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Food: My Disappointment and Mislead culinary information


Recently I visited new-opening cafe in Setiabudi area, Medan. It was my first visit and one of the most unforgettable moment due to the bad experienced.  At the moment I stepped my feet to the cafe, I felt such uncomfortable feeling (I am not talking about Ghost or something similar to that) but more to unpleasant feeling such as annoyed and irritated.

I took the seat nearest the entrance and at same time close to the kitchen (such mess interior, if I could say). I have waited for ten minutes only to wait the waiter came closer to me and gave me the menu book. I haven’t mentioned about the Menu book/paper and also the listed food, it worst no picture and no description plus weird name (really didn’t know how to make order). Moreover the waiter seemed to be lacking of training or such amateur because when I asked the waiter what is the most favorite food in there, the waiter could not answer me, I tried to emphasized my question, most recommended? The waiter only gave me such unprofessional answered, you ordered, tasted it and then you would know (at the moment I really wanted to smash my head to wall).

So far, I still could endure. I ordered fried rice with chicken and Roti Kreak (something such as hamburger mess up with hotdog). I have waited for 20 minutes for the fried rice and another 15 minutes Roti kreak after fried rice. My mood was indescribable, furthermore I disliked the manager who kept coming to my seat, asking how the food was, because he kind of annoying. Actually, I won’t feel bother if they asked me about the food and services one time but if the person keeps on coming, asked me over and over every time they served my food or I in middle of my eating that such annoying and irritating attitudes.

My mood finally exploded after I tasted the fried rice + chicken, additional when the manager coming to ask me how the food was. I told him, the fried rice is more alike porridge and the chicken not fully cooked plus lack of seasoning. He seemed to accept my complains and then when my Roti Kreak served, My expression totally changed. The bread still has flour, the meat not fully cooked and the sauce such sour and everything just terrible.

Fried rice + chicken
Fried rice + chicken


Azurro ;(
Roti Kreak
Take look carefully you will see the flour
Take look carefully you will see the flour


I asked for bill and I must wait for another 10 minutes.

Others than the food, the interior was horrible for Modern-cafe concept, it even worst than WARKOP (warung kopi or street stall food) concept.

That was my first time how I felt such disappointed with Social Media especially IG (promoting the place) and also those testimonial which mislead. No wonder, I didn’t spot kuliner medan or makanmana (before my visit) doing the review.

You will shock when you check on their IG, there are lots of testimonial stated the place was great, food good and bla bla bla…
Which is actually horrible until I tasted by myself. That’s why put ‘Mislead’ title.

Price = It extremely expensive for kind of place and also I felt such wasteful to spend my money for such horrible food.

1111Every time I see this bill, I feel wanted to vomit blood. Oh my, such worthless…. My money spent for not eligible food T.T

Closing : My post isn’t intending to strike down / sabotage / badmouthing the business but all just purely written based on what I felt, my experienced.

Thank you for reading
See You in next post ^-^



4 thoughts on “Food: My Disappointment and Mislead culinary information

  1. I feel bad that you have that kind of experience that you cannot even eat your food that you have paid for. Now, all you need to do is to go to your favorite foodie place and pig out.

    Cheers. 🙂

  2. Wow the cafe must be something to have 2 out of 4 items gone wrong though they arranged the food really pretty. mist have been not their day

  3. Nothing worse than looking forward to a great meal, getting a bad meal, and then paying too much for it. Sorry you had such a bad experience.

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