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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 250 B

Chapter 250

Part 2 (Two)

Heartless Man Is Doing Touching Thing

“En? Your expression may affect the result.” Yu Ao Tian is pretending feeling at lost lose shaking his head, and then clapping his hand: “Just shoot until here.”

“Yes! Big Boss Yu!” a unison voice replied.

Speedily Shang Yun Yin takes a glance, as seen a man from left side is holding recording tool. “You guys…you guys…?” she is shocked, her eyes are glared widen.

That man who is holding the recording walking toward Yu Ao Tian, he gives it to him.

He watched it, his lips is curved up showing his satisfaction smiles: “Not bad, the result is great!”

“Yu Ao Tian!!!! Uih….” When Shang Yun Yin is going to vent her anger, she heard that man who is thrusting inside her, uttering low growl, “Don’t!!! Don’t keep on thrusting inside me!!! Don’t!!”

The man does not care with her begging, that** has already thrust inside her body, and then that man loosen up her body, feeling satisfied he wearing his pant.

Shang Yun Yin is feeling embarrassed and pissed off hurried she wearing her clothes, few steps she rushed in front of

Yu Ao Tian : “Simply to say you are such abnormal!” she raises her hand, at the moment her hand landed…

Yu Ao Tian has already grabbed her wrist: “This is the pay-back ‘present’ for you.”


“Ha.” coldly he laughing, he swayed away Shang Yun Yin’s hand, eeriness said: “Since you dare to make Yao Yao not dare to lift up her head at school, well of course I must give you one big present!!” after said, he hand over the recorder to his subordinate: “Go, take this recording to Media, asked them to put it into headline, no matter how much money must be spent!”

“Yes, Big Boss Yu.” after said, two of his subordinates are walking out from that room.

“Don’t! Yu Ao Tian, you can’t do this!!” an instantaneously Shang Yun Yin breaks down. Although her character is such bullying (arrogant / trouble-maker) but she also counted as conservative, or else how could she keeps her virginity for quite long time, once the recording being publicity, later when everyone in China also in Asia know it how she could lift her head up!

“Ha.” Yu Ao Tian humphed once, he pulled her long hair, that scary face is gradually moving away from her: “When you had decided put Yao Yao to shame, that time you must know about this ending!”

Staring at that good looking face who showed devil expression, Shang Yun Yin’s face has already wet of tears, how could she think of this ending?

In her heart, she really never took Yao Yao as her love rival, perhaps to say, she never thought that Yu Ao Tian… Can like that kind of Little Girl types!

Not bad, that big poster was asking people to post it, it because she only wanted to vent her anger. Who knows that her ending would be like this?

“Yu Ao Tian! Simply to say you are devil!” Shang Yun Yin really does not know what to do, everything that happened between she and Yu Ao Tian as if was yesterday, but today this man even asked other to rape her, he even asked them to record it.

As said Yu Ao Tian is heartless, but now the current him who is heartless man doing touching thing only for a girl?
Ha, it seems she is over-valued herself, her position inside Yu Ao Tian’s heart.


8 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 250 B

  1. Ah, I love YAT…but he is in the mafia world too long and could only think this way to avenge, poor him, the world seems too dark for him

  2. Thank you Azurro. Well that is how YAT can do best to deal with his enemies. YY’s enemies also are YAT’s enemies. YY may feel hopeless n disappear for some times hopefully for the rumours to die down but YAT will only know how to use other people methods to deal with them to the extreme…kind of like saying, you play this kind of game but I can do better…

  3. If she did not know Yao Yao was her rival, why would she go to that extent to vent her anger? She thought she has already won Ao Tian or would surely win him even though she had not seen him but a couple of times but already doing something so extreme to another woman in his life? What would she do if she really thought someone was her rival then? Still, this kind of revenge sex I really don’t know. I find it disturbing because of real happenings in the world. However, everything Yu Ao Tian does from his dark side is disturbing and hard to defend.

    1. Shang Yun Yin sees Yao Yao so eyesore, she dislikes Yao Yao because many people sided her, especially men…
      She confident with herself because she thought herself fit Yu Ao Tian’s taste better than Yao Yao. Sexy and enchanting while Yao Yao is such child-like.

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