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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 246

Chapter 246

Campaign Proposal

“First, I asked you to give yours place to others, doesn’t mean that you must resign, you can use the title as Board of Chairman. On surface it seems you are taking advisory post, actually you still able to control Berson stock and even control everything!”

“Second, once you are becoming Board of Chairman, from the outsider view’s you are not controlling Berson anymore, so government won’t send their accountant to check on Berson accounts. Of course…” speaks until this point, Yao Yao’s eyes are flashed, coldly laughing: “After experienced the case with Officer Chen, I won’t say there will be no person from government who isn’t trying to get rid of you, there is a possibility they will come with some excuses in order to check on Berson accounts.”

Honestly, Yao Yao has been so thoughtful regarding all the matters, so careful, it really let one’s open-wide their eyes.
Long Ye is glancing toward Yu Ao Tian.

He keeps silent for moment, smiles devilish: “Solving way of the matter!” after said, he hooks his fingers. That seems as if he has 100% certainty, Yao Yao has thought the way to solve it.

Just as expected, she is using her strength to push the document on the table: “The solution inside the document.”

Yu Ao Tian takes the document, flipping and reading, commanded: “Continue!”

At this moment, the dominant power all of sudden goes to Yu Ao Tian’s, it was so clearly from the moment Yao Yao entered the room, she has looked alike queen, but without realized at sudden the person who hold back the dominant power is taken by Yu Ao Tian.

Seeing this lofty CEO, secretly Yao Yao takes a deep breath.

Huh, really such scary man, he is always can be a winner, even controlled everything. It seems no mater how she works hard, she won’t be able to suppress him. “The third, although there is no such problem of Berson accounts, I will still going to give you suggestion to give up your position, by this way it will show your determination and loyalty, put your whole heart into politician election, this is going to be successful campaign.”

“En, I take your suggestion. Is there anything do you still want to report?” at the moment when Yu Ao Tian close the document, giving the expression of domineering King.

While at beside two persons who listen to their conversation are Han Li Shang and Long Ye, both of them are feeling unnecessary (no need to be) being here, the conversation between Yao Yao and Yu Ao Tian are something that both of them cannot meddle with.

He only said half and she able to continue the other half; and also as if she hasn’t done anything but he has already known what would she do for the next.

Perhaps, this is something called as perfect fit. At least, before when they were having meeting, either Long Ye or Han Li Shang, hadn’t met anyone who matched with Yu Ao Tian this well!

Yao Yao is looking at Yu Ao Tian’s pair of eyes, helplessly pouted, couldn’t he let her to dominating the battle field? Why must he such rushing to take the lead? Makes her looked as if a little minions, although she is little minions, cold sweat…..

“Ugh…” keep quiet for while, her moisten eyes moving, trying to probe asking: “Is your purpose only to become congress member?”

‘Bang’ sound, Yu Ao Tian is smashing down the document to the desk, without expression asked: “What do you want to say?”

“Don’t you think about higher position?”

“Higher position? Ha…. Prime Minister?”
Ugh? Seeing that vague smiling expression hung on Yu Ao Tian’s face, Yao Yao is dumbstruck, is he joking? He…. His eyes are beaming, an endless ambition, it makes one’s who see it, shudder of fear. Could it be, his goal is really wanting to be Prime Minister?

This…. Is his ambition too big?

“I am not joking with you. Do you ever think to have higher position?”

“Can you help Ao Tian to reach higher position?” suddenly Han Li Shang spoke.

She is smiling while nodding: “Yes.”

“What position?” suddenly Long Ye expression turned be serious.

Her clear eyes are beaming as sharp clear gloss, confidently said: “State Council Executive Vice Premier.”

After listened to this, others than Yu Ao Tian, everyone face is stiffen: “State Council Executive Vice Premier? Yao Yao are you kidding?”

“I am not kidding. When I looking Berson account, I had checked, currently the position of State Council Executive Vice Premier is empty. Compare to be congress member, State Council Executive Vice Premier is belonging to government high rank employee, it belongs to one of the highest politician position in government circles.”

Especially State Council Executive Vice Premier this position, it above has three or four level under Prime Minister position. So that, this position is one of the most wanted political position.

“Based on… Yu Ao Tian background can this being achieved?” Han Li Shang doubted when asking.

At the moment, Yao Yao is staring at Yu Ao Tian: “with his background in business and also his assets it can be considered to join the election, it match with State Council Executive Vice Premier requirement, and the rest need….”

“What we need?”

“So far I don’t have purpose to follow State Council Executive Vice Premier election, you just need to help me for the Congress election.” Yu Ao Tian who is silent this time suddenly coldly opened his mouth.

Long Ye and the others are so curious, doesn’t he always want to join government? Since Yao Yao has this ability, why Ao Tian refused?

“Yao Yao, just forget that Yu Ao Tian interested or not, you say, what we need to do?”

“The rest we need, Ao Tian to have three generations background as Senior government leader, that’s all!”

“Heh? But Ao Tian does have all of this qualification.”


9 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 246

  1. Thanks for this. So everything is well with YY & YAT. Mmmmmm…. I really wanted her to end with FCY. How will this novel end? After YY’s 19th birthday celebration I skipped. Can anybody tell me, did FCY give up on her completely? Is he still hurting? How many more chapters?

    1. Thank Manju for stopping at my blog ^-^
      I have stated from the beginning even at the introduction section, this novel is one of super long novel I have ever taken.
      I forbid any further spoiler in my comment section, I hope your understanding.

      1. Okay… Thanks for replying. Is it mentioned in the intro about the number of chapters. And to be honest I couldn’t find the intro. Thanks anyways.

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