Drama : My Impression Watching 重生之名流巨星 Rebirth of The Celebrity Superstar (Revive)


Before I had read the novel synopsis in shushengbar and there was no slightest interest of me to read the novel since peanut had warned about the novel as BL genre in comment box. Well, BL (boys love) isn’t my taste of cup and it just caught my interest not long ago when the drama starting to air.

My only and sole reason why give the drama chance because the actors and actress, that’s all. Han Chae Young (AKA Korea Barbie) she is someone so beautiful and her acting is not bad. Ma Ke has already drew my attention since he played as Sha Jie Jie (Sha Qian Mo), I like his acting so much more than Wallace Huo as the male lead LOLS. Zhang Xin Yu aka Viann Zhang although I don’t really fan of her but I like her role in the legend of condor heroes (Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen) she such beautiful taking role as Li Mo Chou. But, the one that amazed me actually Xu Hai Qiao. He just looked so different in Journey of flower as Meng Xuan Lang and in Revive as Feng Jing, the vibe that he gave really different although personally I thought his personality more suit to Meng Xuan Lang character (playful, sunshine boy, cheerful) but he also not bad to act as Feng Jing (cold and arrogant).

Speak frankly, I didn’t notice Xu Hai Qiao played as Feng Jing in Revive, my focus only to Ma Ke, Han Chae Young and Fu Fang Jun (actor who played as Du Fei), I even thought Feng Jing character played by newbie actor X) until Thunder told me. Thunder totally fallen for Feng Jing 哈哈哈哈哈.

So Revive is my first BL drama. I quite hesitated before giving myself and this drama a chance. For me it little bit awkward watching man and man kissing or doing something sweet, romantic thingy. I prefer something alike bromance (Nirvana in Fire). But after sometime, I thought there is no way for Chinese Government to pass something like BL so, I have high expectation the drama might more alike nirvana in fire which contained lots of ‘bromance’

For those who haven’t read the novel and only rely on the drama, at the first episode it didn’t give BL vibes, I even thought it alike an ordinary triangle or square love, which just such normal. But after Feng Jing and Yun Xiu aka Mu Zi Che met, the atmosphere kind of vague and weird. I could sense something odd between their relationship nothing alike manager and his actor. I have lots of confusion when watching the drama because I don’t know who with whom to ship because Du Fei seems to have romantic relationship with Lin Xuan (Han Chae Young) while Mu Zi Che might have possibility with Liu Yi (Viann Zhang) and whenever Yun Xiu meets Feng Jing, the affection is more than bromance, such entangled simple relationship.

Uhm… strangely this drama enough to catch my interest to keep continuing….

So far I have watched until 6th episodes. Gonna continue this drama after I done with Ode to Joy, (I will be coming back with my impression of Ode to Joy ^-^)



Han Chae Young is such gorgeous and beautiful. No wonder she is given nickname as Korean Barbie. She still this beautiful even after ten years passed (my first drama cast her was Chun Yang)

This is Thunder favorite scene. I don't know why, just ask her later LOLS
This is Thunder’s favorite scene. I don’t know why, just ask her later LOLS


Ma Ke
Ma Ke

If I take closer Look, Make really doesn’t look like Chinese, his face somewhat has same vibe alike Dilraba XD

This Youngster better showing up with black hair rather than colored-hair XD XD XD
This Youngster better showing up with black hair rather than colored-hair XD XD XD

1234Let Thunder comment her fav character ahahahahahaha






4 thoughts on “Drama : My Impression Watching 重生之名流巨星 Rebirth of The Celebrity Superstar (Revive)

      1. After u have watched all the episodes can u please do a proper full review coz for people like me who can’t understand Chinese I still watched raw without understanding quite a few things 🙂

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