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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 251 B

Chapter 251

Part 2 (Two)

Caught in the Bed (Cheating)

“Changed the schedule.” after said, Yu Ao Tian sits beside her. On the moment he wanted to hug her. Yao Yao movement is so exaggerating, jump out from the sofa.

The atmosphere at sudden changed to be awkward.

Yu Ao Tian is creased his forehead: “You…”

 “I am sleepy, I want to go to sleep. You take your rest early.” turned, when she is leaving.

Suddenly he stopped her by grabbed her arm, pulling her into his embraces: “Bao Bei, from this few days, this is my first time going home earlier, why are you going to sleep?”

Low whispering voice alike demon charm bringing such vague atmosphere to her ears, the warm back hug wrapped and hugged her tightly.

“En, I, these days I feel little bit tired, so that, wanted, to have rest earlier.”

“You are tired? Or…” Yu Ao Tian smiles devilish, his big hand is gently caressing her small face: “purposely avoiding me?”

Staring at his handsome face, deep black eyes, also his charming smiles, actually she feels an impulsive to smile back to him, why this man can facing everything with such calm as if nothing never happened?
Oh, that’s right, he always been like this, right?

When he was with Li Mei Yun that girlfriend, also when he with her, he also didn’t feel sorry or guilty toward Li Mei Yun, anyway in his eyes every woman isn’t something valuable, is it?

On this moment he gives you a feeling, let you to stay beside him, but once you do something he dislikes, he will immediately dump you.

Ha, he really the infamous cold-blood and also heartless man!

“It is not on purpose avoiding you, but I really feel tired!” Yao Yao gives fake smile, she really wanted flee from his embraces.

Who knows, Yu Ao Tian’s hand are hugging her tighter, his fingers reach her chin slightly hard, slowly raising her chin up. The sexy lips burning hot brushing to hers.

Yao Yao is creased her forehead, she doesn’t show any refusal, as if a wooden sculpture kissed by him.

But when Yu Ao Tian’s lips are touched hers… Suddenly inside her mind flowing the scenery of Shang Yun Yin’s back.

“Don’t touch me!!!” she growled low, while her hands touched Yu Ao Tian’s face.

His deep eyes are dim, hurried he grabbed her small hand: “Little Thing! What nerved you are!” very obvious, Yu Ao Tian didn’t expect suddenly this little thing react such over, feeling irritating he pushed her away from his embraces.

“I have nerved! Or your brain have drown into water!!!” her suffocating feeling finally exploded, Yao Yao is standing in front of him, roaring loudly.

Yu Ao Tian darken face is staring at her small face, his big hand are slowly make into fist: “Little Thing, is it because these few days I treating you too well, so that, you are trying to seek trouble for me?”

Ha, hahahahaha, she really curious, with what sort of mood Yu Ao Tian said these words? Does he think her as his pet?

Oh that’s right, she is so similar with little dog who waging her tail in front of him, as long as he called her out, she is seeking trouble for herself!!!

“Yes, it is me who seeks trouble for myself, or you are the person who don’t keep your words!!!”


8 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 251 B

  1. I sometimes feel that they are closer when they are fighting like this . And by fight I don’t mean him being violent or something but the kinds of quarrels when they speak their mind . Everyone knows that when you are having a fight you open your heart and say things that normally you try to hide . YY will realise that she has fallen for him . Or so i hope by this desillusion of mine :))

    1. I know right. It’s a loop. They fight over misunderstanding blow up at each other and seperate. Then some other guy or fyc swoops in to make Yat gealous so he needs to swoop back in and they slowly come back together. Then another misunderstanding and the cycle starts again. How many times can this be repeated before I give up on this novel?

  2. The problem with YY is she believes all the lies that her enemies told to her n not even giving a benefit of doubts to YAT. Just because YAT is an underground emperor YY already pre-concieved thought the worst in YAT’s characteristics. YY may have an award of ‘the world first class lawyer’ but being a lawyer u should not jumped into the worst conclusion by what had feed into you. Everything have two sides of stories. YY believes what SYY told her about YAT. Yes, YY saw YAT in there but it can be anything beside SYY told YY in a tone of jealousy n hatred..that is for sure not friendly…YY chose to think the worst..

    Yes, in the near future YAT will sufferred of so-called of losing-winning YY back into his life. But YY, how about learning to give a benefit of doubt to the man you begin to fall in love.

    Thanking you very much Azurro.

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