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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 113

Grammatical check and Edited by : Obsidian

Chapter 113

Days of memories

“Big Brother Bai, how about it? Can you let me see!” Long Mo Er sees him doubting, not really sure about the question.  Following this, her heart is moved.

Actually the other person hiding something must have his own reason to do so.  The memories inside must harbor some bitter feelings which she cannot imaging pouring inside. She does not like peeling (open) matters which have been long hidden.  It’s as if she is doing something wrong.  Is she not being an understanding person? Will she look like a bad person?

“Mo Er, I…”

Without waiting for Bai Yin Chen to finish his words, Long Mo Er is already smiling, hesitatingly cutting him off.   “Big Brother Bai, actually I’m just curious.  That’s all.  There is no obligation to let me look.  You don’t need to mind my words. I just feel bored, nothing to do! Hehe.  Actually hiding Big Brother Bai’s real face like this is also not bad.  This way it gives me a feeling of mystery, quite great!”

Long Mo Er really does not want to forcefully ask.  This lets Bai Yin Chen feel relieved.

The reason for this concealment is one among many reasons. There also must be something more between hidden secrets and the concealing mask.  The mask on his face is being used to protect himself. The mask is only a shell.  Perhaps his heart is still unprepared so things are difficult to say.

He is covered in debt and still hasn’t finished paying what is owed. He is unable to take off the mask and also does not have the mood to bear the burden.

May 15th is coming near.  How must he actually end the pain in his heart?

He still is not giving up, yet he has disappointed many people.  He owes many things.  Two years of time, he’s been roaming Da Jiang Nan Bei as if in a rather long dream. But during this spring season, he still arrived here.  He forever cannot let things go.  When his heart will be able to be peaceful?

Actually the mask is heavy. The weight is not something he can bear; The weight is something that vicissitudes his entire body.  His heart is tired, already wearied! When can his burden lift?

“Big brother Bai, big brother Bai.”

Seeing Bai Yin Chen absent-minded once again, Long Mo Er knows she has brought up the topic she mustn’t talk about.

That mask must hide a huge burden, something that she cannot understand.  It must be many things.  How can she be so ruthless to mention it? If at this moment her big sister was here, she would dislike Long Mo Er stupidly talking about something that hurts others.  How can she this stupid, talking about vexatious topics! When will she be smarter like her big sister? No, doing so would only be half as smart than her big sister!

Why does she always make mistakes?

She is really stupid!

“Mo Er, how many days are left before May 15th?” Bai Yin Chen faintly asked Long Mo Er.  To  Long Mo Er it sounds far from her,  very far away.

Not understanding why Bai Yin Chen asked, Long Mo Er extends her hand starting to count. She has stayed here about 12 days taking care of Bai Yin Chen.  She left the Ye mansion on May 1st which leaves two days before May 15th.  With her departure, she has disappeared this long.

He glances, seeing her melancholy heart.   Long Mo Er speaks honestly to Bai Yin Chen about the day.

“After all it has been so long!”  Sadly speaking, Bai Yin Chen is showing as if he has lived outside of the world.

“Big brother Bai, what is May 15th? Is it very important?” Long Mo Er tilted her head, straight away looking at Bai Yin Chen’s expression.

But Bai Yin Chen does not hear her voice, still drowning in his own thoughts.

Two days, so there’s only two days left, after all the time is two days left. Bai Yin Chen sighed. Time flies.  Knowing that day is still drawing near, though he never thought that his wounds would allow him to have rest for a few days.

“Mo Er, I will leave immediately.   I must go someplace.”


3 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 113

  1. Who is Bai Yin Chen? Why he has a lot of secrets? Who is he hiding from. Why is Mo Er didn’t
    go home yet to her husband? What is the reason why she still there? Thanks Azurro for your hard work and dedication and have a blessed day.

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