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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 249 B

Chapter 249

Part 2 (Two)

Mystery Message

‘Thump’ ‘Thump’, suddenly her heart is beating so fast, thinking carefully these days her interaction with Yu Ao Tian, it seems she adapted, more getting used with Yu Ao Tian.

No, no, no, this time because Yu Ao Tian didn’t show any vagaries characters, so that she get used to him. That’s right, this must be the reason!

“Yao Yao, ahahahahaha, didn’t you really go to reflect yourself in the mirror?”

“No! Of course I don’t, I am not dummy.”

“Beloved, sometime in the process when woman and man are interacting they are easy to happen something, moreover Yu Ao Tian indeed someone has big charm. But don’t blame me not remind you, he is really! Really! Really not suitable for you, you should not have any feeling for him.” Gong Xiao Man speaking tone changed to be serious when talking in half way.

That’s right, Yao Yao knows very well that she does not suit Yu Ao Tian, so that… “I won’t fall in love with him.” won’t be, won’t fall in love with Yu Ao Tian, that man is too dangerous, once she really falls for him it only will give her heartache. She isn’t someone who has already known in front is big hole and then she jumps in!

“Well, it’s good.”

“Haha.” she is forcing herself to smile, lift her eyes up she sees herself in front the mirror, she just realized farfetched smiles on her face. If it was long time before, when she heard Xiao Man said this words, she would be agreed with her, but does not know since when, whenever she heard Xiao Man’s words, she feels little bit…. Irritated.

‘Dong….’ suddenly, the mobile phone showed messages notification.

”Xiao Man, I have short message in here, I hung up.”


Hung up the phone called, she read the short message…

‘Luo Yao Yao, Maple Tree (Feng Ye) hotel room number 908, there is ‘surprise’ waiting for you, if you want to know this secret, just come here, it won’t let you down!’

Who sent this message? Is it a frank? Such boring?

Will it be a trap? But this type of trap such blunt, right?

Sst… What kind of ‘surprise’ it will be?

Should I go or not?

Yao Yao is looked at her mobile phone message, she feels in difficulty….

Maple Tree Hotel, room number 908.

Inside the dim room, luxurious decoration, a lamp exudes a faint light, the room is wrapped by lustful atmosphere.

Yu Ao Tian is sitting in the sofa inside the room while playing his mobile phone.
Not long after that, the door is opened, Shang Yun Yin enters the room by smiling while holding her handbag: “Ao Tian, the meeting place is such special.”


9 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 249 B

  1. SYY is a very spiteful person I surely hope that YAT will punish her in front of YY. I hope no more misunderstanding between YAT n YY again especially they are co-habitat with one another so well.

    Anyway, thanking you very much..time for bed…goodnight or good morning..(midnight)

  2. Let me guess another misunderstanding coming up. Author needs to shit of get off the pot. Stop recycling the misunderstood plot point. It’s boring and frustrating. I understand if in thier own talks and interactions they get pushed apart. But ever time they start to get used to each other some new bullshit plot point comes along and fuck it up. Also didn’t fyc swear he was done chasing her and was her enemy now? That didn’t last long.

    1. Yes, it’s kind of frustrating: these scheming instances from other women kept repeating. It’s just a tease for us when YY and YAT somehow in good terms. I understand that this is not a short novel and I guess it’s not even half way thru but these occurrences of YY being bullied by YAT’s women is getting old, and yet I kept coming back for for more, lol. Thank you Azurro for your dedication translating this project. You must have a lot of patience and we benefited from it.

  3. … Tbh , I didn’t expect that . I even forgot about SYY . I guess she will try to seduce YAT or something and then YY will appear and the bam! Misunderstandings etc etc.hope I m wrong tho
    Thank you for translating this ❤

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