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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 251

Chapter 251

Part 1 (One)

Caught in the bed (cheating)

“This is what you are looking for!” after said, suddenly he loosen his hand, without any expression he looked at Shang Yun Yin who has slumped on the floor.

“Do you ever loved me? Yu Ao Tian!” she wipes her tears, slowly raises her head.

Looking at Shang Yun Yin’eyes which filled with expectation, Yu Ao Tian is creased his forehead: “It seems that you are really misunderstood our relationship, I have told you, you are only my bed mate!”

So far he never like to play with women by including his feeling, neither his girlfriend nor his one night stand lover or bed mate, he will let the other party know clearly. If the other party unwilling to do so they can refuse.

This was also a reason why Li Mei Yun fell for him, it because Yu Ao Tian understood very well to settle his ‘relationship’ very clearly, he never mud himself, confused the public, he never to include any feeling only to get particular woman.

“Ha, I understood!” so weak Shang Yun Yin climbed up from floor, clenched, hasn’t left the room.

Indeed, she indeed too confident with herself, she always think that Yu Ao Tian might fall for her soon or later, but now it seems she had mistaken, biggest mistake, this heartless man actually cold-blood man! He won’t have any feeling toward any woman, except….

Seeing not far from her place, Luo Yao Yao is getting closer, very fast Shang Yun Yin changed her face expression, get rid those sadness from her face, confidently raises her head.

“Shang Yun Yin?” Yao Yao is shocked stop her footstep, dumbfounded, her face darken. That message was sent by Shang Yun Yin, was she the person?

“Ha, rumor said recently you are being Yu Ao Tian’s lawyer? Really let you work hard. Luo Yao Yao, don’t you feel so work-out for him?” Slowly Shang Yun Yin walking in front of her, giving her provocative smiles.

“Why must I feel work-out for him?” she is clenched her hand into fist, creased her forehead.

“When you are so busy to help Yu Ao Tian, though I was also work-out serving him on the bed. Aiya, it seems that you are really cannot satisfy Yu Ao Tian, so that he asked me…to busy in here. Ha.” after said, Shang Yun Yin puts gloomy smiles and left.

And then, at the moment she entered the elevator, her face that showed smile expression is disappeared: “Yu Ao Tian, although I can’t get your love, I won’t let both of you have happiness by being together!!!”

Inside the apartment, darkness, only the street lamps light that penetrating to living room sofa, that light is beaming in Yao Yao expressionless face that already white pale.

After Shang Yun Yin left, she wanted to leave, but without she realized she walking inside the room where Shang Yun Yin stayed before.

The room door was unlocked, she could see clearly the person who sat on sofa was Yu Ao Tian! At sudden, her mind was empty-blank, turned and run back to the apartment.

Everyone has said curiosity is deathly, she really hates herself why must she followed the short message instruction, as the result she knew the thing that she must not know.

But, the thing that irritated her more…

On the moment when she spotted Yu Ao Tian inside the hotel room, her feeling was such similar with two years ago when she caught Feng Chen Yi red-handed on bed with Li Ruo Ting, that scenery more or less very similar, although there is no reason for her to get angry, to be so sad, but deep inside her heart she still felt pain, not comfortable, really not comfortable.

Impossible, impossible to have this kind of feeling? That time she was in love with Feng Chen Yi, being cheated by him, being hurt, being sad, all of these feeling were so normal. But she does not love Yu Ao Tian, logically, with whomever he was, it up to his decision, his freedom!!

What is going on with her?

‘Creak’ the apartment door is slowly being opened, followed by faint light. “Heh? Bao Bei, I thought you are going out, you are at home why don’t you turn on the light?”

Heard, it is Yu Ao Tian’s voice, she is clenched her small hand, her face is staring far away, not looked at him: “Forget to turn on.”

“Hah, this you also can forget?”

She tensed bites her lips, lower her head, forcing to show her smile on her face: “Tonight, didn’t you go for banquet? Why suddenly you go home?”

8 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 251

  1. Shang Yun Yin this girl still haven’t learn a lesson….she is really something. Thanks Azurro, this came early.

  2. Yup YY fell in love with YAT n still in denial. SYY taught a lesson but not been destroy by YAT yet but since she made a vow to herself that she will continue make trouble for YY n YAT then it’s plenty of times for YAT to destroy her in the near future so to speak.

    Thanking you Azurro for breakfast treat. 😀

  3. Like the old saying goes, “seeing each other every day will eventually bring forth sparks” something like that

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