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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 247

Chapter 247

Choosing Higher Position

Long Ye is confidently talking to himself, his eyes are looking Yu Ao Tian. But when he sees Yu Ao Tian’s face showed dark expression, he realized he has said something unnecessary. “Aiya, this… Doesn’t it little bit difficult?”

Ugh, she seems heard General Manager Long said that Yu Ao Tian has already fulfilled this requirement, did she hear wrong? “No, it not difficult!”

Listened to this words, Han Li Shang eyes flashed: “What is your solution?”

“Ao Tian personal files must be in Japan, right?”

“That’s right.”

“I can take the fastest flight to Japan, hack the Japanese Government intranet, changed Ao Tian personal files, changed his background. And then… Due to all of you guys capability, it must be easy to help Ao Tian to have few politician fellows as his ‘relatives’, right? After said, Yao Yao’s mouth curved up, give a faint smile.
This indeed for those who stayed in Japan for some years is something easy. But… “Can this works?”

“En! On other side, the relationship between Japan-China is quite tense, if Ao Tian personal files are retrieve from Japan, he definitely will get attention from nation leader; on the other hand, his background as business man will give additional point, so that he can directly join the State Council Executive Vice Premier, for others trivial things they can put more effort, the success rate is very high.”

“Ao Tian, you…”

“No need to say anymore, I don’t have interest with State Council Executive Vice Premier position!” when Yao Yao talked in a lofty strain, Yu Ao Tian from the beginning has already given cold attitude, as if it nothing to do with him.
Doesn’t Yu Ao Tian always looking for highest position? Why doesn’t he look interested with higher position? Yao Yao is curious looked at him.

This moment Yu Ao Tian is silent, his deep black eyes turned: “Little Thing, it stills that same words, I just need you to help me secure the Congress member position, I will give my effort to go along with yours works, thus for others, for this moment no need to think of it.”

“Huh.” since he has let out his words, so she does not need to say more. “Alright, I understood. Still, just now I have checked that company current asset, so far it has 5 billions dollar, can you let me to manage it?”


“Ao Tian, those current assets…”

“Li Shang, as you know now my focus are go to congress election, so all my works for the company’s business may be paused temporary.”

Every company has current asset (Liquid asset) in order to maintain status quo, and also if today Berson is facing with something that related to money matter, there also a possibility because of no current asset,it can give adverse effect.
But at same this shown that Yu Ao Tian determination toward political election. He didn’t even ask Yao Yao what to do with the money, and also could drop everything regarding to Berson.

Since he has been such determining, why Yu Ao Tian didn’t have any interest with State Council Executive Vice Premier position? It so obvious he types of man who has big ambition, impossible he only aiming for congress election, strange!
Yao Yao is curiously thinking about it, slowly standing up: “Ao Tian, if there is nothing to talk, I take my leave first.”


Inside the meeting room three persons are looking at Yao Yao’s back, when she left, Han Li Shang and Long Ye are immediately changed 360 (drastically), both of them are changed serious expression as if talking big matter. “Ao Tian, regarding Luo Yao Yao’s suggestion just now, you must have been guessing it before, right?”

“En.” the person who can hack into government internet (intranet) not only Yao Yao but Yu Ao Tian also can do it, his personal data in Japan was changed by him personally!


6 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 247

  1. Thanks for the chapter! I don’t understand what are the reasons why YAT doesn’t want to go for the higher position

  2. Thanks. Can’t wait to find out why YAT doesn’t want to go for higher position. Didn’t know YAT is also a hacker, like YY.

  3. At first I thought Ao Tian had something he didn’t want Yao yao to see in his personal files. Maybe he already fit the criteria, doesn’t need hack and doesn’t want anyone to know. But then it said he already hacked it himself. So why wouldn’t he want her to know that? Also, I imagine he might choose lower position first because that is how things usually work in politics and if he went for the biggest first it might draw more attention than he wants or something. Since so much emphasis was put on this point I imagine it must involve some secret.

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