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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 254

Chapter 254

Part 1 (One)

Being Hit by Long Ye’s Girlfriend

“Xiao Meng Li, last night when you were quarreling with Ao Tian, did you say something too over?” Long Ye asked with stern face.

She dumbfounded, how could General Manager Long know both of them were quarreling yesterday? “It seems I did…”

“What did you tell Ao Tian?”

“What happened? General Manager Long.” seeing Long Ye worried face, she can feel some bad premonition.

“Today after we done with the meeting, Ao Tian was asking me to meet him personally, asked me to tell you, all the cases that handle by you must be given to Supervisor Xu.”

“What?” does this mean Yu Ao Tian is going to replace her?

‘If you aren’t breaking up with her, just replace me!’

Ha, that’s right, it seems yesterday she told him so, actually when she said this word, she had already guessed the result.

Really regret, it clear enough that Yu Ao Tian isn’t afraid of any threatening, she really does not know how high sky is and how thick land is, she even dared to say such thing, is it comfortable now? She just found out her value but immediately it gone.


This is also clearly proven the decision already decided by Yu Ao Tian, isn’t it?

“Okay, I understood, later I will going to do the handover process.” Yao Yao is forcing herself to give a smile.

But Long Ye sees her eyes are little bit moist: “Xiao Meng Li, you don’t need in hurry to do handover process, let me have my lunch first and then I will going to check once again with Ao Tian.”

“There is no need to check, General Manager Long, it not like you don’t know Yu Ao Tian character who never said two after he said one. He said that he wanted to replace me, he must be replaced me, hahahaha.”

“But it also not certain yet. You wait for me, I am going to take some food, I haven’t had any since morning.”

“Okay.” her eyes are looking at Long Ye back who is leaving, the smile in her face gradually disappeared.

Actually during this time when she becoming Yu Ao Tian’s lawyer, it can be said as one of the most wonderful time she ever had with Yu Ao Tian, she didn’t need to think about herself status as Yu Ao Tian’s lover, also she could show her strength proven that she came to help Yu Ao Tian.

But now…

Ha, even if Cinderella will have been hit back to the original shape after some of time, and so what with her? What kind of status is that kind of status, there is no way to change of it.

“Are you who called as Luo Yao Yao?” suddenly, in front of dine table two beautiful women are showing up.

Yao Yao lifts up her head, she is measuring both of the women, they don’t have work permit card, they aren’t company’s employees. “Who are you?”

“I asked you, are you Luo Yao Yao or not?” one of the women are talking so fiercely.

She nodding her head: “En. Yes. You guys looking me for…”

‘pa’ (slap sound)

Without waiting Yao Yao to finish her words, one of the women has already slapped her.

Five finger print in Yao Yao’s face, she is dumbstruck. While that scenery is shocked people who having lunch inside the cafeteria, all the focus goes there.

“Two Misses, what are you doing? Yao Yao didn’t give them face, stood up, pissed off glared at both of them.

“What am I doing? You are born naturally as slut that’s why must be hit!” after said, both of the women are pulling Yao Yao’s hair, one of them are constantly kicking her.

All the employees who see the commotion are completely dumbstruck, they really not understand what is going on with the situation?

“Stop, both of you stop!” Yao Yao has already rolled on the floor, her mouth corner is bleed, her hair and clothes have been savaged by those two absurd women, she in mess.

“Stop? You little slut speaking quite strong! Today if I don’t give you good lesson, perhaps you may don’t know how to be human!!!” after said, one of the fierce woman kicked on Yao Yao’s stomach.


19 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 254

  1. Omg, this is beyond me…the brutality of these women. YY really need to protect herself and be vigilant to all these vultures around her. If she really needs to be around YAT either by choice or obliges to then she can’t be too nice all the time. If they slap her then slaps back no question asks. Thanks Azurro for your dedication translating this long project.

  2. Wow, I hope LY will rescue her again from these wretched or wicked women. Hope YY will fight back . I don’t understand YAT action or a attitude toward YY. He wanted her to resign a his lawyer, what he is up to now. Thanks Azurro again and have a blessed day.

    1. I feel so sad now for yao yao. I already felt sad about her job being taken away–this was leading to a good relationship between the two. So frustrating. He is an idiot. Now tese women–no tellings who sent them but it seems like more games.

      1. Seriously… All these past few chapters I was wondering where is FenChenYi.. I think Iam obsessed with him. YY should leave YAT….He ain’t the hero.. Lol..

  3. From this chapter title it said, “Long Ye’s girlfriend” this time the girl does not belong to YAT but to LY..Come to think of it the women that hung around YAT does not show their viciousness in public places…another word more refined but once in ones close doors that is where the show their true selves…LY’s girlfriends are more vicious, they don’t give explanation they just asked for YY’s name then attack. I hope YAT will give those bitches a taste of their own n more.

    1. Most of time YAT dated girl from famous and influential family such as LMY (Daughter of Li’s group, an actress) , SYY (her father is mafia), Zhao Qi Kong (Daughter of Zhao’s group), etc. scandal and little gossip could be weapon to harm them.
      As for YAT’s one night stand lover, most of them are understood, YAT is not belong to them, the relationship is based on transaction.
      While Long Ye dating style more alike commoner.
      So these women really didn’t know what is heading in front of them by making such commotion.

      1. Azzuro, are those chapters about FCY heartbreaking? Does the novelist give a good ending to hi. Also? Iam just curious..

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