Chit Chat : 成长 Growing Up


When I was little girl, I had cleared goal to achieve, I had vivid dream what would I be when I growing up and become an adult. But as time passes, I realized everything changed to be blur and gradually be forgotten. When I was in my primary school, I wanted to go to better school and I tried my best to achieve my goal, well, I really went to better school and then after I graduated from Senior High, my next goal went to overseas to pursue my bachelor degree, but my father didn’t allow me, money was the matter but the real reason was my parent just afraid I couldn’t adapt with new environment. They wanted me to stay close with them so they sent me to the best Campus in Medan that fit to my requirement although they must spent sum of money.

During my freshman year in Campus, I was starting up my career in small company. I studied at night and working full time during the day. As newbie, I was so excited with my first job but so soon I felt being adult was dull and something not as beautiful as I thought because it was my first time to experience stress to depress and frustration. Work politic was something so complicated and dark.

These past years I still not accustomed with those complicated politic in working environment. I have changed job over and over, I learned many things from one place to other places. Thing that never changed is Politic in working environment. The gossips among the employees and also the competitions.

At the beginning, everything seemed to be hard for me. It took sometime for me, telling myself that I wasn’t kid anymore, must be independent, brave to face every obstacles in front of me, and so on. I was in dilemmas about Indonesia work environment and it’s work culture. There was one time I wanted to apply job as Assistant of Marketing Manager in one company. I had read carefully about the requirement before I wrote my application letter and then sent it. I got called for interviewed after passed the ‘application test’ but my failure because my body posture that not met the job requirement. I am too short and fat according to them. I wondered why my posture became the reason for my failure not my skill or education. But this typical work environment in Medan, sometimes the employer are not shame to put ‘must have height at least 165cm’, ‘slim and thin body posture’, age must between 18-22′ in advertisement even the job post only for ordinary OL or SA.

I wish I could study and working at overseas because I wanted to feel the experience working in professional places (perhaps I am too pessimist and stereotypical about Indonesia). Actually after I thought for sometime, I realized everywhere just same, I can’t say Indonesia worse than Singapore or US  or any places but… again everything just back to mind set.

One of my cousin lived in US for four years but finally moved to Singapore for few years and finally back to Indonesia because she realized this country is better off than those two countries, of course there still advantages and disadvantages.

The salary she got during in US was highest than Singapore and Indonesia but somewhat now she is happier to live and work in here compare to those two countries.


So far I feel satisfied with my job, my works, my routine, my life and I grateful for every plan that God created for me. Perhaps this is what people called as growing up.

Keep moving forward, improving, be better and keep on learning new thing, learn from mistakes and experiences and be grateful. Last but not least, Dare to dream big.

How you guys view 成长 in yourself?



5 thoughts on “Chit Chat : 成长 Growing Up

  1. Been there azurro…had the same thot that living or working overseas (i live in Jkt) must be cool, high salary and prestigious. However, by the time we’re getting old those dreams starting to fade away ..why? Indonesia is less stress, less work pressure and we can ‘refresh’ all those problems by pampering ourselves in beauty salon, delicious meals, mall as well as body massages at a very cheap price…hahaha.
    The dream is still there but not as strong as before. I would think over thousand times if i really want to live overseas.

  2. Thanks you for sharing this with us, Azurro. I honestly don’t know what you had been through as I am still in a College. I don’t have a job, my parents won’t let me,.They’re afraid that it would affect my studies. And I’m actually glad that they don’t want me to. College life has been pretty hectic as it is.

    If your parents would let you study overseas, where would it be?

    1. I had few such as England, Australia…
      Honestly I had been through quite lots compare for those who are at my age.
      But I am lucky ^-^
      Working while studying indeed tough but I didn’t have option.

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