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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 248

Chapter 248

“Well, why don’t you directly go to State Council Executive Vice Premier position election? By this way perhaps you are getting closer by one step?” Han Li Shang curiously asked.

Yu Ao Tian eyes down, coldly said: “My purpose indeed Prime Minister, this position, but, I want to sit on Prime Minister position by using my name and also my family name, not by depending by other things such as ‘Japanese relatives, Japanese family’ to be Prime Minister!”

Facing with many matters, he could use his mind set to do any unscrupulous divisive tactics, as long as his goal reached. But as long as it regarded to his family name, Yu Ao Tian’s attitude always puts his family honor as the priority, as the most important, he rather takes long circling path, but at same time he must bear his family name to the top in politic.

“Understood.” the persons are nodded, because the persons who sitting in here are knew very well Yu Ao Tian’s background!

“Say, Ao Tian, after Yao Yao together with you, she seems to be ‘learned bad’. “ Long Ye is using joking speaking tone in order to remove the tensed atmosphere inside the meeting room.

Yu Ao Tian clearly knows what he pointed out, neither about company tax fraud or defraud revenue, It not only Yao Yao didn’t stop it, on contrary she even helped them; others, when she brought out the topic to change Yu Ao Tian’s personal data in Japan for deceiving government, but…

“Ha, these things aren’t touched her bottom limits, that’s all.”

“Bottom limit?”

Stands up, Yu Ao Tian is smiling devilish: “Deng Hui Hong’s little brother until today haven’t asked anything out from Deng Hui Hong the things I wanted, it seems that I need to pay visit personally to Madam Deng. When the time is arrived… All of you can witness what is that Little Thing bottom limit!” honestly to say, he does not want to touch Yao Yao bottom limit, but.. He does not have any option.

After said, Yu Ao Tian is leaving the meeting room without any expression….

Several days in row, Yao Yao is busy preparing things regarding to Yu Ao Tian’s politic election as congress member, although it hard, but it able to let her to forget those unhappy things in her heart.”

Just now going out from Berson, Yu Ao Tian’s sport car has stopped beside her.

Naturally she pulled open the door and sit beside the driver seat: “Don’t you go to dinner party (party that engage in social activities)?”

This few days, Yao Yao was so busy, while Yu Ao Tian everyday is having dinner party, both of them are lessen time to meet each others.

“Drive you go home first.”

“No need, if you are still have thing to do, you just go to do yours business, I can take public transportation go home.”

“Ha.” Yu Ao Tian is faintly smiles, directly start the engine.

His sport car is speeding in the street, Yu Ao Tian’s hands are in steering wheel while his eyes focus on the in front street. Both of them are silent along the way, but when it getting closer to Apartment, slowly he spoke: “Recently you are busying with my matters, is it okay you not going to school?”

Yao Yao does not think that Yu Ao Tian is asking about this matter, she stammered smiles, she turned her head to other side: “It’s okay, no problem.”

“Don’t you like school that much? If you are not going to school within seven days, you may disqualify from receiving full scholarship. Moreover, you will demerit?”

“It won’t be that serious… Rest assured, I have already taken leave of absence.” She is smiling exaggerated, comforting Yu Ao Tian.

“Arrived.” the car stopped in front of the apartment entrance.

“Sorry to bother you.” when Yao Yao wanted to leave, suddenly she turned her back, smiles: “Tonight you have less drink, it is not good for body.”


10 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 248

  1. Thank you for your hard work. One of my fav novel although it is such a long one. Nice to see the calm interaction between YAT and YY. Just like a normal couple finally 😉

  2. Thanks for the update.

    YY’s bottom limit. what is that? Do we have to wait long before that is explained? Anyone knows.

    1. Yao Yao bottom limit is her family. As long as her family being hurt, she will take any action to fight back though it means she must lose everything included her life.

      1. Ops. You have two. I guess I’m referring to the avatar icon on the right that must be Crystal. I have see the other one Aillen or I may have just miss it. LOVE how you tie up his hair. 😉

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