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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 252

Chapter 252

Part 1 (One)

Yu Ao Tian, you get lost!

“What are you trying to say?”

“You had ever told me, you would break up with Shang Yun Yin!! But you?”

At sudden, Yu Ao Tian deep pair of eyes are gleaming brightly, finally he understood why suddenly this little thing pissed off!

“How could you know it?”

“It wasn’t important how I found it out, the important thing is, why are you still together with her!! Hah?”

This is his first time to see Yao Yao showing her raged, if this is changed to be another woman, he could not guarantee himself won’t give a slap, but this moment, he really wanted to know with what kind point of view Yao Yao could be this angry?

His cold evil face has a faint laughter, his body is leaning on sofa, not slow not in hurry, said: “That’s my business. While you, with what kind of status questioned me?”

What… Status? Ha, earlier she knew that she shouldn’t bring out this topic, after said it only to ashamed herself? He only spoke one words, she has already being speechless. After all, from the beginning her relationship with him is so unequal. Thinking to this point, Yao Yao is helplessly pressed down her anger to her heart, clenched into fist: “Using the status as your lawyer, can’t I? I have told you, you together with her there won’t be any benefit for you, if you are not break up with her, just replaced me! I really can’t help you anymore.”

Finally the thing that never expected to be happened, it has happened.

At the beginning Yu Ao Tian still wanted to play vague expression, but after listened to Yao Yao last words, he is raging to the point he smashed all the tea cups into floor. “You are angry to me, because you think, Shang Yun Yin might affect my future career?”

“That’s right!”

“Humph.” Yu Ao Tian lets out cold humphed, he finds out lately he is more sentimental, he even thought little thing raged because or perhaps…

Takes deep breathe, expressionless he stood up: “Can I assume just now you are trying to threaten me with your words?”

Threaten? no, it isn’t threaten.

But…. Although in order to cover up the fact, but just now her words were indeed filled with threaten. She knows very well due to Yu Ao Tian’s character he won’t accept himself being threaten with this, but she really hopes, this moment he could weaken little bit, step back little bit, break up with Shang Yun Yin…

That gleam eyes are facing to Yu Ao Tian gloomy eyes, she coldly said: “It up to you how to think it! Now, please you get out!!!”

“Little Thing, are you mistaken something? This is my house!” this is his first time being chased out by woman!

“But last time when you were asking me to stay here, you said in the future if both of us are quarreling, I stay and you are out!!”

“You!!!” after he listened to this word, simply to say Yu Ao Tian is raged to the point his face turned to be green, purple, he really wanted to strangle this smooth talker little thing! But at sudden, he only can grit his teeth, laughed: “Very good.” turned his back, ‘Bang’ a sound, door being slammed the door, left….

Not long after Yu Ao Tian left, Yao Yao sits down in frustration. “How can thing turn to be like this?”

She had felt that herself little bit odd from the beginning, as if a wife who being cheated by her husband.

Things must not go to be this point, mustn’t it? With what kind point of view she angered at him? Is it because she as Yu Ao Tian’s lawyer, this status?


This time, Yao Yao knows very well her feeling that unwillingly to see Yu Ao Tian together with Shang Yun Yin, it isn’t because…

Shang Yun Yin could affect Yu Ao Tian’s future career, but simply it because her personal mixed feeling.

‘knock knock knock’ (knocking sound)

Yu Ao Tian left and went to Long’s brother home.

Long Ye is opened the door, his face is exposing devilish expression: “Being chased out?”

“ahem…” his face is tighten, pretending to be calm, pulling the necktie which in his neck: “I just forgot to bring my key.”

“Oh… So you mean, you wanted to stay with us?”


8 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 252

  1. Tsk tsk things always gets worst between YAT and YY just because they both never try to explain themselves

  2. Hahahahaha….that was so funny…a temporary life line given to YY n YAT became a laughingstock n object of teasing to Long Ye. It is cute to see YAT to be embarrassed like this n being stun by YY’s comment…’last time you said when we quarrel you asked me to stay n you go!!”…

  3. ahaha..never expected a day YAT would rather stay with the Long Brother than going to his other properties just to be nearer to Yao Yao

  4. YY is starting to realized her feelings to YAT, why she felt like he cheated on her and for a moment YAT is happy and thought YY felt of jealousy toward SYY but he is not far from the truth, even YY denied it. He cant believe it when YY used hid his own words to him. lol…thanks for the update again, awaiting for the second part. Have a blessed day.

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