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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 254 B

Chapter 254

Part 2 (Two)

Being Hit by Long Ye’s Girlfriend

Few of the security men speedily arrived, hurried to stop them: “Two Misses, please have self-respect, this is a company, if both of you are not going to leave, we will going to call police.”

“Self-respect? Ha!” one of the women laughed with disdain tone, swaying away the one of the security’s hand, suddenly grabbed at Yao Yao’s hair: “Let me tell all of you, this slut, she is third wheel! Is Berson having specialize in nurturing this kind of mistress to seduce others boyfriend’s? Asked about self-respect, or must she the one who has self-respect first?”

At the beginning Yao Yao who still raging suddenly her face changed white-pale, so pale, she is looking that two women with shocking expression, are both of them… Yu Ao Tian’s girlfriend?

“What? Little slut, had a guilty conscience? Keep yourself arrogant, aren’t you just depend on your innocent face to seduce others boyfriend’s, are you? Well, now I will let your face cannot lift to meet others!!” after said, both of the women continued hitting her.

Few of the security men who have seen, hurried to stop them.

“So she is third wheel?”

“Such disgusting, the most hatred third wheel.”

“Ha, just as I had said before, this Luo Yao Yao isn’t what kind of good thing, being mistress, really want to know whose mistress she is, even being hunted to here, such embarrassing.”

Those employees who see the commotion, at the beginning was quite surprised when found out the reason but then they were happily looked at her, those ridicules voices piercing into Yao Yao’s ear.

This kind of feeling, it so resemble with the feeling when she was ridicule by students during at school, this kind of ashamed, no self-respect feeling.

Ah, she has already could not mingle in school, it seems she also cannot stay at Berson anymore, right?
Shouldn’t, she shouldn’t being Yu Ao Tian’s lover, when she took this step, she had thought about this kind of ending before.

But… Although she had thought about this kind of ending, in order for her Grandpa medication fee, was there any turning back for her?

“What are you doing?” suddenly Long Ye shouted at that group of people.

That woman who is constantly kicking Yao Yao immediately stopped: “Ye!! Is she the person? Currently you always have phone call with?” the woman is pulled Yao Yao’s hair, with hatred she pointed at her face.

At that moment, Yao Yao finally gained herself, so that this woman is… Long Ye’s girlfriend?

“Oh, so that she is General Manager Long’s… Mistress?” some of the employees are said with cold tone, and then they are pretending as if seen nothing and keep on eating their lunch.

“Ha, I have said, Luo Yao Yao background just unexpectedly not simple, just as predicted she is depended on connection to enter Legal Division, or else, due to her beginner license how can she work in here?” those legal division employees are secretly laughing at her when they know the truth.

“No wonder recently General Manager Long keeps coming to legal division looking for her, so this is the reason.”

“Shi Lin, are your brain damaged?” Long Ye expression darken, he tossed away the plate full of food, rushed in front of the woman, at sudden grabbed her hand: “Let off!”

“I won’t!!! Ye, this few days you are keep phoning this Luo Yao Yao, sending messages, you dare to say there is nothing between you two?”


12 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 254 B

  1. This time YY is the real innocent party who got caught in between two jealous women that belong to LY…Poor YY….she should learn martial arts too n protect herself from spiteful women..:P

  2. Poor YY accused of being a mistress by the two bitches gf of LY. I hope LY will clear up the misunderstanding. Also don’t understand YAT wanted her to resigned. What a day for YY can’t get a break. Thanks and have blessed evening.

  3. Long Ye has 2 girlfriends ? I don’t know why I always had the feeling that he doesn’t have any girlfriend because he is serious about MXT. Poor YY . She should be more “aggressive” when it comes to those kinda of things . Okay maybe aggressive isn’t the right word but she is so smart and awesome she shouldn’t let herself being treated like this

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