C-novel: The CEO’s Pregnant Wife (总裁的孕妻) 1.2


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Chapter 1

Part 2 (Two)

“See the world?” Fang Yi Ran stunned, “How to see?”

Xu Yi Xia takes a deep breathe, looked seriously to announce the answer:

“Of course go to nightclub!”

“Nightclub?” Her eyebrows frowned, the impression of such pandemonium atmosphere, Fang Yi Ran does not like it.

“In there, you can meet many types of men, not only the appearance of each one has its own merits, temperaments, even the characters are different, the more special is, all of them have been experienced, had skillful training, it makes one no reason to be picky regardless their services…”

Xu Yi Xia froth her mouth with excitement, until her mouth parched and tongue scorched, drinking her milk tea and continuing her explanation, Fang Yi Ran listens with awe.

“In brief, their experiences are many and rich, having romance with you, definitely helpful, in the future you won’t be easy to suffer loses from man.” paused, Xu Yi Xia has made sum up.

“Really?” Fang Yi Ran has feeling as if getting into pirate ship.

“Absolutely, it is real more than pearl. Say, I recommend you to visit Jin Bi Hui Huang* this nightclub, although the price is expensive, but it is said that the quality is first-class.”

“Why my feeling say you are the one who eager to go there than me?”

“Ehem, ehem! Heard from others said, in there are lots of handsome men.”

“Speak frankly, Yi Xia…” Fang Yi Ran with her slanting eyes, glance at her best fellow sister, “You also don’t have any boyfriend.”

Xu Yi Xia feels guilty shrinking her neck, “Ugh…so that, let’s us go there to try enrich our experiences, as you know, I don’t dare to go such place by myself.” a typical person who dare to think but not dare to do.

“……why must be with me then you dare to go there?”

“It is because your skin are thicker than mine.”

“…………..” Does thick face also can contagious?



In the silent night, a black of luxury Sedan slowly driving on the highway.

The person who sitting in driver seat is the driver, looking at the man who is sitting in the back seat from the rear-view mirror, unconsciously feeling wants to hold his breathe.

That person is beautiful and also has type of seductive charm of man.

That’s right, seductive!

There are very few men who can be called with these two words, but using it to describe this man, indeed perfectly fit.

Black suit with exquisite cut out fit that man has tall and lean body, skin as if white lotus and thin lips as if suffused with blood. Under the two black thick eyebrows, it is a pair of subtle black eyes, enchanting eyelashes, slightly flutter in his eyes corner, deep and narrow eyes, high temples, this face gives a strange feeling. His elegant straight bridge nose, at one point it’s added the feminine fortitude.

Mystic charming too pretty and coquettish…….. Yet, it is so deep, bottomless makes one’s cannot see it clearly, cannot read.

This is a man from Jun’s family, he is regarded as the current Master of Jun’s family!

Watching the man moving his left hand finger which wearing a ring that is a symbol of his identity, the driver hurries withdraw his eyesight, continue to concentrate on driving the car.

Moon, boundless.

But, more beautiful the moon, as for certain people from the Jun’s family, it is like a poison invade into the bone marrow, it is filled with irresistibly pain.

Pain… Deep pain, pain to bitter, with the emptiness that can never be filled, and then at the end will it fall?

Let oneself to fall into darkness without light, in order to escape from such tragic fate.

Jun Si Que moves the ring which in his pinky finger, his sight fall on the rare purple gemstone in his ring. No matter undergo many years, this purple gemstone is still bright and shining as ever.

While this ring, last few day before, it still wore by his big uncle—–Jun Yi Sheng.

That brilliant and talented, strict and good in handle-matter big uncle, at last he had decided to suicide ending his life. Ming Yi… Big Uncle, in the end he hasn’t found his Ming Yi, and then, not been able to endure that pain and fulfilled the emptiness, he had left from this world.

How’s about him? In the future will he going to become alike his Big Uncle, choosing that kind of decision?

His heart, feeling of the emptiness, it has been existing since he born, as if the heart has been cutting into half, no matter trying to look for something to fill it up, there is no way to fill the other half even the slightest.

His Ming Yi, where is it? In this lifetime, is there a possibility for him to find it?

Languidly raises his eyes, through the dark window, Jun Si Que is looking at the moon which hanging in the sky.

Soon is going to be full moon, and this time, that kind of pain will be more intense to what extent?


*] 金 Jin 碧 Bi 辉 Hui煌 Huang: Gold and Jade vied each other, resplendent and magnificent.




  1. Mel · May 15

    Thank you! Can’t wait till next chapter!

  2. Kitty · May 15

    Thank you.

  3. amy3108 · May 15

    Soon to be Full moon and the pain will be keep more intense. Is he a vampire? Thanks for your hard work. Looking forward to the next. Have a blessed evening.

    • Yu Lei Thunder · May 16

      There is no Vampire in here LOLS

  4. Manju · May 15

    Actually I checked in today to read “naive girl”. After reading this chapter it seems interesting. Iam curious to know wether he is a vampire.
    If you don’t mind I have a suggestion, I just feel it will be better to complete one novel and start the other one. #justsaying.
    Thanks for your hard work.

    • Yu Lei Thunder · May 16

      I think you are misunderstood on something….
      A naive girl isn’t my project. it is Azurro’s baby.
      While CEO’s pregnant wife is my first project which posted in Azurro’s blog.

      • Manju · May 16

        Ohkk.. Sorry I didn’t knew. I thought same person is translating all these novels.

      • Yu Lei Thunder · May 16

        It’s okay.
        Actually you can see it in author session. It true that most of the translation projects are actually done by Azurro, herself. No wonder you have mistaken between me and Azurro.
        The CEO’s Pregnant Wife is my amateur translation debut LOLS

  5. Coolkat · May 15

    Thank u for the update!! This story is so interesting..can’t wait for the next chapter 😁😁

  6. mcdex · May 15

    So this man and the propel from the prologue are from a family obsessed with finding their soulmate for an unknown reason.

  7. yadane · May 16

    first time hearing of bringing a thick skinned friend will bring forth courage

  8. anna · September 19

    as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3
    find our male lead ^^

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