C-novel: The CEO’s Pregnant Wife (总裁的孕妻) 1.1



Azurro said she is going to be giving me Sunday slot LOLS (as if her blog is television channel such as MBC or SBS😄 ), if I am going to post the chapters on schedule. Well, no promise since I realized how difficult to translate the poetic parts of the novel.

Don’t put much expectation on me, I don’t want to let anyone down when I can’t fulfill or reach the expectation. So far my translation assist by Azurro and she gave me so much freedom to do this project.

This novel moves bit faster. Although the novel contain 10 chapters but it has super long words for each chapters. The novel, itself divided into two parts for every chapter but I may divide the chapter into four parts because my capacity only 1000 words or less.

Without any further ado’s, let we start first Chapter…

Chapter 1

Part 1 (One)

This milk tea shop, because it opened near to school area, the business is booming.

Two female students, at this moment one by one of the person is having one cup of tea, nested in the corner of the shop, only preventing from sun stroke while chatting.

“Yi Xia, you say, should I also dating or experience something a like love and romance?” the person who spoke is a female student with simple pony tail, one cute baby face, with her black and curly eyelashes, she perfectly looked alike Barbie doll, but, the female student is wearing Skull-printed T-shirt and jeans with many strips of holes, which really far from Barbie doll image.

Geez! The person who replied at her, is sitting beside her and she is called as Yi Xia, this female student, hers tea, even the pearl, sprayed on her face.

“Xu Yi Xia!” The Barbie doll girl frown and darted her fierce looks, now she has intention to tear other party into eight pieces.

“Ke Ke (cough sound)” the girl chocked with red face, her pair of hand is busy to pulled out pack of tissue paper, embarrassing rubbed a mess that she created, “It is not me doing on purpose, who knows that you are bringing such juicy topic.”

“Juicy, did I?”

“Nonsense, Fang Yi Ran, you bring out this topic in our school environment, let the male students to hear it, you see how many of them will lost control because of it!” Said Xu Yi Xia, she stares her with disbelief, “How can suddenly you think wanted to have romance?”
Fang Yi Ran is creasing her forehead, blaming the other party cleans too slowly, hurry she grabbed the tissue papers and wipes the stain that leaves on her face with one wipes by one wipes, “No matter what, I have already am at my 19 years old, of course I want to try the feeling of falling in love.” especially when a group of men are boasting about chasing few of MM1], she really can’t take this as ‘tremendous achievements’ side.

“It seems you make sense, this mean, do you have someone that you like?” Xu Yi Xia is in the best of her spirit immediately turned to be so excited.

“I had.” Fang Yi Ran is happily nodding her head.

“Who is the person that you like?” She wants to know who is the lucky person, oh, no, is ‘the most unfortunate’ who will the person be, she will definitely help that person enshrine / worship and also burn incense and pray.

“The High Vocational School, Li Wan Heng, the next street Qian Yong Hao, the group from Tian Nan in south, Nan Gong Ling, and also the one from the Falcon annual meeting He Si Ya….” while Fang Yi Ran is still saying many names from her mouth, Xu Yi Xia’s face is darkening.

Other men perhaps Xu Yi Xia she does not know whom they are, but these men, she has best understanding, to summarize to be simple, those are—— infamous for notorious!

“Do you like all of them?” furthermore, it is not only one, but more than N persons!



“All of them are good fighter.”

“………..” inhale, exhale, for the first time Xu Yi Xia realized, her best friend has the ability to challenge the limit of her nerve, “Is it all because this?”

“This reason is more than enough, okay.”

“Yi Ran!” Xu Yi Xia puts much force in her hand pressing Fang Yi Ran’s shoulder, with sincere face and earnest wishes, “Looking for man, actually need to consider many aspects.”

“What do you mean?”

“Simply to say, when you are talking about those men, are you palpitating with excitement feeling?” she asked.

“Impossible.” The girl shaking her head.

“One day not see each others, can you have a feeling such as one day apart seems like three years?”

“Also cannot.” her head is continuing shake.

“So that, you are not really like them, but perhaps you have meet too few men, that’s why your eyes greatly have limit when see and also pick a man, in other words——”


“You are too inexperienced.” Speak frankly, Xu Yi Xia’s words can be said to rescue those men who mentioned above, their happiness after a lifetime, of course, at this moment she is not going to know about it.

The grinding sound suddenly sounded, Fang Yi Ran is putting a false smile, “Oh, I am too inexperience?”

“Ha…Ha…” she gives a brief splutter of laughter, quickly she continues: “So that, you must go to see world first, and than think carefully, who is the person you like!”

1] MM = Mei Mei
Little sister, young girl, pretty girl, or a girl’s private part. Often written as “MM,” which usually refers to a young girl or pretty girls. It can also refer to a girl’s vagina, her “little sister.”


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    Thank you for the chapter!! I’ll be cheering you on!

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    Thanks for your work – wow, I did not know that use of mei mei as a slang term.

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    sounds like a “parent” sending her daughter to the world to experience except it is exclusively for love

    learnt a new Chinese slang

    Happy Mother’s Day!!!

  7. anna · September 19

    i have read about little brother.. but this is the first time i read little sister can be used to call it :p
    as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3
    sooo this will end at chapter 10? woohoo.. so 50% complete translation then!

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