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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 253


Chapter 253

Part 1 (One)

Yao Yao’s Status Being Questioned

Quickly Yao Yao turned and took a look, she realized in front of her are two women and one man. “Yes. Hello.”

“Haha, we are yours colleagues. Since your coming, you keep staying on your office room, we are also feel not good if going to disturb you. Actually we are always thinking to throw you welcoming party.”

Cold sweat.

She really never thought that the colleagues in legal division are such passionate. “I am sorry, really sorry, I have so many cases in my hands, so that I…”

“En, we knew it. Oh yeah, how old are you?”One of the female lawyer is looking her with measuring glance.

Today, Yao Yao is wearing casual clothes, moreover she does not put any makeup, so that her face is completely looked alike baby face. In order to avoid others suspicion, hurried she said, “I, I am 24 years old.”

“24 years old?” few of the lawyers are exchanging their glances: “Haha, when you were just arrived we thought you are at your twenty, but now compare with first time, never thought you are 24 years, you really good in taking care your skin.”

“Hahahahaha.” Yao Yao is awkwardly laughing.

Few of the lawyer that exchanged their glances, one of the female lawyer turned her eyes, trying to dig something, asked: “Oh yeah, which university did you graduate from? What type of lawyer license do you have?”

“Ah? She stills a student, moreover regarding to her lawyer license, it is something that she could not mention… “I, I had graduated from First University. I only have beginner lawyer license from Government.”

“Only beginner lawyer license?” when Yao Yao told them, few of lawyers at the moment they seem to lose interest of her:  “Ha, I thought you have at least Senior Lawyer License from Government. So you just have beginner license!!”

Every profession there will be comparison among them, even for the lawyer there is no exceptional. Under the normal circumstances the national lawyer’s license and world class lawyer license qualification are equally divided at same level. It also divided into beginner, intermediate and Senior, those who has Senior (advance / high) license is considered as someone awesome. While for the beginner license it is completely newbie. So that few of them are looking down at Yao Yao.

“Haha, Later if there is something that I don’t understand, I still need to learn from you guys.”

“Geez, I don’t have time to take student, I am so busy.” that woman talked with cold-shoulder tone, while her eyes are glancing at the woman beside her: “You can ask Miss Song to help you, she is nation intermediate lawyer.”

“Forget it, are you trying to mock at me? In our company most of the lawyer are those who hold nation advance license?

Still ask me to teach? I really afraid to be laughing stock.”

“Who will laugh at you? Ah Song, as Junior Lawyer (beginner license holder), she even entered our company, your position has upgraded to one level.”

“Heh, speak frankly it such weird, this is the first time our company accepting junior lawyer, this newbie.”

“That’s right.” both of the women are having chit chat, as if both of them are purposely wanted to let Yao Yao heard it, act as if completely forgetting her presence.

An instantaneous Yao Yao can feel that they are not welcomed her, so that she only can secretly left.
There is no way, it seems something called as self-interest this thing really available, someone who have status will be respected, someone who does not have any will be despised.


“Aiya, aiya, I even thought that little girl perhaps has advance license so that being valued-highly by CEO Yu, you guys say, she is Junior lawyer, how can she being accepted by CEO Yu?” seeing Yao Yao had already left, two women and one men, three of them are starting to gossip.

“Who knows, I also curious. Does she come from big background?”

“You may know that our CEO Yu, so far he never used people based on their background, he only valued their capability.”

“Cut it off, but if that little girl is someone who related to CEO Yu, ‘have special relation’?”

“En? Will she possible….” thinking to this point, few of them are laughing with mocking…


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