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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 249

Chapter 249

Part 1 (One)

Mystery Message

These few days both of them are having lesser chance to meet each other, When Yu Ao Tian is arrived at home she has been sleeping. On the morning, when she wakes up she could smell alcohol on his clothes, he must have been drinking much alcohol.

“Ha.” Yu Ao Tian only can give faint smiles and then drives his car….

And then, the atmosphere which surrounded them slowly changes.

He is being thoughtful for her study, her private life; she is being thoughtful with his health, his private life. Although Yu Ao Tian only can give her a smile, but this smile, for a man who has aloof and almighty character is something precious, at least he does not refuse her to meddle with his private life.

But it seems both of them don’t notice the changing on the way they interacting between themselves; or perhaps, both of them are already blended to the point they don’t not which part odd from them.

“Long Qi, what was happened to Yao Yao during in the school?” when Yu Ao Tian is moving away from Apartment he phoned Long Qi.

Since the first day Yao Yao didn’t go to school, he had already suspicious, after few days passed, he was sure Yao Yao must have encountering something when she was at school, so that she didn’t go to school.

“Like this Ao Tian, few days ago there was someone posted a rumour about flat chest. Since then Flat Chest didn’t go to school again.”

”Who did it?”

“I don’t know.”

Yu Ao Tian silent for moment: “Alright, I hang the phone.” hung up Long Qi phone, directly he phoned Han Li Shang:

“Li Shang, tonight banquet you go by yourself.”

“Ao Tian, you must know how important this banquet. The Representative of Asia Pasific region have come here in person, if you are not showing up you are too impolite!!!:

Yu Ao Tian also knows how important this banquet is, but…. There is something more important compare to his business : “You randomly make an excuse for me, say that I am sick or whatever. Sorry to bother you.”


Before Han Li Shang ended his words, Yu Ao Tian already hung up the phone call, his car direction is changed….

Inside the apartment.

‘hum hum hum hum…” taking bath during the sunset in cozy bathroom, it seems Yao Yao likes this place so much, once she went home she was humming while tidying up the room.

“Kring, kring, kring….” (phone is ringing)

It seem her phone is ringing, she is lying down on the sofa when received the phone call: “Hello.”

“Qin Ai (beloved), what were you doing these few days? Why didn’t you come to school??” It was Gong Xiao Man who phoned.

She gives bitter smile: “You knew the reason why I was not coming to school, it needs time to let the rumor disappeared, sometimes.”

“Oh. How was your days?”

“Very good.”

“Very good? Geez, listened to your speaking tone, already knew these few days you had excellent days. Tell me, what things make you such happy?”

“Uh….” She seriously thought about it, but after she thought carefully about it, it isn’t something really happiest thing. “I just randomly being so busy, nothing is especially happy thing.”

“Less speak nonsense. I have known you for long time, usually your speaking tone is such different when you are happy or not. You tell me with whom you spending your time these few days?”

“Who would it be.” at this time Yao Yao’s mouth is smiling faintly.

“Yu Ao Tian?”

“Of course.”

“Ugh… Usually when you mentioned about this name, your speaking tone sounded helpless or being irritated, but why today I heard from your speaking tone you are such happy? Could it be that?? These few days your feeling are changed toward Yu Ao Tian?”

“How possible it would be!” Yao Yao is creased her forehead, quickly she stands up, her face is seriously make denial expression: “It’s, it same as usual.”

“Humph? Something fishy, something fishy.”

“what is fishy?” listened to the way Gong Xiao Man said, It so obviously Yao Yao feels irritated.

“It started at beginning when heard Yu Ao Tian, this name, the speaking tone was little bit bashful. But when I mentioned about the changes of your relationship with Yu Ao Tian, suddenly you became irritated, it is so obvious that you have the wicked flee when no man pursueth (commit fault feeling).”

“I don’t!”

“Are you sure?” Gong Xiao Man changed her way speaking: “Are you dare to see yourself in the mirror, see that whether your face is red or not? Is your face showing such bashful smiles?”

Listened to this, Yao Yao speedily dashing to bathroom, seeing her small face which is smiling bashful that reflecting on the mirror, hurried she gulping her saliva, after all Gong Xiao Man has guessed right? Impossible….


12 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 249

  1. Thanking u AUzurro for the latest update.

    YAT n YY begin to develop old couple (co-dependent) feeling for one another, better this than being abuse by YAT.

  2. Awww….CNT wait for the part when both YY and YAT will realize and accept their feelings….. Itl be the biggest disappointment ever if both of them goes separate ways at the end of the novel . thank you for the update

  3. well i think is a long way to go after all YAT said it himself he is going to touch YY limit and that limit is her family so in the end he is going to make her suffer

  4. Is the reason why YAT didn’t attend the banquet because he is going to console YY about her matter at the school? Maybe find the culprit. Thanks for the update awaiting for the second part. Have a blessed evening.

  5. Thanks for the update! Can’t wait to see what happen next. Definitely want to get over and pass the part when YAT will touch YY’s limit.

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