see what your face truly looks like?”  Long Mo Er’s face didn’t have the prior energetic look.  There was some slight annoyance while looking at Bai Yin Chen, afraid he will open his mouth to refuse.

Hearing Long Mo Er’s question, Bai Yin Chen blankly stared.

Fundamentally she’s curious about his face!

But let her see his face? If she sees it, what then? This mask was already with him these long two years.  His face has been hidden for two years.  Can hidden things be this easy to peel back?  That way won’t he continue to ache?

Real things which always will be grim, scare people.

Bai Yin Chen calmly considered as his hand lightly stroked the mask, feeling the icy outer covering.


2 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 112

  1. What really happen to his face that his been wearing his mask for two years and what he is hiding for and his real identity? Is he going to show his face to Mo Er? Thanks for the update have a blessed weekend.

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