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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 253 B

Chapter 253

Part 2 (Two)

Yao Yao’s Status Being Questioned

When it is lunch time, Yao Yao is stretching her body, tidying up her working desk and preparing herself to go to have lunch.

“Aish, wait wait…” when she is arrived in elevator, the elevator is slowly closed the door, she is quickly trying to enter it.

Actually her colleagues have obviously seen Yao Yao who was dashing to enter the elevator but they decided to ignore her and let the elevator to close the door, not waiting for her.

Did they do it… On purpose? Yao Yao is standing in front the elevator dumbstruck.

But at this time, suddenly the elevator door is opened.

It seems she has thought too much, perhaps her colleagues hadn’t reacted, she smiles intending to thank them but her eyes spotted someone, that person is… Wang Han.

“Little girl, we meet again.”

“Regional Director Wang?” she takes big step getting into the elevator, politely she smiles: “Actually not long ago I joined the company, I have intention to come to your room greeted you, but recently I was so busy, hence…”

“It’s okay.” Wang Han smiles elegantly, but his eyes are looked at few lawyer from legal division: “just now, didn’t few of you hear Yao Yao asked for the elevator, waited her for moment?”

Few of the lawyer are exchanging their glances, they are tightlipped: Regional Director Wang, we really didn’t hear it, we weren’t doing it on purpose not give her an elevator.”

“Well, why I could hear her although I also stood inside the elevator?” this year Wang Han is almost in his forty, he types of men who won’t seek for problem but he also a man with temperament. Yao Yao is growing up with face that easy to be bullied, if no one stand for her, afraid later she will have difficulties mingle in legal division.

“Regional Director Wang…” at beside Yao Yao showed her difficulty expression while shaking her head toward Wang Han, she understood Wang Han intention, but really the result won’t give any benefit to anyone. Moreover, this isn’t something big matter.

“Fiuh.” Wang Han takes deep breathe, helplessly he shook his head.

By this time, the elevator stop at cafeteria. “Little Girl, I go to have my lunch.”

“En, Regional Director Wang, see you again.” Yao Yao is getting out from elevator after Wang Han.

Left few of the colleagues from legal division who looks each other. “Did you guys hear their conversation? That girl seems ever worked in Berson before?”

“It seems so. Sst… She knows Regional Director Wang, moreover his position isn’t low, but inside the high management there aren’t many youngsters.”

“That’s don’t know. Perhaps she is someone’s relatives. It seems this little girl indeed has big background.”

“Let her be, as long as not interfere each other, she doesn’t provoke me, once she provoke me, I don’t care whoever she is.” few of colleagues are talking while get inside the cafeteria. They are choosing place near to the window. And then, by coincidence Yao Yao is sitting in pair table.

Not long after that, Long Ye hurried sat down in front of her.

“Hey, Hey, see, General Manager Long.” few of the lawyer are pointing at Yao Yao secretly, while some of the lower management employees also glanced over and focus on Yao Yao.

After all, someone alike Long Ye who is coming from top management usually eat in private room or eating out, it so rare to spot them in cafeteria, naturally it’s drawing out attention.

5 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 253 B

  1. Thank you for the chapter. Glad that regional manager wang came to YY’s rescue. Love the way he told the lawyers off.

  2. Hopefully with the director Wang and Long Ye who associates with YY hopefully they will stop bullying YY and give respect that is due. Sooner later they would know who she is. Thanks for the update. Have nice evening.

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