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C-novel : The Wolf Husband and Green Plum Wife (狼竹马与青梅妻) 7.1

Chapter 7

Part 1 (One)

Mother An is Enduring to Hit Qi Qi

An Jia Qi is such heartless (not considered) she played at Xiao Hu’s house for the entire afternoon, and then she reluctantly to bid good bye to Xiao Hu.

Su Zhan Mo is little absent-minded when pulling An Jia Qi to go home, on the way going home, they are passing a stall that selling snacks, suddenly An Jia Qi stopped her footstep, she swaying his hand said: “Mo Mo Ge Ge, I want to eat jelly candy.”

Su Zhan Mo lifted his head, seeing a little boy who holding a pack of colorful jelly candy in his hand, eating while walking. Hence creased his forehead, said: “Qi Qi you have tooth decay, Mother An does not allow you to eat jelly candy.”

An Jia Qi seeing Su Zhan Mo reluctant to buy it for her, paused and then she cried loudly: “Huhuhu… Mo Mo Ge Ge is bullying me, doesn’t buy me jelly candy….huhuhuhuhu….”

Su Zhan Mo is most afraid to see An Jia Qi crying. Hurried he stepped in front her and wiped her tears, he coaxing her while said: “Qi Qi this is the last time buy you jelly candy!”

An Jia Qi sees her goal has been reached, tears in her face is replaced by smiling face. This situation such fit quotes: “Changing face is faster than flipping book.”

Su Zhan Mo is taking An Jia Qi to in front of the snack stall.

“Aunty Huang, I want to buy a pack of Jelly candy.”

The snack stall Aunty Huang seeing the situation, happily smiling at Su Zhan Mo: “Is Mo Mo buying it for Qi Qi again?”

Before Su Zhan Mo replied, An Jia Qi has answered, said: “Aunty Huang, I want a pack of Jelly Candy and also that biscuit.”

Su Zhan Mo is helplessly staring at An Jia Qi’s chubby hands which are pointing at those stuffs, and then give Aunty Huang 5 dollars.

One of An Jia Qi hand is holding biscuit and the other is holding a pack of Jelly candy, jumping happily following at Su Zhan Mo back. When they just arrived in front of their house’s yard, they have spotted Mother An and Father An who had come back after done with their business.

“Qi Qi how can you let Mo Mo Ge Ge to buy you snack again?” Mother An is showing her stern expression to An Jia Qi who is trying to hide her snack at her back.

Su Zhan Mo sees the situation, he is little bit not bear.

“Mother An, I bought that for myself, Qi Qi just helping me.” Su Zhan Mo is hurried to take back the snack.

Mother An is helplessly stroking Su Zhan Mo’s head, affectionately she said: “Mo Mo, Mother An knows you dear Qi Qi, but there is a time when Qi Qi doing mistake, if not timely corrected, she will be changed to be bad girl.” after said, she pulled An Jia Qi, takes her and hit on her butt.

She is hitting while giving a lesson: “Next time, are you still dare to secretly eat Jelly Candy?”

An Jia Qi is crying while shouting: “Woa…woa… Not eat… Huhuhu… No eat again….”

Su Zhan Mo who is standing beside seeing An Jia Qi being hit, he feels bad, hurried stop Mother An.

“Mother An, don’t hit Qi Qi anymore, Qi Qi hasn’t eaten the candy, you see this hasn’t opened…”

Actually Mother An really does not want to hit An Jia Qi, it is only to give her lesson, and then very soon released her, angrily she getting inside with Father An. An Jia Qi is crying until her face red, with runny nose, she hugged Su Zhan Mo and hiks hiks crying with low voice.

“Huhuhuhu…. Mom is the worst…. Huhuhuhu…. I don’t want to talk with mom anymore….”

When Su Zhan Mo listened to An Jia Qi anger words, he takes her to his house. Using towel to wipe clean An Jia Qi little face, and then slowly he teaches (more alike parenting) her.

“Qi Qi, Mother An hit you because for sake of your own goodness, eating too much candies, Little Red Face and Little Blue Face will coming to find you.”

“Ah~” once An Jia Qi recalled the animation which airing on the TV about Little Red Face and Little Blue Face who are residing inside Xiao Ming’s tooth , suddenly she feels her teeth little bit hurt, cover her mouth, her face is showing worried expression, asked: “Mo Mo Ge Ge, I don’t want Little Red Face and Little Blue Face.”

“So that, later Qi Qi must less eat candy, more brushing your teeth, then both of them will not going to come.” Su Zhan Mo is staring at An Jia Qi with serious expression, it makes her admire him more.

“Mo Mo Ge Ge you are really understand many things.”

An Jia Qi is afraid to go home, and seeing Mother An, so that she just dragging herself to stay longer in Su Zhan Mo’s house, watching Cartoon. Today Mother Su is going home late, she is giving phone call to An’s family, so that Su Zhan Mo can have dinner in An Jia Qi’s house.

At evening six o’clock, Father An is calling out both of the little kids to have dinner.

At the beginning An Jia Qi was so happy, but once she thought Mother An might still angry, she stopped smiling, silently followed at Su Zhan Mo beside entering her own house.

At this time, the round table, food has already being served, once An Jia Qi spotted her favorite dish, red braised pork, she really wanted to rush to in front of the table, prepared herself to eat, but she is stopped by Mother An.

“Qi Qi, before have meal, what should you wash?”

An Jia nQi is lowering her head, spoke softly: “Wash hand.”

“Now go and follow your Mo Mo Ge Ge to wash your hand.”

An Jia Qi with her short legs are hurried to catch up with Su Zhan Mo, pulled his hand to go to washing basin. When walking she pouted: “Mom is so fierce…”


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